Nexus Mods On Hosting Pokemon Mods For Palworld: “We’re Not Comfortable”

The fear of Nintendo and its lawyers on standby strikes hard and fast.

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  • Palworld is a 2024 mega-hit, and it’s only been out 7 days in its feedback-driven early access phase.
  • A Pokemon mod was released for Palworld recently, but Nexus Mods decided to remove it from the site.
  • When asked why, Nexus Mods replied that it’s not comfortable hosting Pokemon mod content for Palworld. 

Well, that’s no wonder why. It seems that Nintendo’s notorious track record for its lawsuit-first-talk-later approach has struck fear in the hearts of many across the gaming industry. Popular PC mods hosting website Nexus Mods does not want any of the smoke that Nintendo could send its way if a Pokemon mod for Palworld is spotted on the platform, confirms a Nexus Mods representative in a new blog post.

We do think that adding Pokémon content to Palworld is a very cool idea and we understand why people would want such a thing. However, we’re not comfortable hosting this content at Nexus Mods. As you may know, Nintendo (who jointly own the Pokémon franchise) have a consistent record of mercilessly submitting legal challenges, DMCAs and takedowns against fan-made content,” iterates Nexus Mods. 

To get you up to speed with what’s been happening as of late, YouTuber ToastedShoes was the first to reveal to the world that they’ve made a Pokemon mod for Palworld, replacing the in-game protagonist with Ash Ketchum and your Pal with Pikachu. That was a concealed effort, with the creator of the project uploading the mod to their Patreon privately, making it a subscriber-only thing. 

However, within 24 hours of breaking that news, there pulled up Nintendo like a raging bull, knocking the wind out of ToastedShoes’ foolish ambitions, as Elden Ring developer FromSoftware would like to put it. The YouTuber made a post on his X (previously Twitter) profile afterward, saying, “Nintendo has come for me.” Up until now, their Pokemon mod is nowhere to be seen. 

All before this, and even afterward, for sure, many might have already thought of incorporating Pokemon into Palworld, because, why not? Nexus Mods is likely to have received submission requests asking for that type of content to go live, but, evidently, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Nintendo’s readiness for initiating legal action is too much of a hassle to put up with, says Nexus Mods. 

We don’t think it’s worth the risk to allow this content to be shared in our community. At best we would have to deal with the headache of legal threats from Nintendo and at worst they may seek to take action against us and the uploaders of the mods directly.” 

Despite all that, other Palworld mods will still be available to download from the platform, so why not play it safe and keep things restricted to everything else apart from Pokemon? Sounds like a wise approach. In other news, though, Palworld has rolled over 8 million copies to date, not to mention crossing the 2 million concurrent player mark and becoming the second most-played game in Steam’s all-time history

Kingpaca in Palworld
Kingpaca in Palworld

Palworld was released on January 19, 2024, for PC and Xbox Series X|S in early access, enjoying an incredibly strong start. eXputer also rated the effort 4.5/5.0 in its review, praising the in-depth gameplay, great visuals, and balanced playability that makes the whole thing overly addictive. Just so you know, here are the best armors in Palworld as per our experience that you should pursue for the best results.

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