Grounded: Lint Uses & Locations

The Grounded Lint Locations will go over all the key locations where you can find lint clumps and what the purpose of lint is!

Grounded has many resources that can prove useful to players since they can help players get further in Grounded while assisting with progression. Lint is one such resource that should not be missed out on since it can be used for many things, and therefore knowing where the Grounded Lint Locations might be is crucial!

Important: Players should know that if they don’t position themselves correctly to get lint, it may fall into the void. 
Key Takeaways
  • Lint is a resource in Grounded that can be obtained from Lint Clumps and found in areas such as doormats.
  • These Lints are used to craft various commonly used items and resources, such as Lint Rope.
  • Players must harvest and separate the pieces from the lint clumps to get individual lint. 
  • The main location is in the Doormat area, where there are 5-6 pieces of lint. 
  • The second location is the undershed area, which focuses on lint pieces placed near hanging nails and insulation and towards the junction of the golden pipe. 

Here is a summary of the lint locations in Grounded, which is listed below:

Lint LocationsDescription
Doormat-On top of doormat
-Middle of Doormat
-Two lint clumps on left and right side of dirt sack.
Undershed-Three clumps next to insulation material.
-On top of insulation next to wooden plank.
-At the junction of golden pipes.

What Is Lint In Grounded? 

Lint in Grounded is a valuable resource used for crafting important items, often found in clumps in areas like doormats. Accurately locating and harvesting the Link is crucial for progress. 

Lint Grounded
Lint (Image Credits Exputer)
  • These lint clumps must be dug into if you want to take out the lint.
  • Otherwise, they stay in clumps, and you can’t pick them out. 
  • When it comes to lint, players will need to harvest it to separate it, and then you can get your hands on it.
  • These materials are then used to craft items such as Lint Rope, one of the various quintessential resources needed to craft weapons and armor.
  • The exact locations to obtain are listed below for your convenience.


Now, first things first, the main way that you should be able to get the Grounded Lint Locations is by opening up your map, through which you will be able to search the resources that you need, one of which will end up being the lint. 

Now, one of the first Lint Locations you will be able to get your hands on will be towards the Doormat area, which can be seen on the map as follows. 

  1. You want to start by being towards the deck side of the area that you are in.
    Pipe And Bike In Distance
    Pipe And Bike In Distance (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. After running for a bit across the deck, you want to go ahead and step down onto the green pipe
    Jumping Onto Green Pipe
    Jumping Onto Green Pipe (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. As you do so, you will encounter a large doormat that is present just towards the left side of the green rug.
  4. Right towards the start of the door mat, you should be able to encounter your first set of lint clumps.
    Door Mat
    Door Mat (Image Credits Exputer)
  5. Apart from this, another lint location is present towards the middle of the door mat, and it will be located towards the left side from where you grabbed the first piece of lint. 
  6. Other than this, there should be another piece of lint that will be present just a few feet behind the second lint piece, and then there is another one that is located right behind it as well. 
    First Clump
    First Clump (Image Credits Exputer)
  7. Afterwards, start heading past the doormat, across the green pipe, and even further across the deck, and hang down towards the ground. 
    Lint In Middle
    Lint In Middle (Image Credits Exputer)
  8. There are two lint clumps, one towards the left of a sack with dirt inside of it, and it can be harvested using your tools.
    Sack Of Dirt
    Sack Of Dirt (Image Credits Exputer)

Undershed Entrance Area

When it comes to the second location will be towards the Undershed Entrance Area,  and the area needs to be unlocked before you will be able to access it, after which you should be able to go there. 

  1. You want to start by being towards an area resembling a porch, and there should be greenery everywhere. 
    Greenery Area
    Greenery Area (Image Credits Exputer)
  2. After that, you want to go under the shed area, through which you will be able to encounter a small circular hole in the mud.,
    Circular Hole
    Circular Hole (Image Credits Exputer)
  3. As you head closer, you should come across a small door resembling a shed, and you will be able to head inside it. 
  4. Keep heading deeper into the undershed area, and start running up the pipe directly connecting to the wooden ceiling. 
    Going Into The Undershed
    Going Into The Undershed (Image Credits Exputer)
  5. Keep heading up the pipe, and then you want to eventually start hanging down and start hanging down until you can reach the ground. 
  6. As you head forth, you should be able to come across a pink material, and as you interact with it, there will be three Grounded Lint clumps.
    Pink Insulation Material
    Pink Insulation Material (Image Credits Exputer)
  7. Head back, start making your way on top of the wooden plank, and keep running until you can make your way on top of it. 
  8. Jump towards the right side, jump on top of the pipe, and start running across it until you see the same pink material. 
    Run Up The Pipe
    Run Up The Pipe (Image Credits Exputer)
  9. The material itself will be located after you cross the nail hanging from the wooden ceiling and you want to jump past the hanging nail.
    Nail (Image Credits Exputer)
  10. Keep heading past the area, and then start running across the pipe, moving even further, and after that, you want to keep running forward until you encounter a golden pipe.
  11. Jump to the left side of the golden pipe, and then keep heading further.
    Golden Pipe
    Golden Pipe (Image Credits Exputer)
  12. Look up, and you should be able to find the next Lint Location in Grounded.
  13. Now, another large area with quite a few bits of lint is if you head up the wire from where you grabbed the previous lint pieces.
    Area With Loads Of Lint
    Area With Loads Of Lint (Image Credits Exputer)
  14. A few Lint Locations will be on the left side of the material. At the same time, the other will be present right towards the back side of the wire.
    Lint On Insulation
    Lint On Insulation (Image Credits Exputer)
  15. If you head towards the back side and focus on the insulation ahead of the wires.
    Wooden Plank
    Wooden Plank (Image Credits Exputer)
  16. After that, you want to go ahead and start making your way up the wooden plank, then jump across the insulation and wrap between two pieces of insulation.

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