Warhammer 40K Tacticus Tier List [All Units Ranked]

Here is my take on all Warhammer 40K Tacticus characters after playing the game for 55+ hours!

Warhammer 40K Tacticus is a turn-based tactical strategy game that has 67 units. Players make a team comprising of characters with various roles and fight enemies in turns. Each character comes with a rarity and important stats that make them valuable or a poor choice. It is imperative that you pick the best units as you progress in the game, otherwise winning battles will become an impossible task. That is why I have curated the Warhammer 40K Tacticus Tier List after playing the game for nearly 55+ hours!

Key Takeaways

There are 67 characters in Warhammer 40K Tacticus.

  • S-Tier: Use the strongest units to win easily.
  • A-Tier: Some of the best characters that help you win battles.
  • B-Tier: Balanced units that work well in different situations.
  • C-Tier: Okay characters, need extensive planning to win.
  • D-Tier: These units have problems, and need extra effort to win.
  • F-Tier: Characters with big issues, making winning battles a challenging task!

All Warhammer 40K Tacticus Characters Ranked

Here is the complete ranking of all characters in the game based on Rarity, Health, Armor, Damage, Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Movement, Traits, Active Skill, and Passive Skill stats.

NoCharacterTierFactionRarityHealthArmorDamageMelee AttackRanged AttackMovementTraitsActive SkillPassive Skill
1CelestineS-TierAdepta SoronitasLegendary602025Power/ 3 hitsNA4Act of Faith, FlyingSky StrikeGeminae Superia
2RoswithaS-TierAdepta SoronitasUncommon851730Chain / 3 hitsBolter / 2 hits / Range 23Act of FaithBrazier of Holy FireCondemnor Stake
3Aleph-NullS-TierNecronsUncommon752212Particle / 5 hitsNA3Living Metal, Explodes, Flying, MechanicScarab HiveFabricator Claw Array
4UlfS-TierSpace WolvesUncommon902033Power / 3 hitsNA3Final Vengeance, UnstoppableGreat Frost AxeSavage Killer
5Re'vasS-TierTau EmpireUncommon1052510Flame / 6 hitsPulse / 6 hits / Range 23Close Combat Weakness, Big Target, Flying, MechanicalEarly Warning OverrideCyclic Ion Blaster
6Vitruvius ThannekS-TierAdeptus MechanicusLegendary901850Power / 1 hitMolecular / 1 hit / Range 23Mechanic, MechanicalRad-BombardmentMaster Annihilator
7YazaghorS-TierThousand SonsCommon651449Physical / 1 hitHeavy Round / 1 hit / Range 24Weaver of Fates, FlyingSorcerous FacadeReality Unbound
8ArchimatosS-TierBlack LegionUncommon701415Psychic / 2 hitsPsychic / 1 hit / Range 23Let the Galaxy Burn, PsykerIncursionPossession
9Maugan RaS-TierAeldariLegendary55129Power / 5 hitsHeavy Round / 6 hits / Range 33Terrifying, Heavy Weapon, OverwatchMaugetarInescapable Accuracy
10Marneus CalgarS-TierUltramarinesLegendary952020Power / 2 hitsNA3Mk X Gravis, Final VengeanceGauntlets of UltramarRites of Battle
11Commissar YarrickS-TierAstra MilitarumRare751730Power / 3 hitsBolter / 2 hits / Range 23ResilientSend In The Next WaveSummary Execution
12DeathleaperS-TierTyranidsEpic801724Bio / 3 hitsNA3Camouflage, Deep Strike, Infiltrate, TerrifyingFear of the UnseenFeeder Tendrils
13AhrimanS-TierThousand SonsLegendary801830Flame / 1 hitPsychic / 1 hit / Range 23Weaver of Fates, Flying, PsykerDoomboltPsychic Stalk
14Castellan CreedS-TierAstra MilitarumLegendary902138Las / 2 hitsNA3NoneSupreme CommanderSworn Protector
