Palworld: How To Catch A Blazehowl Noct? [Top 3 Methods]

Learn about the skills, abilities, and ways to find a Blazehowl Noct, one of the strongest Fire-Dark Pals in Palworld.

The Blazehowl Noct in Palworld is one of the strongest Fire-Dark hybrids you can find. It’s a significantly stronger variant than the regular Blazehowl, offering much higher Attack and HP stats at the same level. However, there are some key differences you should know about, especially the location, which is arguably more challenging than that of the Blazehowl.

Key Takeaways
  • Blazehowl Noct is a Fire-Dark hybrid Pal that comes with Level 3 Kindling and Level 2 Lumbering in Palworld.
  • Players can obtain this pal by catching it in Mount Obsidian at nighttime, finding Huge Scorching Eggs, or breeding Blazehowl and Felbat.
  • As a Fire-Dark hybrid, Blazehowl Noct is strong against Ice and Neutral Pals but weak against Dragon and Water Pals.
  • Unlike the regular Blazehowl, this variant has better Attack and HP stats but weaker Defense stats.
  • Players can also ride Blazehowl Noct by crafting a Blazehowl Noct Saddle, unlocked at Level 35, at the Pal Workbench.

Ways To Catch A Blazehowl In Palworld

blazehowl noct palworld
Showcasing the Blazehowl Noct (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

There are 3 major ways to find a Blazehowl Noct – catching one in Mount Obsidian at nighttime, hatching Huge Scorching Eggs, or breeding a Blazehowl and Felbat.

Going to Mount Obsidian at night can be extremely challenging since you’ll encounter several powerful nighttime pal variants, like Pyrin Noct. If you’re lucky, you can find Huge Scorching Eggs and hatch them at the Egg Incubator. The breeding method is a last resort, but if you just want to complete your Paldeck or hatch Blazehowl Nocts with strong Passive Skills, this would be my go-to choice.

Mount Obsidian

Mount Obsidian is a late-game biome located on the southwestern edge of Palworld’s map. As a Hot region, I recommend wearing heat-resistant armor to avoid burning to death. To catch a Blazehowl Noct, you must visit this region at night.

blazehowl noct location palworld
Blazehowl Noct’s habitat as per the Paldeck (Image Credits: eXputer)

Once you’re here at night, finding a Blazehowl Noct should be relatively easy since they’re scattered throughout Mount Obsidian. When you find one, they’ll attack on sight, so be on your guard.

Here are some strategies that I think you’ll find helpful in catching this pal:

  • Stay Airborne: From what I discovered, Blazehowl Nocts are virtually powerless against flying pals, and when I used a Ragnahawk against it, its attacks couldn’t even touch me.
  • Use Long-range Weapons: This pal can be lethal at close range, so I encourage using guns like a Musket, Handgun, or Assault Rifle to chip off its HP while staying at a safe distance. At this stage, you should be able to craft a Musket easily.
  • Use Water or Dragon Pals: As a Fire-Dark hybrid, Blazehowl Noct is weak to Water and Dragon Pals. The latter type is challenging to find, so I encourage visiting beach areas to find powerful Water Pals.
  • Capture with Hyper Spheres or Better: As a Level 30+ pal, you must have some Hyper, Ultra, or Legendary Spheres to catch this beast. I had a 22% Capture Rate with a Hyper Sphere after severely knocking down the Noct’s HP.
blazehowl noct mount obsidian
Fighting a Blazehowl Noct in Mount Obsidian (Image Credits: eXputer)

Huge Scorching Eggs

You can find Huge Scorching Eggs in the Dessicated Desert and Mount Obsidian and hatch them at the Egg Incubator. These are some of the rarest eggs in Palworld, so I recommend searching the central areas of the biome for a better chance of finding them. 

Place your Egg Incubator in a cold area like near the Frostbound or Astral Mountains, to speed up the hatching process. Normally, a Huge Scorching Egg takes two hours to hatch, but under the aforementioned conditions, you can turn that timer into one hour.

Breeding Blazehowl And Felbat

If you have this pair in your inventory, you can also use them to get a Huge Scorching Egg, which guarantees a Blazehowl Noct. For this, you’ll need a Breeding Farm that unlocks at Level 19. 

Breeding a Blazehowl and Felbat
Breeding a Blazehowl and Felbat at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Here’s a quick overview of each parent pal’s habitat:

  • Blazehowl: Found on the western edge of Mount Obsidian on both day and night.
  • Felbat: Found in certain caves in the Island region. Can be also be fought as a Level 23 Boss in the at the Sealed Realm of the Abyssal Nights dungeon (-400,-40.)
Important: Another breeding combo to get Blazehowl Noct is by breeding 2 Blazehowl Nocts. It’s also worth noting that players must place Cake in the Breeding Farm’s storage to collect the eggs.

Blazehowl Noct’s Stats And Abilities

blazehowl noct pal box
Blazehowl Noct’s stats at the Pal Box (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Here’s a glance into Blazehowl Noct’s stats and abilities, including its skills, requirements, and more:

ElementFire + Dark
Work Suitability Level 3 Kindling | Level 2 Lumbering
Passive SkillDarkflame Lion: Can be ridden
Active SkillsIgnis Breath | Dark Laser | Flare Arrow | Shadow Burst | Fire Ball | Spirit Flame | Ignis Rage
Possible DropsFlame Organ
Food Requirement7/10

If you’ve had any experience using Blazehowl, you’d know it’s a powerhouse against Ice Pals. Similarly, Blazehowl Noct in Palworld is even more powerful and deals significant damage to Neutral Pals as well. If you want to keep it at your base, the Level 3 Kindling and Level 2 Lumbering make it a strong fit for cooking, welding, chopping wood, and more.

  • Blazehowl Noct has a variety of Dark and Fire attacks.
  • Its Passive Skill, Darkflame Lion, also causes Neutral Pals to drop more items when defeated.
  • Moving to its weaknesses, Blazehowl Noct is weak against Dragon and Water Pals.
  • It also has one of the lowest defense stats of any high-tier Fire Pal.

You can also ride Blazehowl Noct using the Blazehowl Noct Saddle, which unlocks at Level 35 with the following requirements:

That wraps up my brief guide on the Blazehowl Noct in Palworld, where I reviewed its abilities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and ways to catch it. Like most Nocts, this pal looks like a carbon copy of its standard variant but comes with several differences. If you want a visual experience as to how Blazehowl Noct performs in the field, here’s a YouTube video that’ll help you in that regard.

For other high-tier pals to add to your combative team, here’s my guide on Cryolinx to help you out. If you’re hunting for boss pals, our Jetragon guide may come in handy. And while you’re here, Rabiya’s Palworld review can tell you about the title’s strengths and shortcomings.


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