Best RimWorld Tips To Help You Manage Colony More Efficiently (2023)

Valuable and Effective RimWorld Tips!

Have you just started playing the indie construction and management game RimWorld? If you have, then this guide is precisely what you are looking for – RimWorld Tips!. On the other hand, if you haven’t, I’d highly recommend you download this fantastic game developed by Ludean Studios.

Key Highlights
  • Players can take different steps to manage colonies more efficiently in Rimworld.
  • Players can go with many animals instead of one, as they are easier to breed and win against bigger animals. They can also build stone statues to boost beauty, improve mood and increase productivity.
  • Another great tip is to tame boars as soon as possible; they are fast, resourceful, and can eat both meat and non-meat food. Also, freeze favorite colonists’ corpses for future revival.
  • Players can assign zones to prevent animals from getting indoors and causing problems. Also, use sterile tile as flooring, as it has positive cleanliness and improves room impressiveness.
  • Drugs can be best used for trading, and players should avoid their use in colonies as it causes addiction and lazy colonists. Players can enhance their farming output by finding more rich soil to support the corps’ growth.
  • Players should build stone walls to get protection from a lot of dangers.

  • Some additional tips include: The mood of the colonists highly impacts their output, making furniture can bring profits with a good craftsman, cowboy hats increase trading benefits and discounts, raiders take knowledge of your place when they escape.

As a player, who has spent hundreds of hours playing RimWorld, I’ve to say that I’m still finding new features and things I never knew before. Obviously, these tips aren’t that game-changing, but it only explains the depth of details this game has. Now, If you are looking for some beginner and advanced level RimWorld Tips, this guide will help you to some extent. But, keep in mind that unlike other games, where the whole gameplay is just set of on a few options, RimWorld is kind of unlimited with features. Subsequently, the best way to excel in this game is to play and read as much as you can.

Just Started Playing RimWorld And Now Looking For Valuable Tips? This is the correct place that can help you make a striving colony.

Now without any further due, let’s jump in these RimWorld tips that would help you make a thriving colony.

RimWorld Tips

Go With Many Animals As Compared To One

RimWorld Tips
Animals in RimWorld.

One of the most underlooked aspects of the game is animal quantity vs. quality. If you are new to the game, make sure that you are always going with more animals as compared to one. The main reason is that, although more animals are fragile and would die quickly. They are still left with few and can breed more to come back. Consequently, once you go with big animals, they die once in for all.

Another reason why it’s important is that more animals are like a wolfpack, they always win against bigger animals if they are more. I love taming a male and female tortoise because the next day I wake up, there is a whole army waiting for me. Also worth mentioning that against the deadly mechanoid, your only chance of killing is through dozens of animals, and not one.

Make Stone Statues For Art

RimWorld Tips
Stone Statues.

Want to have happy colonists and people all around? Start building statues for art. Statues in RimWorld will not only help you utilize useless materials, but it’ll also boost beauty and help people. Make sure you are making statues in places where it’s circled by people who walk sadly. This can make a decent amount of impact.

While you do this, also take care of cleanliness, do that through the flooring. Besides, also combine your rec room and dining room to further boost mood bonuses. If you don’t know much about mood, well, it plays a vital role in the game,

If the mood percentage is around 90%, Colonists will be more productive and get better results. This opens a lot of further positive options. Other than that, prisoners are also happy, and they are easy to recruit instead of chasing them after jail-breaks.

Tame Boars as soon as possible

Boars are one of the best animals in RimWorld. They are mighty and can really put up a fight against Timber Wolf. Other than that, they are fast, can be resourceful, easy to maintain, and most importantly, they are omnivores, so they will happily eat both meat and non-meat food.

As the heading suggests, Tame Boars are soon as possible. This can be done through food, and neglecting their importance is something you should avoid. Boars are genuinely small; they can eat grass while on a caravan and sacrifice food for the colony.

Freeze Your Favourite Colonists when They Die

RimWorld Tips
Freezers in RimWorld.

If your favorite colonist has died due to some stupid reason, you should genuinely freeze his corpse and wait for resurrection. There’s a bit of misconception about the timing and when the corpse can be revived. From what I’ve personally experienced, as long as they are intact in the freezer, they can be revived anytime.

Assign Zones To Avoid Animals Getting In Doors

RimWorld Tips
Boundaries and Zones in RimWorld.

I know this does sound a bit weird, but playing RimWorld, I’ve noticed this is one important aspect beginners, miss. Whenever you start with the game, always ensure you have assigned zones to prevent animals from getting indoors.

Usually, whenever animals get indoors, they spell dirt on the floor, eat rations from the fridge, annoy people, and most importantly, steal all the farmer’s hard work.

