Palworld Orserk [Location, Capture, Breeding, Stats & Skills]

Learn about the Location, Skills, and Stats of the Orserk Pal and how to capture it for a great combat experience.

Orserk is an electric Pal located on the northeastern edge of the map in Palworld. Despite being strong in combat, it can also generate electricity at your base. 

Key Takeaways
  • Orserk is a Dragon/Electric elemental type with a Paldeck number 106 in Palworld.
  • You can find Orserk on the northeastern edge of the map at Wildlife Sanctuary No. 3.
  • Electric Pals like Orserk are mainly used to generate electricity at the base.
  • To increase your chances of capturing Orserk, you may need to use Ultra or Legendary Pal Spheres.
  • Don’t forget to bring Ground and Ice-type Pals as they are effective against Electric Pals.

Location Of Orserk In Palworld

Location of Orserk on the northeastern edge of the map [image by eXputer]
Orserk is located on the northeastern edge of the map at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary. The most convenient way to reach there is by fast traveling to the Deep Sand Dunes. Then, to get to Sanctuary, use a flying mount.

It is a rare spawn, so you may not find it easily. Just wait or roam around for some time, and it will eventually spawn.

Important: This island is dangerous due to High-Level PIDF officers and other dangerous Pals. If the officer catches you, you will get wanted status in Palworld.

How To Capture Orserk

Orserk is a strong electric Pal that can kill you in seconds. Your main goal is to let your other pals fight it and reduce its health to 20%. After that, make sure to throw the sphere from its back for a higher chance of capturing.

Orserk encounter in Palworld
Encountering Orserk in No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary [image by eXputer]
  • Preparation: To capture Orserk easily, consider leveling up your character and Pal to level 40 or above.
  • Pals: I suggest using pals like Anubis or Foxcicle as Orserk is an electric pal that is weak against the Ground pals and Ice-type pals.
  • Spheres: Bring an Ultra or Legendary Pal sphere for higher chances of capturing Orserk.
  • Wear Best Armor Sets: Wear thunder-resistant armor, as Orserk’s electric attacks deal a lot of damage, and a refined metal helm.
  • Weapons: Use weapons like the Legendary Pump Action Shotguns for close range and the Legendary Assault Rifle for long range.
Important: Try using pals with skills like Frost Breath or Earth Impact. You can teach any Pal ice or ground element skill by feeding it Skill Fruit.

Item Drops

After you have successfully captured Orserk, you will get the following item:

You will also get this same item after defeating Orserk.

Orserk Stats 

Orserk Stats in Palworld
Orserk Stats in Paldeck Menu in Palworld [image by eXputer]
Element TypeElectric/Dragon
Work SuitabilityElectricity level 4, Handiwork level 2, Transporting level3
Partner SkillFerocious Thunder Dragon (While fighting together, Water Pals drop more items when defeated).

Orserk Skills

Orserk Partner skill and Active skills
Skills of Orserk in Pal Stats [image by eXputer]
Element TypeSkillPowerCooldown Description
ElectricLightning Strike12040 secondsLightning rods that electrocute the surrounding area
ElectricKerauno10030 secondsSummons a blade of lightning
DragonDraconic Breath7015 secondsExhales breath infused with draconic energy
ElectricTri-Lightning9022 secondsGenerates lightning that strikes an enemy thrice from above.
ElectricLightning Streak7516 secondsGenerates a lightning bolt
ElectricSpark Blast302 secondsFires a lightning ball

How To Breed Orserk

If you find it hard to catch Orserk, you can breed it using different Pals:

Parent 1Parent 2Child
Orserk OrserkOrserk

Best Ways To Use Orserk In Breeding

When Breeding Orserk with different Pals, a variety of strong Pals are obtained.

All strong pals that are obtained after breeding are listed below:

Parent 1Parent 2Child
Mossanda OrserkRelaxaurus

My Thoughts

Orserk is a powerful electric Pal, and it might be challenging to capture it as it is a rare Pal. Additionally, the area where Orserk is located is home to many dangerous Pals and PIDF officers, so it is important to be careful and well-prepared. I suggest unlocking the Fast Travel at the Deep Sand Dune before trying to hunt Orserk. This will allow you to create a respawn point in case you die while trying to capture it.

Furthermore, read about Best Flying Mounts and traverse swiftly across the map. Also, learn about the Legendary Pals and get yourself the most dangerous Pals in Palworld.

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