Palworld: How To Get Bones [Both Methods Quick Guide]

Learn everything about Bones, including how to get bones and what it is used for.

How To Get Bones In Palworld

Description of Bones [Image by eXputer]
Bones are obtained as drops from specific Pals or merchants.

Bones may not be used right when you’re initially constructing your base, as they aren’t employed in crafting until reaching level 12.

Key Takeaways
  • Bones, a valuable resource in Palworld, are crucial for crafting items like Mega Glider and medicine.
  • Obtaining bones involves defeating or capturing specific Pals, with Vixy being a preferred choice for farming due to its early availability and lower difficulty.
  • Bones can also be purchased from Wandering Merchants using Gold, providing an alternative method for acquiring this resource.

1. Bones From Pals

You can either defeat or attempt to capture these Pals, and there’s a chance you’ll receive this resource. However, not all Pals drop Bones.

Hunting Vixy for Bones [Image Captured by eXputer]
You need to focus on finding certain species:

VixySmall Settlement or Rayne Syndicate Tower area
AnubisDesert, middle of the map, straight north from the starting point
BushiBeaches on the southwestern volcanic island
CawgnitoThroughout the starting islands during nighttime
Vanwyrm CrystSnowy island on the Northern part of the map
GoriratGoblin Turf and the surrounding areas
LoupmoonWest of the Ravine Entrance waypoint
MaraithSnowy island on the Northern part of the map
RushoarAll around the map, early on in the game
VanwyrmSouthwest of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster teleport point
VerdashNorthwest island called No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary

Vixy is the best choice to farm bones, considering it’s likely the first type of Pal you’ll come across. Fortunately, they are typically low-level, making it easy to defeat or capture them without much difficulty. Capture the initial Vixy to add it to your Paldeck, after which you can handle the others with your weapon.

2. Buy Bones From Merchants

Small Settlement
Small Settlement is where the Wandering Merchant is located [Image Captured by eXputer]
Instead of earning Bones through other means, you can purchase them with Gold. The challenge lies in encountering merchants who are not commonly found. A Wandering Merchant, identifiable by their red suit, randomly roams the world and may cross paths with you during your travels or while at your base.

Purchasing Bones
Purchasing Bones from a Wandering Merchant for 100 Gold [Image by eXputer]
This NPC provides a variety of items for sale, often including Bones. In the screenshot, the price is 100 Gold, which is reasonable considering the rarity of this resource. If you chance upon a Wandering Merchant and have sufficient currency, I think you should purchase Bones and other rare items they offer.

My Thoughts

Even though there is no need for bones in the early game, I found myself needing bones every now and then to craft many things. It’d be better to farm the bones and save them for later cause you will need it eventually.

Moreover, bones aren’t the only thing you will need. You will also need to farm ores; it’d be better to farm ores by building a base near them. Furthermore, read on how to get leather to craft strong armor.


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