Horizon Forbidden West Londra [Location & Boss Fight]

Take a look at how to defeat Walter Londra in Horizon Forbidden West and finish the main quest, His Final Act.

Walter Londra is the major antagonist of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores. He also appears as an unseen antagonist in Horizon Forbidden West. Players will be required to fight Walter Londra in order to progress further in Burning Shores DLC. The fight itself is quite straightforward. However, it can be overwhelming if you don’t choose the right weapons to counter him. First, you will want to locate the boss in Horizon Forbidden West and choose the necessary equipment and weapons to bring in the battle. You will have to cut the main source of energy of Walter Londra in order to defeat him. 

Key Takeaways
  • Horizon Forbidden West Londra is a major antagonist in Burning Shores DLC. 
  • Players will be able to fight him in the final Main Quest called His Final Act. 
  • Before the players can access Londra, they will have to fight Horus, who can be found in the southern part of the map near the Hollywood sign. 
  • To defeat the boss, the players will have first to shoot down cables that will be located all around the boss’s arena. 
  • During this process, Londra will continuously attack the players using Electric Shockwaves and Electric Blasts
  • After successfully destroying the cables, the players will now have to destroy power distributors. 
  • These power distributors will emerge from the floor after you destroy the power cables, and you will have to use Melee Weapons in order to destroy them. 
  • After that, the players will be required to defeat the main core. 
  • This core will be surrounded by a powerful force field that needs to be destroyed in order to progress further. 
  • In the final phase of the boss while the players can use their Spear to destroy the main core completely. 

Where To Find Londra

We encountered Londra’s boss right after Horus in Horizon Forbidden West and expect that you will find the same.

Londra Boss fight
Londra Boss fight (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

To get to the boss, you will have to follow Sylens. Aloy will come to know that he is located on the Coast in the far South. Sylens will guide you to that area, and this region is also called the burning shores. 

  • Burning Shores was once Los Angeles before the destruction, and now it’s just a giant wreck where you will all be able to fight and defeat Horizon Forbidden West Londra. 
  • In order to get to the boss, we first defeated Horus, who was the giant pet machine that Walter had created to make new robots.

After successfully defeating Horus, the players will be able to go into the sea and enter Horus to reach Londra. 

Find Horus 

Before you can fight Horizon Forbidden West Londra, you will have to find Horus and defeat it in Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Londra boss
Horus (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

You will be able to locate him in the southern part of the area near the volcanoes. There will be a Hollywood sign nearby where you will be able to find the boss.

  • After finding him, you will have to fight him in order to trigger the main boss fight. In the starting phase, you will have to deal with the cooling systems of Horus.
  • Make sure to avoid his incoming attacks as much as you can and keep healing items and consumables to help you restore your health.
  • The best way to counter him is by using long-range attacks. Make sure to destroy the Heat Sinks of the boss whenever you see them by shooting an arrow at them.
  • You should attack his legs first to make him more vulnerable to damage.
  • Furthermore, you should also avoid charged Thunder attacks which can cause heavy damage if not dodged properly. 
  • After defeating him, you will be able to fight Walter Londra. 

Boss fight 

The boss fight itself is quite easy, and the players will be able to defeat him with the right strategies without much effort.

Horizon Forbidden West Londra
Destroying Cables (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

As soon as you enter the boss fight, you will see lots of cables in that area. You will be required to shoot all the cables in that area to get to the boss.

  • These cables will be protecting the Power Distributors, who are also the main energy source of Horizon Forbidden West Londra and its powerful attacks.
  • The more power cables you will be able to shoot, the more power distributors will be revealed.
  • However, during this process, Londra continuously tries to attack you in order to stop you from destroying the power distributors.

Most of his attacks will include highly powerful energy waves and electricity charges that can cause serious damage.


He will also use a series of Electric Shockwaves to stop you from destroying the power distributors. Every so often, he will use attacks like Electric Blasts and use the floor panels to heat up and cause you damage.

Horizon Forbidden West How To Fight Londra
Power Distributors (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

While you are shooting down the power cables, make sure to keep a distance, as you will also get damaged when they explode.

  • After shooting down enough Power Cables, the power distributors will be revealed as they come out of the ground.
  • This will allow you to attack the power distributors on the floor.
  • Keep in mind that any ranged attacks you deal with on these power distributors will have no effect in destroying them.
  • Therefore you can only use melee weapons to attack them and break them down. 
  • After you have defeated all the power distributors, you will be able to see a Main Core. This main core is a very crucial part of the boss fight, and you will be required to destroy it as well.

