Palworld: 6 BEST Skill Fruits [Battle-Tested 100 Hours]

I have over 95 hours playing Palworld, and here are some of my recommendations for Skill Fruits that you should be hunting.

Skill Fruits are a great way to help your pal learn new Active Skills in Palworld, which they can use on the battlefield. You can only obtain these fruits from a Skill Fruit Tree (usually three at a time) or from merchants scattered across the map. Of course, skill fruits have different rarities and levels and are element-specific, but you can still teach them to any pal. The only requirement is that a pal must have an Empty Slot in their Active Skills.

Important: To teach a Skill Fruit onto a Pal, you must first add a pal with at least 1 Empty Skill Slot to your main team from the Pal Box. Then, select the Skill Fruit from your inventory and apply it to one of the highlighted options.
Key Takeaways
  • Skill Fruits in Palworld are items obtained from Skill Fruit Trees or merchants that add an Active Skill/attack to a pal.
  • Players can teach any Skill Fruit to any pal, given that pal has an Empty Slot in their Active Skills set shown in the Pal Box or Pal Menu.
  • There are 52 different Skill Fruit types in Palworld, of which 24 are Uncommon, 16 are Rare, and 12 are Legendary.
  • Their major advantage is the sheer versatility, where you can apply up to 3 amazing Active Skills to your favorite pal.
  • However, finding these fruits is extremely difficult, and it’s very hard to gauge which fruits a Skill Fruit Tree will drop.

My Best Skill Fruits In Palworld Comparison

Here’s a quick overview of the strongest in-game skill fruits, detailing their type and stats:

1Fire BallFire15055
2Dragon MeteorDragon15055
3Dark LaserDark15055
4Lightning StrikeElectric12040
5Blizzard SpikeIce13045

1. Fire Ball

The Best Fire-Based Skill Fruit In Palworld.
Fire Ball Palworld
Showcasing the Fire Ball Skill Fruit (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: By being effective against two different elements and inflicting Burn damage, having this as my top choice is a no-brainer.

As you’d guess, Fire Ball is a Fire-type Skill Fruit that, at least in my experience, was the hardest one to find. However, the effort was definitely worth it, as the attack’s 150 Power coupled with incredible range makes it the ideal skill against bosses, at least in my opinion. Also, unlike other elements, Fire is strong against two types, Ice and Grass, making Fire Ball much more versatile than any other Skill Fruit in Palworld.

  • Inflicts Burn Damage.
  • Strong against two elements.
  • Amazing range.

2. Dragon Meteor

The Best Dragon-Based Skill Fruit In Palworld.
Dragon Meteor Palworld
Dragon Meteor Skill on a Jetragon (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Dragon Meteor has the longest attack animation of any Skill Fruit, giving it almost as much versatility as the Fire Ball.

This is among the rarest skills to naturally come with pals, which is why getting a Skill Fruit for it feels incredibly rewarding, in my opinion. With Dragon Meteor, your pal summons a cluster of meteors and shoots them at the enemy.

Like Dark Laser and Fire Ball, this has amazing damage output, but its major selling point is the attack’s longevity and range. Furthermore, Dragon Meteor is perfect against bosses since they are mostly Dark Pals or usually have Dark as one of their elements.  

  • High damage output.
  • Amazing range.
  • Long attack animation.
  • Strong against Dark Pals.
  • Not as effective in ice-based regions.

3. Dark Laser

The Best Dark-Based Skill Fruit In Palworld.
Dark Laser Palworld
Dark Laser Skill on a Necromus (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Dark Laser is perfect for targeting single enemies like other high-level pals because it focuses all its damage at a single point.

This is easily the strongest Dark-type Active Skill you can get since, like most Epic-rarity skills, it has a whopping 150 Power with a 55-second CT. This attack includes shooting a large laser blast at a specific target, which lasts roughly 3 seconds. The Laser is solid against Neutral Pals but weak against Dragon Pals, so you can ideally use the attack in most regions in the Windswept Hills.

Important: Legendary Dark Pals like Astegon and Necromus have a 100% chance of coming with Dark Laser as a pre-applied Active Skill.
  • High damage output.
  • Great against bosses and Neutral Pals.
  • Effective in most regions.
  • Lacks exclusivity as other Epic-tier Skill Fruits.
  • Weak against Dragon Pals.
  • High cooldown.

4. Lightning Strike

The Fastest Epic-Tier Skill Fruit.
Lightning Strike Palworld
Lightning Strike Skill on a Dinossom Lux (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: In my opinion, no other Skill Fruit is better for clearing arenas and caves than this.

