Sons of the Forest Firewood: How To Get & Use

Firewood can make the fire last longer, thanks to which you can cook more food.

Firewood in Sons of the Forest is one of the most useful items. This is used to keep the fire last longer and can help you stay warm during winters. Furthermore, this also allows you to cook more food. Acquiring it isn’t difficult; you just need to chop down trees.

Key Takeaways
  • Firewood in Sons of the Forest helps you make the fire last longer.
  • To get Firewood, you need to cut down trees.
  • After you get logs, you need to split them further using your Axe.
  • Firewood can be used on Reinforced Fire, which you can build by placing 7 stones in a circular position around the campfire. 

How To Get Firewood In Sons Of The Forest

To get your hands on some Firewood, you need to open your inventory and equip the Axe. Almost every one of you will have this in your inventory, as it is part of the emergency pack you get when you first spawn in the game. Alternatively, you can use the Modern Axe for this purpose. The Modern Axe is much more powerful than the regular variant and can help you chop down trees quickly.

If you want to speed things up further, you can also find the Chainsaw in one of the caves. However, if you’re just starting out in the game and haven’t made any significant progress, we suggest you stick with the Modern Axe for now. It will be more than enough for your first few days in the game.

Chop Down Trees 

With the Axe equipped, go near a tree and start chopping it down. This can be done by pressing the left mouse button repeatedly. After a couple of hits, the tree will fall to the ground. It is important to remember that the developers added a heavy attack feature through a recent update. However, it can not be used on trees. You only get the luxury of using the regular melee attacks on them.

Split The Logs Into Four Pieces 

The next thing you need to do is chop down the logs into more pieces. To do this, go near the center of the log and aim your axe toward it. When the red dotted line appears on the log, press left-click to split it into two pieces. Then, you need to go near the two pieces again and cut them further. In total, you will have 4 pieces of Firewood left at the end. This is the amount of Firewood you can get from a single tree, so you’ll need to chop down more trees if you want more. 

Cutting Log Pieces
How to split logs – Image Credits [eXputer]

How To Use Firewood In Sons of the Forest 

Now that you have managed to acquire some Firewood, it’s time to use it. First, you need to make a Reinforced Fire. This is different from the regular fire you make using sticks. Instead of just breaking the sticks and throwing them on the ground to start a fire, you need to first put around 7 stones in a circular position around the sticks. Then, start the fire using your lighter, and you’re good to go. Now, equip the Firewood in your hand and look towards the fire. When the white dotted lines appear, press the left click to put it down. 

Reinforced Fire – Image Credits [eXputer]
For those wondering, using Firewood can prove to be beneficial in many ways. First, it lasts longer than other items. For instance, if you use sticks or place cash over the fire, it will run out quickly. But if you use Firewood on it, the fire will last longer and will allow you to cook more food.

Furthermore, after you spend around 10 days in the game, winter will arrive. This is the time when you need to build a big fireplace to keep your character warm, as the cold will have a negative effect. Therefore, using Firewood will allow you to stay warm for a longer period, and you won’t have to worry about starting a fire again and again. 

Final Words

This was everything you needed to know about Firewood in Sons of the Forest. As you can see for yourself, it can help you greatly with surviving in the ruthless forest. Before leaving, make sure to check out how to get the Golder Armor in Sons of the Forest. Furthermore, if you’re currently short on weapons, you can learn about how to get a Pistol

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