However, this is also the part where Horizon Forbidden West Londra will get much more powerful in his attacks and will try to keep you away from the main core as much as possible.

Final Phase

There will also be a lot of cables emerging from the main core that you need to shoot down in order to destroy it.

Horizon Forbidden West Londra
Finish the Main Core (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

However, unlike before, there will be a certain type of force field around the cables and the main core that will protect them from damage and make it way harder for you to destroy them. 

  • Furthermore, Londra will attack you with attacks like electric blasts and highly powerful Electric Shock waves that can eat up quite a lot of your HP.
  • The best tip here is to avoid them as much as possible and keep shooting down the cables until the Force Field gets destroyed.
  • When this happens, the cables will become vulnerable to your attacks, and you will be able to shoot them down to destroy them completely.
  • After successfully destroying the cables, you will have to go to the main core and destroy it using a melee weapon. This will conclude the Walter Londra boss fight and allow you to proceed further. 

Tips And Tricks For The Boss Fight 

Below are some tips and tricks that you will be able to utilize in order to counter Walter Londra easily. 

Using The Specter Gauntlet

Players will be able to make use of the Specter Gauntlet against Londra to defeat him easily. After you enter the inner chamber, you will see Londra connected to the main core of Horus.

Horizon Forbidden West Londra fight
Using Specter Gauntlet (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

Therefore he will be very vulnerable and prone to attacks as compared to Horus due to the core being exposed. After using your Specter Gauntlet, or any other powerful long-ranged weapons, you will be able to defeat the boss quickly after targeting the core. 

Avoiding Thunder Waves 

The main form of attack that Londra will use is Thunder or Electric shock waves that can eat a lot of HP if not countered properly.

Horizon Forbidden West Londra
Avoiding Electric Blasts (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

He will send these powerful electric shockwaves after every few seconds, and if you get caught in them, you won’t be able to destroy the cables.

Whenever these Electric Shock Waves get near you, make sure to jump and dodge them as much as possible. Try to stay out of their range as you shoot down the cables; otherwise, you won’t be able to defeat Londra. 

Destroying Connectors 

Connectors or Power cables help Londra get energy from the machine and connect him to the main energy core.

Horizon Forbidden West How To Fight Londra
Using Powerful Weapons (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

Players will be required to constantly target them in order to destroy the connection between Londra and the main energy core in Horizon Forbidden West. 

  • During this time period, Londra will keep talking to distract you from the main core while he constantly shoots his electric waves at you.
    Therefore, it is important to ignore him and focus on destroying the power distributors and connectors while dodging his incoming attacks.
  • The power cables or connectors located at both sides of the main energy core should be destroyed in order to block the energy going to Londra for his attacks. 

Damaging The Power Distributors 

After you have successfully destroyed all the power cables, you need to go for the Power Distributors. During this time, Londra will become more powerful and will use his attacks more often.

Weapons (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

The best way to destroy these power distributors is complete each side first before moving on to another side. The power distributed is located both on the left and right sides of the core. While you are defeating the distributors, make sure to dodge the incoming electric waves; otherwise, you can get caught in them and get damaged. 

Hoarding Healing Items 

Every once in a while, there is a huge possibility that you will get hit by one of Londra’s attacks. Since his attacks can eat up quite a lot of your HP, it is important to keep healing items with you.

Horizon Forbidden West Londra guide
Health Items (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

Health-restoring consumables and medicines will help you bring down the boss easily whenever you get hit by one of his attacks. Make sure to keep items and Health Restoring Consumables like the Large Health Portion in Horizon Forbidden West to use whenever you can get in Horizon Forbidden West. 

You can use the health consumables whenever you run low on health during the boss battle. 

Destroy The Core 

The main power core connected to Londra is the most important target that the player will want to destroy in order to defeat the boss.

Gathering Drops
Gathering Drops (Image Capture Credits eXputer)

Whenever Londra attacks Aloy, the shield from the main core will drop. This will allow the players to hit the core and damage it. Keep in mind that this time window where you can shoot the core is very small. Therefore you will have to make sure not to miss out on this opportunity. 

Summing It Up 

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