Although it’s not the most damage-dealing Electric-based Skill Fruit in Palworld, Lightning Strike’s range, cooldown, and effectiveness are certainly worth considering. With a 40-second CT, it’s tied with Ignis Rage for the fastest cooldown out of any Epic Skill Fruit, and it outputs a circular blast so massive that it obliterates every nearby enemy.

As an electric-based attack, Lightning Strike works best against Water Pals, which you’ll find on beaches and other wet biomes. However, it’s weak against Ground Pals, located mainly at Mount Obsidian.

  • Low Cooldown Timer.
  • Strong against Water Pals.
  • Effective against hordes of enemies.
  • Slightly less Power.
  • Weak against Ground Pals.

5. Blizzard Spike

The Most Balanced Epic-Tier Skill Fruit.
Blizzard Spike Palworld
Blizzard Spike Skill on a Frostallion (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: High CT is a major drawback for most Epic Skill Fruits, so if you want to consistently damage your opponents, having this skill is crucial.

Blizzard Spike is yet another Epic-tier Skill Fruit with a slight change – a noticeably better cooldown for slightly worse damage output. As the best Ice-based skill, this attack creates a large ice spike and hurls it at the enemy, damaging everything near the spike’s landing area.

Based on my experience, the only pal that gets Blizzard Spike naturally is Frostallion, which is why this attack’s Skill Fruit also has that exclusivity factor. You can see the Skill Fruit’s advantage against Dragon bosses like Jetragon and Astegon, but it’s worth mentioning that Fire Pals won’t be as susceptible to it.

  • Balanced.
  • Versatile and reliable.
  • Impressive against Dragon Pals.
  • Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • Challenging to get.

6. Implode

The Most Damage-Dealing Skill Fruit.
Implode Palworld
Showcasing the Implode Skill Fruit (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: If you don’t mind risking your pal for dealing extraordinarily high damage, this Skill Fruit is your best bet.

Implode has the highest Power out of any Skill Fruit by far, but the reason it’s so low on my list is that it harms your pal. With this ability, your pal charges into the enemy and does a huge AoE blast, harming all nearby objects, including itself. Furthermore, as a Neutral-type Skill Fruit, it’s not strong against any specific element, a trait none of the other Epic Skill Fruits on my list lack.

  • Massive circular range.
  • Huge damage output.
  • No particular strengths.
  • Causes harm to your pal.

Alternative Picks That I Considered

Here are some other Skill Fruits in Palworld that I thought were worth mentioning and you can use if you don’t have the skills mentioned above:

  • Solar Blast: Best Grass-type Skill Fruit with solid Power output, but doesn’t do anything out of the box to put it above other Epic-tier fruits.
  • Rock Lance: Another powerful Ground-type Skill Fruit, but just like Solar Blast, I wasn’t impressed with the attack itself and found it to be an inferior version of Tri-Lightning.
  • Ignis Rage: A popular Fire-type Skill Fruit that’s common among high-tier pals, but I think it’s just too common to match Fire Ball.
  • Pal Blast: Great range and damage output, but as a Neutral-type Skill Fruit, it’s not strong against any specific element.

My Take On The Best Skill Fruits

I’ve tested almost every Epic-tier Skill Fruit on my Incineram, and by far, my favorite skills were Lightning Strike and Fire Ball. Lightning Strike was great for clearing out nearby threats like humans, which often surrounded me in every direction. On the other hand, Fire Ball was a menace against boss pals due to the Burn effect it applied after it hit the ground.

palworld hours
My concurrent progress on Palworld (Xbox ID: TheAwoken03)

For general usage, I’d also recommend going with Blizzard Spike since it’s viable in most circumstances. Dragon Pals are few and far between in Palworld, so I doubt there are many instances where this attack’s Skill Fruit becomes ineffective.

That wraps up my extensive guide on the best Skill Fruits for your pals in Palworld, where I’ve gone over each skill’s cooldown, type of attack, strengths, and weaknesses. In my experience, most Epic-tier fruits have similar damage output and cooldowns, so the ones suitable for you usually depend on your playstyle. If you’re struggling to find any Skill Fruits, here’s a YouTube video with an effective way to farm them in bulk. 

Besides hunting fruits, I recommend reading Ibrahim’s guide on the best Combat Passive Skills in Palworld, which will further boost your pals. For suggestions on high-tier pals for your team, here’s a quick guide on catching Grizzbolt, an extremely rare creature great for combat and base work. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld for more details regarding the title itself.


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