Assigning a zone isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is highlight the interiors and click on the invert button. There’s also the opposite way, but that’s not helpful in scenarios where you are getting raids and saving animals.

Keep in mind that smaller pets need food to survive, so this mechanism also varies.

#Sterile tile is almost always the best floor. It’s the only thing that has positive (rather than negative or neutral) cleanliness, so it’s better than beautiful floors at improving room impressiveness.

Start Producing Drugs

RimWorld Tips
Harvest and Produce Drugs.

Keeping in mind the consequences of Drugs, you can work another way around and take advantage of it. The best way to utilize drugs is by selling to traders. They are always accepted and valued; plus, you can get decent resources through it. Further, always avoid the use of drugs in your colony. This can result in addictions, and overdose, which ultimately will contribute to lazy and weak colonists. Just keep it under control, make use of it sometimes because of the easy mood boost. Also, while trading, aim for two thousand silver worth of drugs because caravans have that much capacity to trade. There is also in-depth research related to drugs in RimWorld, which can be checked here for more valuable info.

Identify Rich Soil

RimWorld Tips
Look for the Rich Soil.

Are you looking forward to building crops much faster? Start identifying rich soil. This can be done by hovering your mouse on large dark soil spots, and then it’ll automatically show the rich soil. Building crops on these will be close to 50% faster. This can change the management dynamics because in cases where it’s too cold to grow plants in winters and need as much food as possible, this can play its part.

Make Stone Walls

RimWorld Tips
Stone Walls RimWorld.

If you have just started RimWorld and you plan on building wood walls. Forget about it. All your hard work and resources will turn into ashes if one thunderstorm lands on your wood walls. This can further result in a lot of problems because your entire base might light up. Subsequently, to avoid this, you should focus on building stone walls. Yes, I’m aware that stone walls take a longer time to open and aren’t easy to assemble. But on the bright side, you can avoid a lot of danger with stone walls.

Treat Your Prisoners Like A Guest

RimWorld Tips
Give your prisoners space and all the luxuries so they can be happy.

Now a lot of new players struggle to tackle the problem of prisoners. I’ve been there, and to put it in perspective; it’s pretty hard to manage at the start. The key to managing prisoners in RimWorld is by developing the mentality of treating them like guests. I know it sounds a bit weird, but in RimWorld, If you treat them rightly, you won’t get the frustrating “avoid extreme break risk” messages.

Always provide decent rooms, clothing, and all sorts of interior options available to your prisoners. You can also try to break the walls and give them a spacious environment; thus, they will stay happy instead of evading.

Summarised RimWorld Tips

RimWorld Tips
Final RimWorld Tips.

Now that we are done with essential tips that needed a bit of explanation. It is time that we finally look at some valuable RimWorld tips in the form of bullet points. These tips are easy to understand and can help you efficiently manage colonies.

  1. Give Importance to colonist moods because it can impact their output.
  2. Make a small low priority stockpile in the stockpile room; drop a trade beacon inside it, and remove the roof. This would result in orbital traders dropping goods directly on the stockpile.
  3. Start making furniture to utilize raw materials. With a good craftsman, you can make a decent amount of profits.
  4. Remember that Cowboy hats can result in a percentage boost for trading, discounts, and more.
  5. Manage outfits for minimum durability to avoid tattered apparel debuff. This can be done under the assign and manage outfit section.
  6. Whenever a raider escapes, he takes all the knowledge about your place; traps.
  7. Difficulty and storyteller can be changed in mid-game. All you have to do is go to is change the storyteller under options and menu.
  8. Save time and energy by changing the ingredient radius through production bills to what is necessary or essential.
  9. Avoid using sun lamps because they require 2700 IRC, which equals one geothermal generator.
  10. Turrets are useful for combat; make them out of plasteel for more benefits.
  11. If you ever get frustrated over Mortar Accuracy, avoid it because it’s independent of all factors.
  12. Protect baby animals from predators by keeping them in a kennel or any safe place like a barn.
  13. Instead of worrying about the patient’s treatment, you can set two doctors to the day shift, the other day to night shift. As a result, they will automatically treat patients without your effort.
  14. Doors, Food Crops, and Solar Panels are misunderstood; they do to block wind turbines.
  15. Turrets are more durable as compared to steel.
  16. Assigning growers to nightshift will result in plants being planted and harvested at once. This helps in further managing time, as they won’t go off running for one plant far away.
  17. Worried about colonist’s grief after he lost family members? put him in crypto sleep, and it’ll slowly decrease
  18. Addicted colonists are good, so you should cut their legs; this will prevent mental breaks. And when problems are solved, give them a pair of bionic legs.

These were our RimWorld tips; if you have more, share them in the comments so other readers can benefit!

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