Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores [Total Length]

There are least 10 new things to try in Burning Shores DLC that could possibly increase overall time to beat the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Length is a hot topic most players are eager to know since the DLC releases on April 19, 2023, on PlayStation 5. Looking at the track record of the previous game’s DLC and the overall length of the sequel, it is safe to say that players will need to invest time where between 7-15 hours to beat Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC.

Key Takeaways
  • Horizan Forbidden West Burning Shores Length is estimated to offer 6 to 9 hours of main story gameplay, with completionists potentially clocking in around 13 to 16 hours for 100% completion.
  • Here are a few factors that may increase the overall time to beat the Burning Shores DLC:
    1. New Machines: Unique machines with innovative designs and behaviors will challenge players and extend gameplay time.
    2. Ride the Water Wing: Similar to the Sun Wing flying mount, the addition of the Water Wing as a mount allows for underwater traversal and exploration, expanding gameplay possibilities.
    3. Fight a Metal Devil or Horus Titan: The potential for an epic confrontation with a Metal Devil or Horus Titan will add to the overall gameplay time.
    4. Seek Out LA Landmarks: The exploration of post-apocalyptic Los Angeles landmarks will provide players with more to discover and engage within the world.
    5. Explore New Settlements: The introduction of the Quen tribe and their settlements offers more environments to explore, adding to the overall gameplay experience.
    6. Learn More About the Quen: Delving deeper into the Quen tribe’s history, culture, and way of life will further immerse players in the rich world-building, increasing game length.
    7. Meet New Characters: Forming connections with new characters like Seyka will add to the narrative scope and gameplay experience.

How Long To Beat Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores

Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores Story

Taking into account the growth and success of the Horizon franchise, we can anticipate that Guerrilla Games will strive to deliver an even more engaging and expansive experience for The Burning Shores DLC. Thus, it’s plausible that the main story of the expansion will span 6 to 9 hours of gameplay. Furthermore, completionists who wish to uncover every hidden secret and achieve 100% completion can expect their playtime to reach around 13 to 16 hours.

Important: The “6-9 hours” to complete Burning Shores DLC main story and “13-16 hours” to get 100% completion is based on our speculation after looking at the Guerilla Games’ track record.

The DLC Track Record Of Guerrilla Games So Far

To begin with, we must consider the size and scope of the main game, Horizon Forbidden West, which offers a sprawling open-world experience teeming with content.

  • With a main story that lasts around 40 hours and countless side quests and collectibles that can easily push Horizon Forbidden West past the 70-hour mark, it’s safe to say that Guerrilla Games has set a high standard for their expansions.
  • Looking back at the first game, Horizon Zero Dawn, and its DLC, The Frozen Wilds, we can see a similar pattern.

The Frozen Wilds provided a robust 7 hours of main story content, with completionists spending an estimated 17 hours exploring and conquering the frozen wilderness fully. Bearing this in mind, it’s reasonable to expect that The Burning Shores DLC will follow suit in terms of content and overall game length.

New Changes Extending Game Length Of Burning Shores DLC

map – Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores

The new DLC is not just a fancy increase in the new map, but there are tons of new content, terrain, and machines [both friendly and foe] for players to experience. That being said, we believe there are at least ten welcoming changes from the base game that will bring back the players to the Burning Shores DLC. Also, this could mean a significant increase in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores length & will impact how long to beat it.

Fight New Machines

new landscape – Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores

One of the most thrilling aspects of any Horizon game is the chance to face off against innovative and visually stunning machines. Gorilla is known for designing exceptional new machines that boast not only remarkable visual design but also offer captivating gameplay experiences. These machines demonstrate unique behaviors, attributes, and combat functions that keep players on their toes. Although the exact number of new machines in Burning Shores is yet to be revealed, fans are eager to see what exciting mechanical foes await them.

Ride the Water Wing

Sunwing above and below water – free-roam Burning Shores

The Water Wing is a confirmed new machine in Burning Shores that has piqued players’ interest. This flying machine, resembling a giant pelican, boasts unique abilities such as flying and swimming underwater.

  • Burning Shores will enable players to hack, tame, and ride the Water Wing as a mount, providing a new layer of underwater traversal and exploration.
  • This addition expands the gameplay possibilities beyond what was available in Forbidden West.