15Abaddon The DespoilerA-TierBlack LegionLegendary881615Power / 5 hitsBolter / 3 hits / Range 23Let the Galaxy Burn, Resilient, Terminator ArmourDrach'nyenFirst Among Traitors
16ThaumachusA-TierThousand SonsEpic751827Flame / 1 hitPsychic / 1 hit / Range 23Weaver of Fates, Flying, PsykerAttempted PossessionArcane Shield
17Techpriest EnginseerA-TierAdeptus MechanicusNANANANANANANANANANA
18CalandisA-TierAeldariCommon701845Physical / 1 hitEnergy / 1 hit / Range 33Heavy Weapon, OverwatchFire and RepositionWireweave Net
19NjalA-TierSpace WolvesEpic80268Psychic / 3 hitsPsychic / 2 hits / Range 22Psyker, Terminator Armour, UnstoppableStormcallerLord of Tempests
20AnuphetA-TierNecronsEpic851917Energy / 4 hitsEnergy / 3 hits / Range 23Living MetalResurrection OrbMartial Apotheosis
21Sibyll DevineA-TierAstra MilitarumCommon552030Psychic / 1 hitPsychic / 1 hit / Range 23PsykerPsychic MaelstromNightshroud
22Thaddeus NobleA-TierAstra MilitarumRare501838Las / 1 hitBlast / 3 hits / Range 33Suppressive Fire, Indirect FireBasilisk BarrageSpotter
23ServitorA-TierAdeptus MechanicusNANANANANANANANANA
24AethanaA-TierAeldariUncommon801714Piercing / 3 hitsNA3Flying, Deep StrikeSwooping HawkPath of Command
25Jain ZarA-TierAeldariLegendary751819Piercing / 3 hitsNA4InfiltrateSilent DeathTerror's Lament
26Brother JaegerA-TierBlack TemplarsEpic1102525Power / 3 hitsNA3Final Vengeance, Parry, Rapid AssaultHoly DuelMartial Superiority
27High Marshal HelbrechtA-TierBlack TemplarsLegendary952215Power / 6 hitsBolter / 3 hits / Range 23Final Vengeance, ParryCrusade of WrathDestroy The Witch
28VolkA-TierBlack LegionRare65109Power / 4 hitsHeavy Round / 6 hits / Range 32Let the Galaxy Burn, Big Target, Daemon, Suppressive FireFrenzied FiringFleshmetal Guns
29TothA-TierThousand SonsUncommon902710Power / 4 hitsFlame / 5 hit / Range 22Weaver of Fates, Suppressive Fire, Terminator ArmourHellfyre Missile RackTime Flux
30AbraxasA-TierThousand SonsRare702018Flame / 2 hitsPsychic / 1 hit / Range 23Weaver of Fates, PsykerMalefic MaelstromInfernal Pacts
31Aun'ShiA-TierTau EmpireLegendary851613Power / 5 hitsNA3NoneInspired to GreatnessSerene Unifier
32Sho'sylA-TierTau EmpireUncommon651653Pulse / 1 hitPiercing / 1 hit / Range 32Close Combat Weakness, CamouflageSeeker Missile Frequency LockMV71 Sniper Drone Squad
33BellatorA-TierUltramarinesCommon851310Bolter / 6 hitsNA4Flying, Mk X GravisDeath From AboveShock Assault
34ArjacA-TierSpace WolvesRare1102623Power / 3 hitsNA2Resilient, Deep Strike, Terminator ArmourFoehammerAnvil Shield
35NeurothropeA-TierTyranidsRare851725Physical / 1 hitPsychic / 1 hit / Range 32Close Combat Weakness, Flying, Psyker, Shadow in the Warp, SynapseSpirit LeechNeuroparasite
36SnotfloggaA-TierOrksRare1102525Physical / 3 hitsNA3Beast SlayerGet'em RuntzSquig Hound
37TyphusA-TierDeath GuardLegendary1202518Power / 1 hitPsychic / 1 hit / Range 22Contagions of Nurgle, Resilient, Psyker, Terminator ArmourPlague WindDestroyer Hive
38VindictaA-TierAdepta SoronitasCommon701220Physical / 1 hitFlame / 4 hits / Range 23Act of Faith, Heavy WeaponArmorium CherubFire of Absolution
39Morvenn VahlA-TierAdepta SoronitasLegendary1242214Power / 5 hitsBolter / 3 hits / Range 33Act of Faith, Big Target, Explodes, MechanicalSanctorum MissileSweeping Blow
40CertusB-TierUltramarinesCommon601855Physical / 1 hitBolter / 1 hit / Range 32Overwatch, Heavy Weapon, InfiltrateMortis RoundCamo Cloak
41Tyrant GuardB-TierTyranidsUncommon1252216Piercing / 2 hitsNA3Big Target, Crushing StrikeCrushing ClawsGuardian Organism
