Warzone 2.0 BEST Settings For High FPS [Season 3]

Warzone 2.0 was hyped quite alot after the release of Modern Warfare 2. Let's explore some optimized settings that'll give you the best experience in this latest COD Battle Royale.

Right after wrapping up Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 2 settings guide, it was only natural for me to come up with the Warzone 2 best settings to give you that amazing combination of performance and visuals to get you ready for Season 3. 

Update: Warzone Season 3 is here and it brings a ton of new content and performance improvements to the game. You can view the full patch notes on their official site.

I have tested the game on the following PC specifications:

  • System: Lenovo Legion 7i Laptop
  • CPU: Intel i7-11800H
  • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3070 8GB
  • RAM: 32GB DDR4
  • Storage: Samsung 1TB SSD Gen 4

Before jumping into configuring your settings, I recommend performing the fixes below:

Key Takeaways

Warzone 2 requires an Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Ryzen 3 1200 for CPU, NVIDIA GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 470 as GPU and 8 GB of RAM to run properly on your PC.

These are the settings that have the most impact on your PC, both visually and performance-wise:

  • Level of Detail Nearby & Distance
  • Clutter Draw Distance
  • Particle Quality Level
  • Tesselation
  • Steaming & Volumetric Quality
  • Screen Space Reflections
  • Static Reflection Quality
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Particle Lighting
  • Shadow Map and Spot Shadow Quality

Call of Duty Warzone 2 latest season just started and the game is in much better shape than it was back when it was first released. It’s smoother, more responsive, and definitely has much fewer bugs than the initial launch. However, there are several settings that you should tweak in order to get the best FPS.

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Best Graphics Settings

Call of Duty Warzone 2 Best Graphics Settings
Warzone 2 Best Graphics Settings

I’ve run Call of Duty Warzone 2 on my setup with an RTX 3070, and the game runs perfectly fine. Since the optimization is decent, with only a few hitches here and there, I am sure you won’t have any problems running the game either. 

So, let’s start optimizing your Warzone 2 best graphics settings and boost your in-game performance. 


best settings for MW2
Display Settings (Image Credit: eXputer)
Display Mode Fullscreen Exclusive
Screen Refresh Rate Auto
Display Resolution Native
Dynamic Resolution Off
Aspect Ratio Auto
V-Sync Off
Customer Frame Rate Limit Custom – 120
Restart Shaders Optimization Enabled

The first set of graphics settings is the Display Settings. These settings contain the basic visual settings you’ll need to configure to help Warzone 2 decide how it will run on your PC. 


best settings for mw2
Quality Settings (Image Credit: eXputer)
Render Resolution 100
Upscaling / Sharpening NVIDIA DLSS / AMD FSR
Anti-Aliasing SMAA T2X
Anti-Aliasing Quality Medium
Video Memory Scale 85
Texture Resolution Low – High
Texture Filter Anisotropic High
Level of Detail Nearby & Distant Low
Clutter Draw Distance Short
Particle Quality High
Particle Quality Level Low
Bullet Impact & Spray Personal Preference
Shader Quality Low
Tessellation Off
Terrain Memory Max
On-Demand Texture Streaming Off
Streaming Quality Low
Volumetric Quality Low
Deferred Physics Quality Off
Water Caustics Off
Shadow Map Resolution Medium
Screen Space Resolution Off
Spot Shadow Quality Low
Cache Spot Shadows On
Spot Cache Low
Cache Sun Shadows On
Particle Lighting Low
Ambient Occlusion Off
Screen Space Reflection Off
Weather Grid Volumes Off
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency On / On + Boost
Depth of Field Off
Motion Blur Off
Film Grain 0.00

After you’re done, simply apply the settings and start a match to benchmark how these settings are fairing compared to previous ones.

Here’s a quick look at different presets of cost-intensive settings in Warzone 2.0: 

  • Ambient Occlusion
    Ambient Occlusion

Best GPU Settings For Warzone 2

We’ve finally configured all the best Warzone 2 settings in-game. Now it’s time to optimize your GPU control panel settings. Simply follow the two sections below and you’ll be set. 


Best Nvidia Settings for Warzone 2
Best Nvidia Settings
Image Sharpening Personal Preference
Anisotropic Filtering Off
FXAA – Antialiasing Off
Gamma Correction – Antialiasing Off
Mode 0 Antialiasing Off
Background Max Frame Rate 20
Low Latency Mode Ultra
Max Frame Rate Personal Preference / Off
Open GL Rendering GPU Select GPU Here
Power Management Mode Prefer Max Performance
Shader Cache Driver Default
Monitor Technology GSync
Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA) Off
Anisotropic Sample Optimization – Texture Filtering On
Negative LOD Bias – Texture Filtering Allow
Quality – Texture Filtering High Performance
Trilinear Optimization – Texture Filtering On
Threaded Optimization Auto
Triple Buffering Off
Vertical Sync Off

After applying all the settings mentioned above, click on the apply button. Once, all the settings are applied, launch the game and experience the best performance Warzone 2 has to offer on your PC. You can also check out our Best Nvidia Settings guide to get an in-depth outlook on these settings.


