Persona 3 Reload: All 7 Romance Options

Learn about the 7 different romance options in Persona 3 Reload for you to choose the best girl to date in game.

In Persona 3 Reload, selecting the ideal romantic partner can be challenging, with many captivating options. If you want to balance gameplay benefits and narrative depth, it is advised that you go for certain romance paths rather than others. There are seven romance options in Persona 3 Reload, each contributing a distinct and enjoyable element to your gameplay experience.

Key Takeaways
  • There are seven different romance options for you to go with in Persona 3 Reload.
  • Different girls require different social links and specific choices you need to make to date them.
  • Some girls, like Aigis, appear in the early part of the story, while others, like Chihiro, come later.

All Persona 3 Reloads Romance Options And Comparison

Following are the seven romance paths you can go with in Persona 3 Reloads:

CharacterSocial LinkRomance RankUnlock RequirementDays Available
AigisAeon7NoneAvailable throughout the week
Yuko NishiwakiStrength7Walk Home RegularlyWed
Fukka YamagishiPriestess7Max CourageMon
Yukari TakebaLovers6Max CharmMon
ElizabethVelvet Room (Affiliation)7Complete Velvet Room TasksNo specific days
Chihiro FushimiJustice5Just Interact with her three timesTue
Misturu KirijoEmpress6Max AcademicsTue

1. Aigis

Confessing to Aigis [Image By Me]
Aigis is one of the best romance options in Persona 3 Reload. The bond between you and Aigis develops early in the story and is deep and special. Her learning about humanity is rather funny and heartwarming. She’s a unique character that makes the game more enjoyable. Choosing to be with her is a great decision for you as it makes the game quite interactive from the very early phase of the story. 

2. Yuko Nishiwaki

Yuko’s social link in Persona 3 Reload might seem tricky initially, needing to join the track team and chat with her several times. But once you start talking, she’s hard to stop. Yuko is super cute and a bit clumsy, making her stand out. She hints about liking you as you get closer through the Strength social link. She’s not great at hiding her feelings, and that’s okay. You will enjoy spending time with her.

3. Fukka Yamagishi

Fuuka Yamagishi, a prominent SEES member in Persona 3 Reload, isn’t easy to engage with initially. Her social link only opens after a critical event in June, contingent on maxed Courage. Despite initial challenges, Fuuka reveals depth beyond her past. She displays compassion, from befriending her unintentional captor to caring for local animals, highlighting her gentle nature.

4. Yukari Takeba

romance options in persona 3 reload
Confessing to Yukari [Image By Me]
Yukari Takeba, a popular girl at Gekkoukan and a skilled archer, has a complex back story. While rumors hint at a connection with the protagonist, dating her is delayed until summer. Guided by a letter from her deceased father, she confronts her past with determination. To date, Yukari maxing Charm is essential due to her popularity in school.

5. Elizabeth

Elizabeth’s romance in Persona 3 Reload diverges from the norm, replacing a social link with Velvet Room requests. Completing these requests, linked to Compendium progress, unlocks new hangout scenes. Dating Elizabeth offers glimpses of her pure joy in experiencing the world. Animated cutscenes enhance her charm, particularly outside Club Escapade. Her adventurous spirit makes her a unique and valuable addition to the game.

6. Chihiro Fushimi

Chihiro Fushimi initially requires persistence to engage due to her extreme shyness. She is Gekkoukan’s student council treasurer and your Justice social link in Persona 3 Reload. Despite her shyness, she gradually opens up about her troubled home life. Supporting Chihiro through her social link aids in building her confidence and confronting false accusations. The problem with Chihiro is that she comes into your life quite late in the game, and you may already be committed to other romances by the time you discover her.

7. Misturu Kirijo

The last romance option in Persona 3 Reload is Misturu Kirijo. Dating her can be quite challenging due to her demanding responsibilities and complications. As the student council president and a key SEES member, she’s preoccupied. Moreover, starting her social links requires maxed academics, adding to the difficulty. While Mitsuru’s intelligence is admirable, it poses a hurdle for some players.

That’s about the romance options in Persona 3 Reload. To learn more about the game, head over to eXputer’s review of Persona 3 Reload. To learn about obtaining the Muscle drink, give How to Obtain the Muscle drink in Persona 3 Reload a read. If you want to know about the best choices to make for Magician Social Link, head over to Best Choices for Magician Social Link.

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