42Varro TiguriusB-TierUltramarinesUncommon781836Physical / 1 hitPsychic / 1 hit / Range 23PsykerStorm of WrathPsychic Fortress
43SarquaelB-TierDark AngelsUncommon702050Physical / 1 hitPlasma / 1 hit / Range 33Final Vengeance, Overwatch, Heavy WeaponSuperchargeGrim Retribution
44Sword Brother GodswylB-TierBlack TemplarsCommon952460Power / 1 hitNA3Parry, Rapid AssaultThunderous AssaultChampion of the Feast
45AngraxB-TierBlack LegionCommon1103012Power / 4 hitsNA2Let the Galaxy Burn, Deep Strike, Terminator ArmourBringer of DespairHateful Assault
46Ancient ThoreadB-TierBlack TemplarsRare1002233Power / 2 hitsNA3Final Vengeance, ParryUnbreakable DutyAstartes Banner
47Haarken WorldclaimerB-TierBlack LegionEpic882011Piercing / 4 hitsNA4Let the Galaxy Burn, FlyingHerald of the ApocalypseHead-Claimer
48Brother BurchardB-TierBlack TemplarsUncommon1202218Power / 3 hitsBolter / 3 hits / Range 22Crushing Strike, Mk X Gravis, Suppressive FireFragstorm Grenade LauncherBoltstorm
49TjarkB-TierSpace WolvesUncommon852332Physical / 4 hitsNA3Infiltrate, TerrifyingGrapnel LauncherHunters Beyond Death
50EldryonB-TierAeldariRare751616Piercing / 2 hitsPsychic / 2 hits / Range 23PsykerExecutionerDoom
51AzraelB-TierDark AngelsEpic852422Power / 3 hitsPlasma / 1 hit / Range 23Overwatch, Final VengeanceDark Talon StrikeLion Helm
52Boss GulgortzB-TierOrksEpic1001512Chain / 5 hitsProjectile / 3 hits / Range 33Mechanical, Big Target, Final Vengeance, DakkaWAAAGH!Light 'Im Up
53ThutmoseC-TierNecronsRare751630Plasma / 2 hitsPlasma / 2 hits / Range 23Living Metal, FlyingHarbinger of DestructionLiving Lightning
54MakhotepC-TierNecronsCommon852018Physical / 1 hitMolecular / 2 hits / Range 33Living MetalAdaptive StrategyRelentless March
55IsabellaC-TierAdepta SoronitasUncommon1022124Bolter / 3 hitsNA3Act of Faith, HealerRites of RestorationMedicus Ministorum
56ShadowsunC-TierTau EmpireLegendary801827Blast / 2 hitsMelta / 2 hits / Range 23Close Combat Weakness, Camouflage, Flying, InfiltrateExemplar of the KauyonDefender of the Greater Good
57IncisusC-TierUltramarinesCommon751735Piercing / 1 hitNA3HealerCombat RestorativesNarthecium
58ImospekhC-TierNecronsCommon72158Molecular / 6 hitsMolecular / 6 hits / Range 23Overwatch, Living MetalMulti-Threat EliminatorInescapable Death
59DarkstriderC-TierTau EmpireRare751735Physical / 3 hitsPulse / 2 hits / Range 23Close Combat Weakness, Infiltrate, Suppressive FireFighting RetreatStructural Analyser
60Kut SkodenC-TierAstra MilitarumUncommon953530Physical / 4 hitsNA3Big TargetFrag BombAvalanche of Muscle
61PestillianD-TierDeath GuardRare1103335Direct / 1 hitNA2Contagions of Nurgle, Resilient, Putrid ExplosionFoul InfusionBlight Racks
62Nauseous RotboneD-TierDeath GuardEpic1202714Power / 4 hitsNA2Contagions of Nurgle, Resilient, HealerRevitalising MalignancyTainted Narthecium
63CorrodiusD-TierDeath GuardRare1003011Plasma / 2 hitsNA2Contagions of Nurgle, ResilientPoxwalkersCursed Plague Bell
64MaladusD-TierDeath GuardUncommon1202726Power / 3 hitsNA2Contagions of Nurgle, Resilient, Terminator ArmourFlail SwingHaze of Corruption
65TanksmashaF-TierOrksEpic851530Chain / 3 hitsNA4Unstoppable, Beast SlayerUnstoppable MomentumSmasha Squig Jaws
66SnappawreckaF-TierOrksUncommon801520Chain / 2 hitsProjectile / 3 hits / Range 33Mechanical, Big Target, Explodes, DakkaRamming SpeedKan Opener
67GibbascrapzF-TierOrksCommon753025Physical / 4 hitsNA3MechanicGrot TankKustom Force Field

