New League Of Legends Story Game Leaked By South Korean Rating Board

The project appears to feature the League of Legends character Sylas as the main protagonist.

Riot Games is a well-renowned game studio that has pumped out a myriad of critically acclaimed titles over the years. Its popular entries include League of Legends, Valorant, and many more. The company has produced many projects related to LOL in the past, and another one might be on its way, as a recent leak suggests.

Newly unearthed information has confirmed the existence of an unknown game in development by Riot Games’ division, Riot Forge. The third-party label is seemingly developing a new project featuring a popular League of Legends character as the protagonist. 

Major Takeaway

  • Riot Forge is reportedly developing a new League of Legends-related title that features Sylas as the main protagonist. It is an action entry targeted for PCs and Consoles that will explore Sylas fighting to save Demacia.
  • It is possible that Sylas leads a revolution against the Mageseekers due to his current lore, which is the notorious Demacian order that overlooks to control the magic in Runeterra. 
  • The game was leaked by South Korea’s Game Rating Committee, but there has been no official confirmation by Riot Forge.
  • Riot Forge has brewed other popular League of Legends-related entries, such as The Ruined Kingdom, that has expanded upon its already comprehensive storyline.

As spotted by a Twitter user, “osveno,” a title by the name of “The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story” has been sighted in a new rating by South Korea’s Game Ratings Committee. It is reportedly an action-adventure game slated to arrive on both PCs and consoles. 

The recently surfaced title appears to be lore-oriented that will follow the chronicles of Sylas, as he strives on his quest to save Demacia.

The “Mageseeker” in the title is a direct inkling towards the Demacian order who are charged with keeping magic within the planet Runeterra. And Sylas in League of Legends was spotted and hired by the infamous Demacian order since he has the power to identify the magic within another.

After working hand in hand with the Mageseekers as their lapdog, Sylas revolted and was imprisoned due to helping out his fellow mages. The new League of Legends-related project could follow the current Sylas storyline from here as he uprises against the Demacian order in a new revolution.

It is worth noting that there has been no official information concerning this alluring project; it has been sighted in the rating for the first time. There is also no way of knowing how far into development the new League of Legends project has evolved.

However, we could see an official teaser follow suit by Riot Forge in the coming months because of the rating. Regardless, we suggest taking the information with a slight grain of salt, as the project may never materialize into the proposed prospect.

This is not the first love letter written to League of Legends by Riot Forge. The stellar team of developers has already crafted some notable masterpieces that garnered popularity among the LoL community.

Riot Forge’s 2021 project, The Ruined King, proved to be an amazing elongation of the vast League of Legends lore because of the well-executed storyline. The leaked entry could further expand the LoL world and also deeply venture into the relatively new and unexplored lore of Sylas.

What are your thoughts about Riot Forge’s upcoming title about League of Legends character, Sylas, being teased in a new rating by South Korea’s Game Ratings Committee? Do you think the teased project will make the character attain more favor within the community? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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