Palworld: How To Find Hangyu Cryst [Quick Guide]

Learn how to breed and catch Hangyu Cryst, along with its location, breeding combinations, and skills. 

Hangyu Cryst is one of the rare Pals in Palworld that only appears at night in a specific region. It’s very popular among players as it has a unique ability that allows players to glide from high areas. However, it can be very hard to find, and it has a low capture rate. Below is a summary of how you can capture and find the Pal. 

Key Takeaways
  • Hangyu Cryst is one of the rarest ice Pals in Palworld. 
  • It can only be found at night time in the frozen northern continent of the Astral Mountains. 
  • It has gathering and cooling abilities, and its skills are very useful against end-game bosses in Palworld. 

How To Find Hangyu Cryst

Hangyu Cryst can only be found at night in the frozen northern continent of the Astral Mountains.

map location
Hangyu Cryst can be found near Astral Mountains as marked on the map (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The Pal will appear in the level 40 zone, and since it doesn’t spawn often, you must be very careful when catching it. I have marked its location on the map so you can follow it to find it easily. 

  • Teleporting to Pristine Snow Fields: Fortunately, you can find many other rare pals in the region, so I recommend visiting the area. Make sure to look for the Pal in the northern continent and travel to the pristine snow field waypoint in the astral mountains as soon as night falls. 
  • Finding the Frozen Egg: another way you can obtain the Pal is by incubating a frozen egg with distinct snowflake designs. They can be found easily in all regions; however, most spawn in colder areas like astral mountains or frost-bound mountains. 

Breeding Combinations 

Hangyu Cryst is one of the few Pals that can only be obtained through a single breeding combination, which in this case is Swee and Hangyu. 

Finding and capturing the pal (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

However, you can breed it with other pals to get a lot of potential pals who can be very suitable for your base. You can also take a look at some of the best breeding combinations to build a strong party.

Parent 1Parent 2Child
ChikipiHangyu CrystCattiva
DirehowlHangyu CrystGumoss
TeafantHangyu CrystCremis
CelarayHangyu CrystMaraith
FoxsparksHangyu CrystSparkit
LamballHangyu CrystVixy
PengulletHangyu CrystHoocrates


Hangyu Cryst learns a lot of powerful skills as it levels up, and even its beginner skills are deadly enough to face bosses.

How to find Hangyu Cryst in Palworld 
Using Hangyu Cryst’s gliding ability (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

However, the reason it’s one of my favorite pals to keep on the team is its Winter Trapeze skill that allows the player to use Hangyu Cryst as a glider. Below is a detailed description of all its skills and effects. 

1.0Winter Trapeze-Partner SkillN/AN/AN/AAllows the player to use Hangyu Cryst as a glider and gives them a short burst in the upward direction when active. With every level, the gliding speed increases and stamina decreases.
1.0Air Cannon2 seconds25.0NeutralFires a powerful burst of highly pressurized air quickly.
7.0Ice Missile3 seconds30.0IceSummons ice lances in the air that attack the targeted enemies.
15.0Power Shot4 seconds35.0NeutralWhen active, it charges energy into a focused blast to attack the targeted enemy.
22.0Icicle cutter10 seconds55.0IceHangyu Cryst creates a Crescent blade of ice and throws it forward in the targeted direction.
30.0Iceberg15 seconds70.0IceCreates a sharp, damaging ice lance under the enemy.
40.0Cryst Breath22 seconds90.0IceUsing a powerful blast of air enshrouds enemies and deals consistent damage.
50.0Blizzard spike45 seconds130.0IceThrows a giant lump of ice toward the enemy. Also deals damage to anything nearby.

Work Suitability  

It is definitely a great pal for the base and has handiwork, transporting, cooling, and gathering abilities. When you face the alpha boss, you will get several precious drops, including the Ring of Ice Resistance, Precious Pelt, Fiber, Ice Organ, and Ancient Civilization Parts.

Hangyu Cryst location in Palworld 
Assign the pal to your base to utilize its gathering abilities (Image Captured by eXputer)

Make sure to craft its pal gear Hangyu Cryst glove by using 6 Cloth, 12 Paldium fragments, 3 Ingots, 12 Fiber, and 3 Leather, which unlocks at level 31 if you want to keep the Pal in your team and use its gliding ability.

With this, I will wrap up my guide on how to find Hangyu Cryst in Palworld, along with its breeding combinations and skills. Make sure to read Arham’s guide on how to increase capture rate to catch the Pal easily. You can also read Daniyal’s guide on how to capture Cryolinx in Palworld, which is another rare Pal.

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