How The Tier Works


Tacticus S-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
Using the S-tier characters in Warhammer 40K Tacticus, I instantly felt invincible on the battlefield. These elite units transformed my game into a strategic masterpiece, where victory seemed almost predestined. Each round, match, or battle became a showcase of overwhelming power.

If you have these amazing S-tier characters unlocked, just form a team comprising of these units and you will hardly be defeated by any! Now that I think about it, spending time and effort to unlock them was totally worth it, as they became the backbone of my victories.


Tacticus A-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
The A-tier characters in the tier list that I have ranked above are not the absolute best, but they are still strong and dependable. Using them made battles exciting and challenging, and they played a crucial role in helping me win. These heroes may not be the flashiest with some of the craziest stats like the S-tier, but they are still the ones I can always count on.

Most of the A-tier characters are much easier to unlock than the legendary S-tier ones. So if you happen to have a bunch of these unlocked already, then take my word for it, use them the most, and try various team formations with these units in the game!


Tacticus B-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
The B-tier Warhammer 40K Tacticus List has characters with a solid foundation of active and passive skills, and balanced stats that make these reliable units in most team formations. While not reaching the prime power of higher tiers, these characters still contribute significantly to the overall strength of a squad.

These B-Tier characters may not have blown my mind with their stats, but they were the ones that I could consistently count on to get the job done in the early game.


Tacticus C-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
Characters in the C-tier possess moderate stats and overall might. Taking on battles with C-tier characters in Warhammer 40K Tacticus means always being strategic. They are not the best units, but they can hold on their own.

Characters in the C-tier find themselves in the middle ground of the rankings, showcasing a balance of attributes in Warhammer 40K Tacticus. They neither shine brightly nor fail significantly. While not exceptional in any particular aspect, the C-tier characters that I have listed in the table above present a well-rounded package. 


Tacticus D-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
D-tier list characters that I have mentioned in the table above occupy a lower level in the rankings, facing noticeable challenges in Warhammer 40K Tacticus. These units exhibit deficiencies in health, armor, and damage, requiring players to take fights with extra care.


Tacticus F-Tier List [Image By eXputer]
The F-tier list that I curated after so many hours in Warhammer 40K Tacticus introduces characters with big problems. These warriors have major issues with their health, armor, and damage, making battles very hard.

Using F-tier characters means facing tough challenges not just from the enemies in the game but also because of the weaknesses of these heroes. The only way to make use of these F-tier units is to level them up to the max. If not, then I suggest you pick characters from the higher tier for your team and straight away avoid these units!

Tacticus Tier List Criteria

After playing the game for 55+ hours, I carefully looked over the stats of all units and derived this tier list from my experience and some important stats such as the following:  

  • Rarity
  • Health
  • Armor
  • Damage
  • Melee Attack
  • Ranged Attack
  • Movement
  • Traits
  • Active Skill
  • Passive Skill

I have reached the conclusion of the Tacticus Tier List. My effort to rank each unit is based on my understanding and their in-game stats/roles. If you found this tier list beneficial, I encourage you to explore further and continue reading these as well: Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier List, Eversoul Tier List, BDO Tier List, and TFT Tier List.


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