Horizon Forbidden West Skykiller Location

 In this guide, I have selected one of its many weapons named Skykiller and I am going to provide a detailed guide about how we can acquire it and explain what kind of weapon it is by providing its detailed features.

Skykiller is a spike thrower legendary weapon, and it is one of the rare weapons and only can be acquired by completing the side quest named The Way Home. But we have to do two a few things to unlock and complete this side quest.

Key Highlights
  • Skykiller is a spike thrower legendary weapon and can be acquired by completing a side quest named The Way Home
  • You need to complete the Gemini Cauldron and The Wings of the Ten to unlock the side quest. 
  • In The Way Home Aloy brings back a gyrocompass to Kristia and Harriem. In return, they both give Aloy the Skykiller

SkyKiller Location In Horizon Forbidden West

Kristia And Marrien Needs The Gyrocompass

First, we need to complete the Gemini cauldron to unlock the mount we will need to complete the side quest second we have to complete the mission The Wings of Ten to unlock the side quest The Way Home. After getting this weapon when we use this legendary weapon against the enemies they will fall from the sky like striking light.

Completing “The Way Home” To Get Skykiller

As I said above “ The Way Home” is a side quest in which Aloy brings back a gyrocompass to Kristia and Harriem. In return, they both give Aloy Skykiller a legendary weapon. The gyrocompass is located in one of their wreckage ships. They need gyrocompass as a guide to return home.

Fly To The Shipwreck To Find Gyrocompass

Mark The Shipwreck

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After ensuring Kristia and Hareem that she will bring gyrocompass for them. Aloy has to leave their ship open the map and set a mark on a shipwreck. Then blow a whistle to have a flying mount to her way. When a flying mount comes to her. She has to jumps on it and fly to the shipwreck.

After reaching the marked location player will have to face a ruthless attack of the enemy but it is optional to kill them while it is necessary to search the scrap piles for gyrocompass after getting the compass she has to fly back towards Kristia and Hareem.

Fly To The Shipwreck
Gyrocompass In Scrap Pile

Fly To Ancient Ship Wreck And Find The Batteries

Back To Kristia And Marrien

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When Aloy comes back to the ship of Kristia and Harriem player will come to know that the gyrocompass is broken and she has to go to the ancient shipwreck to collect batteries and sensors also. Because Kristia and Harriem need these resources for gyrocompass.

For that Aloy has to examine the ship’s antenna which will lead her under the water there in the sea bushes she can collect batteries. There are three batteries at different spots under the water.

Ancient Shipwreck In The Map.
Batteries Under Water

Finding Sensors And Return To Kristia And Harrien

Aloy also has to find sensors along with the batteries for that she then has to move towards the Coordinates of transmission. She has to mark on the map on a place named campfire and fly there. She will reach a place that looks like a beautiful island but not a friendly one because she will come face to face and kill the dreading and collect the sensors.

Then return to Kristia and Harriem give them everything she collected during this side quest and in return, they will give her the Skykiller a legendary weapon.

Mark Campfire On Map
Kill The Dreadwig
Pick Up The Sensor

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Skykiller Legendary Weapon Stats

Like Regalla’s Wrath, Skykiller is another legendary weapon in Horizon Forbidden West that proves its prowess while fighting against humans and machines. Especially against a large one due to its ability to use explosives in it. This weapon is superior among its kind. It is better than all other spike thrower weapons in the game. The ammo cost of this weapon is also high so it is better if it is used against heavy build enemies. Its Aerial enemy damage is higher than burning enemy damage. The damage improves as the level goes up as well as draw and reload speed.

Skykiller Perks

  • Reload Speed: +10%
  • Aerial Enemy damage:  +15%
  • Overdraw Damage+15%
  • Draw Speed+25%
  • Burning Enemy Damage: +10%

Skykiller Coils

  • Coil 1: Base Level
  • Coil 2: Base Level
  • Coil 3: Base Level
  • Coil 4: Level 2
  • Coil 5: Level 5


Skykiller is spike throwing legendary weapon. The player needs to make an effort to get this. We have to complete a side quest named The Way Home after we complete the side quest we will get 10400 XP and two skills along with Skykiller. Skykiller applies fire on enemies when we attack them by using it. There is one negative aspect of this weapon that when we use it with explosives it destroys not only the enemy but every useful loot item that we might get by after taking down the machine and scavenging its parts. Still, this is one of the most special weapons of the game.

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