Palworld Vixy: Catch, Breed, Abilities, And Breeding

Learn how to capture and use Vixy to get an unlimited supply of Pal Spheres in Palworld.

Vixy is an adorable fox-like gathering Pal that can be a great addition to your base in Palworld. The Pal will help dig up buried items like Gold Coins, Arrows, and even Pal Spheres. 

Key Takeaways
  • Vixy is a neutral type of Pal that is useful for gathering and farming. 
  • Vixy is found near the Desolate Church and on the northern side of the Small Settlement. 
  • Its partner skill is called Dig Here! and it will allow Vixy to dig up items like gold coins, arrows, and even Pal Spheres when assigned to a ranch. 
  • Since it is a neutral type Pal, fighting Vixy with a dark type Pal is recommended. 
  • Upon defeat, it will drop either leather or bone. 

Vixy Location In Palworld 

Fortunately, Vixy is located near the spawn island near the Desolate Church, so you will be able to locate it easily.

Palworld How To Catch Vixy Location
Vixy can be seen roaming between the red trees (Image Captured by eXputer)

To catch Vixy, you must make your way to the southern areas of the map. If you have trouble finding it, you can also check for the habitat map in your Paldeck.

  • Finding Vixy’s Habitat: It can be seen roaming near the mountains with orange-colored trees. There will be a bridge nearby as well. Another great location to catch her is near the Desolate Church, which is filled with scarlet trees. 
  • Checking Habitat Map: The Pal will spawn in the daytime and nighttime in the same area, so finding it will not be much difficult.
    After catching Vixy, you can assign it to the base. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
  • Attack with Caution: It might take a few tries to catch Vixy as it has a lower catch rate. It would be best to be careful while attacking it, as it can get knocked out easily.
  • Using Arrows and Dark-type Pals: I recommend using a lower-level dark-type Pal or just dealing damage yourself using a few arrows.  

Abilities And Partner Skill

Assigning Vixy in the Ranch
Assigning Vixy in the Ranch (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Vixy has the following abilities.

  • Using Vixy for Gathering and Farming: It will help you with tasks like harvesting, gathering resources, and digging up some precious items, including Pal Spheres.
  • Building a Ranch: You must build a ranch in your base and assign Vixy to it so it can dig up arrows, Pal Spheres, and gold coins.
    Vixy Drops Pal Spheres
    Vixy Drops Pal Spheres (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Upgrading Dig Here ability: The digging ability of Vixy can be enhanced at level 14 when you unlock the Pal condensation machine to merge several Vixy together. After that, you can assign them to the ranch to get more Pal Spheres.

Vixy Active Skills

The Pal has a number of active and passive skills you can use. Furthermore, it can be very effective against Dragon-type Pals.

Palworld Vixy Skills
Vixy Skills and Abilities (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Below is a list of active skills that Vixy can use.

Skill    Type   Power  Description   
Seed Machine Gun   Grass   50   When activated, Vixy will throw hard seats at the targeted enemy.  
Wind Cutter   Grass   30   Allows the Pal to summon a high-speed blade of wind that damages the targeted enemy.  
Sandblast   Ground   40   The Pal will throw sticky mud at the targeted enemy.  
Air Cannon   Neutral   25   The Pal will attack the targeted enemy with a highly pressurized air blast.  
Power Shot   Neutral   35   When activated, the Pal will attack the enemy with a focused blast of charged energy. 

Breeding Combinations 

If you cannot find Vixy, you can also get her through breeding. Following are the combinations you can try to get Vixy. 

Lamball  Lifmunk 
Chikipi  Foxsparks 
Cattiva  Lifmunk 
Foxsparks  Teafant 
Sparkit  Teafant 
Vixy  Vixy 

You can also breed Vixy with other Pals to get rare Pals with higher stats. Following are some Pals to breed Vixy with. 

Parent 1  Parent 2  Child 
Lamball  Vixy  Cattiva 
Vixy  Teafant  Lamball 
Fuack  Vixy  Hoocrates 
Vixy  Celaray  Wixe 
Cattiva  Vixy  Cremis 
Penking  Vixy  Fenglope 
Vixy  Mossanda  Lovander 

With this, I will wrap up my guide on the location of Vixy and its abilities and skills in Palworld. Don’t forget to check out the in-depth review of Palworld by Rabya Rizwan. I will also recommend checking out Irfan’s guide on how to get Anubis in Palworld as it is also a great option to keep in your base.

You can also check out Daniyal’s guide on how to assign Pals to the ranch so you can get more Pal Spheres through Vixy. Lastly, do not forget to read how to make a cake in Palworld, as you will need it to get Vixy through breeding. 

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