Fight A Metal Devil Or Horus Titan

The metal Devil – Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores

Fans have longed for a chance to engage in a massive battle against a Metal Devil, or Horus Titan, in the Horizon series. These gigantic, awe-inspiring machines have only served as background set pieces in previous games, leaving players eager for an epic confrontation. Burning Shores may finally fulfill this dream, with hints from the game director and the appearance of a Metal Devil in the expansion’s trailer suggesting a colossal battle sequence.

Seek Out LA Landmarks

New locations – Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores

With Burning Shores set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Los Angeles, players anticipate exploring familiar landmarks transformed by the game’s universe.

  • The reveal trailer offers a glimpse of the iconic Hollywood Sign, sparking excitement about what other LA landmarks will feature in the expansion’s open world map.
  • This exploration will be especially intriguing, given the underwater nature of the submerged city and the presence of active volcanoes.

Explore New settlements

Alva – Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores

The expansion introduces the Quen tribe, a seafaring group with a unique connection to old-world technology. Burning Shores offer players the chance to explore the tribe’s settlements in the ruins of LA and learn more about their way of life. Horizon games have a knack for crafting stellar settlements, such as Meridian and Plainsong, and fans eagerly await the imaginative environments that Burning Shores will bring.

Learn More About The Quen

new tribes – Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores

With the Quen tribe taking a more prominent role in Burning Shores, fans are keen to delve deeper into their history, culture, and way of life. As the tribe was introduced late in Forbidden West’s story, there is still much to learn about their beliefs and customs. The expansion will provide an opportunity to flesh out the tribe’s narrative and further immerse players in rich world-building.

Meet New Characters

New NPCs – Horizon Forbidden West Burnin Shores

Meeting and learning more about new characters will also increase the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Length. The Burning Shores DLC introduces Seyka, a Quen marine who is said to be unlike any character Aloy has encountered before. Players anticipate forming a strong connection with Seyka throughout the story and relying on her help in various situations. Although Aloy has had solid companion characters in the past, fans are curious to see what unique qualities Seyka will bring to the table.

Besides Seyka, Aloy will also encounter Alva, another new character. Upon encountering Alva, Aloy discovers an insightful Quen Diviner whose brilliance and curiosity resonate with her own.

  • As they delve into the mysteries of the Old World together, a strong bond forms between them.
  • Aloy benefits from Alva’s invaluable assistance on her quest, while Alva gains vital knowledge that empowers her to support her people.
  • This symbiotic alliance enriches both their journeys and paves the way for new discoveries.

Experience New Cloudtech

The PS5-exclusive expansion will showcase cutting-edge cloud rendering technology, offering more detailed and dynamic cloudscapes for players to enjoy. This technological leap promises to enhance the gameplay experience, particularly when soaring through the skies on a Water Wing. The stunning visuals provided by the new cloud technology will undoubtedly be a highlight of Burning Shores.

Experiment With Photo Mode

Horizon games have always impressed players with their stunning visuals and exceptional photo modes, which allow for the creative capture of in-game moments.

  • Burning Shores is expected to continue this trend, offering countless opportunities to experiment with photo mode.
  • From soaring through the detailed cloudscapes on the back of a Water Wing to diving beneath the waves to explore underwater ruins or posing in front of the crumbling Hollywood Sign, players will have ample opportunities to create and share unforgettable images of their experiences within the game.

Why Burning Shores Will Be A Much Bigger Expansion?

Landscape of Los Angeles – Burning Shores DLC

There are several factors that contribute to the estimation of why Burning Shores will be a much bigger expansion than the first game’s Frozen Wild DLC. This large-sized scale in size and length will also contribute towards how long to beat Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shored DLC.

Firstly, the developer’s commitment to providing rich and immersive content means that they will likely build upon the established formula from The Frozen Wilds, adding new gameplay mechanics, side quests, and collectibles to extend the overall game length.

Important: Given the popularity of the Horizon series, there is a strong incentive for Guerrilla Games to meet or exceed fan expectations with each new installment. The same is the case with Burning Shores DLC.

Secondly, the narrative scope of The Burning Shores DLC has been teased as being more expansive than its predecessor, with new characters, environments, and mysteries to unravel. This suggests that the game’s storyline will be more involved and time-consuming, providing players with hours of engaging content to enjoy.

We believe Burning Shores DLC will present a much greater threat to Aloy, and that is why you should not sleep on getting the best weapons, bows, and armor in Horizon Forbidden West


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