Best AMD Settings for Warzone 2
Best AMD Settings
Radeon Anti-Lag Enabled
AMD Radeon Chill Disabled
Radeon Boost Disabled
Image Sharpening Personal Preference
Radeon Enhanced Sync Enable
Wait for Vertical Refresh Always Off
Frame Rate Target Control Disabled
Antialiasing Use Application Settings
Antialiasing Method Multisampling
Morphological Anti-Aliasing Disabled
Anisotropic Filtering  Disabled
Texture Filtering Quality Performance
Surface Format Optimization Override Application Settings
Maximum Tessellation Level Off
OpenGL Triple Buffering Disabled
Reset Triple Buffering  Reset

And there you have it. Simply exit from AMD Radeon settings after applying the settings above and you’ll be good to go. Launch Warzone 2 to try out the best AMD Radeon settings we’ve helped you configure just now.

Bonus Windows Optimization Tips

Best Windows Optimizations for Warzone 2
Best Windows Optimizations

Last but not least, we’ll need to configure your Windows 10/11 to help Warzone 2 perform at its best. These will also help you resolve some of the critical issues like Warzone 2 FPS drops, crashing, and black screens. Let’s go through each of them right now.

Turn On Game Mode

Game Mode is one of the most notorious features Microsoft added back in Windows 10. It helps prioritize your games by putting background tasks on standby or limiting their access to your system resources.

Here’s how you can enable it:

Turn on Windows Game Mode
Game Mode
  1. Enter Windows Settings with WIN + I.
  2. Click on the Gaming Tab on the left > access to Windows Gaming utilities. 
  3. Go to the Game Mode settings > Turn the Game Mode on.

After you’re done enabling it, simply close out of Windows Settings and launch Warzone 2. Windows Game Mode will activate on its own and improve your game’s performance and stability. 

Edit Warzone 2 Config File

There are several settings that you can change in the Call of Duty Warzone 2 config file which cannot be accessed through the regular graphics menu. Editing these options in the config file according to this section can help you improve performance and stability in Warzone 2. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate and open the config file for Warzone 2 > It’s location is as follows:
    This PC > Documents > Call of Duty > Players >
Config File for Warzone 2
Config File Location
  1. Once you reach the config file location > Open the file called, “Options.3.cod22.cst.”
Disabling ASync Compute Option
Disable AsyncCompute
  1. Use the find function in Notepad (CTRL+F) > Type AsyncCompute and hit find.
  2. Set the AsyncCompute setting to “False.
Reducing Clutter Max Distance
Reduce Clutter Max Distance
  1. Now search for “ClutterMaxDist” in the find function.
  2. You’ll find a range of numbers next to the current value for the cluttermaxdist setting > Copy the minimum value of the range (i.e. 100.000000) > Replace it with the current value in quotes. (e.g. 2500.000000 will be replaced with 100.000000).
Changing Renderer Worker Count
Change Renderer Worker Count
  1. Now, search for “Thread Count for Handling the Job” in the find function > You’ll have to set the value to the number of cores your processors have. For Example, in my case, I have an 8-core process, so I’ve set the value here to 8. 
  2. After you’re done configuring these settings > Hit the save shortcut CTRL+S to save changes. 

After you’re done with the configuration file, launch Warzone 2 to experience the performance improvement these tweaks have on your gameplay. 

Turn OFF Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling

Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling was released alongside Windows 10 and has remained a pretty great performance-enhancing feature to this day. In several game setting guides, I’ve always told you to turn this feature on to improve the game’s performance and stability.

Here’s how you can do this if you’ve previously turned it On:

  1. Type GPU settings in the Windows Search Bar > Click on the first result that shows up. 
Go to Default Graphics Settings
Open Default Graphics Settings
  1. Once you’re in the graphics settings menu > Click on the “Change Default Graphics Settings” option right under Default Settings.
Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling
Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling
  1. Here, you can simply turn off Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling.

And that’s how you’ll get the best performance in Call of Duty Warzone 2 without needing to get some expensive upgrades. There are tons of tweaks and optimizations where these came from, so check out our Windows 10 best settings/optimizations guide to find newer ways to boost the performance of your PC.

Ending Words

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has been quite heavy on system resources from the get-go. Now Warzone 2.0’s performance as a whole is quite notorious as I’ve seen players complain about FPS drops on Blizzard forums. An interest report I’ve seen indicated that performance on the Steam version is inferior to the Battle.Net version which was mind-boggling. 

If I combine my personal experience tinkering with the settings for performance and the reports I’ve seen, I have nothing but one conclusion. Warzone 2 has come a long way from being a glitchy mess to significantly much smoother. However, it still has some distance to go before it’s optimization can come close to being great.

Thankfully, the developers have been rolling performance patches which may improve the game even more post-writing this guide. Fingers crossed!

Questions & Answers

What are the best Warzone 2 settings for lag?

Use a combination of medium to low in-game settings as instructed in the best Warzone 2 settings guide above and tune your GPU settings to eliminate lag.

How do I make Warzone 2 look better?

If you have a decently specced PC and want Warzone 2 to look prettier, you can use higher setting presets in the in-game graphics options. You can additionally use sharpening sliders in the GPU settings for additional clarity.

Is Warzone 2 demanding?

Warzone 2 requires a relatively modern PC to run smoothly. However, the game is optimized enough to give you a somewhat playable experience on older hardware as well.

You can check out Asad’s review of Warzone 2 if you want to know more about the game.

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