Grounded: How To Repair Tools & Structures

Grounded is a survival game and needing to repair stuff is a guarantee here. Our guide will entail everything you need to know about it.

Just like every other good survival game, Grounded has a lot of things that the player can craft. Naturally, all of these can get damaged, and that is where our Grounded how to repair tools & structures guide comes into play. 

Key Takeaways
  • Repairing tools in Grounded is straightforward, with low-level tools easily repairable using Quartzite, a commonly harvested rock.
  • Stronger tools require rarer materials for repairs.
  • To repair a tool, open the inventory and right-click on the tool to initiate the repair.
  • Craft a Repair Tool using 3x Crude Rope, 2x Red Ant Parts, and 4x Clay.
  • The Repair Tool is specifically for repairing damaged structures.
  • Quartzite is crucial for various purposes, including crafting a dew collector.
  • The game’s balanced repair system encourages exploration and rewards players with rarer materials for repairing high-level tools and weapons.

Repairing Tools

grounded the entire inveotry screenshot
The player inventory (Image credit: eXputer)

Repairing Tools in the game is a rather easy task. To repair low-level tools, you can follow these steps:

  1. Collect Quartzite:
    • Look for rocks with a distinctive blue-gray appearance in the backyard environment.
    • Collect Quartzite by approaching these rocks and pressing the interact button.
  2. Access Player Inventory:
    • Press the “Tab” key on PC to open your player inventory.
  3. Hover Over the Tool:
    • In your inventory, hover your mouse cursor over the tool you wish to repair to view the required materials.
  4. Use Quartzite:
    • If Quartzite is needed for the repair, ensure you have enough collected.
    • Click the “Repair” button within the tooltip to repair the tool if you have sufficient Quartzite in your inventory.

Our guide will tell you exactly where you can find Quartzite. 

How To Get Quartzite To Repair Tools?

quartzite guide complete
How Quartzite can appear in the game

To obtain Quartzite for repairing tools in Grounded, follow these steps:

  1. Locate Quartzite: Quartzite can be found throughout the game world and is commonly found in caves and other dark areas where it may be challenging to see during the day.
  2. Use a Hammer: To collect Quartzite, you’ll need to break the durable stone using a hammer. Ensure you have a hammer equipped or in your inventory.
  3. Gather Quartzite: Once you’ve located Quartzite, use your hammer to gather it. Collect as much Quartzite as you can since it has various uses in the game.
  4. Repair Tools: To repair tools, open your inventory and right-click on the tool you want to fix. As long as you have enough Quartzite, the tool will be repaired and restored to its original condition.

A useful tip is that the amount of Quartzite required for repair remains the same, regardless of how much durability is left on the tool. Therefore, it’s often best to repair a tool when it’s about to break or has already broken.

Quartzite is a valuable resource not only for tool repair but also for crafting other items like dew collectors. 

That is all you need to know about repairing tools in the game. Let us now get to the next half of our Grounded: how to repair tools & structures guide and tell you how you can fix the structures.  

Repairing Structures

grounded repair tool how to use and what is it used for
The Repair Tool as it appears in the game (Image credit: eXputer)

To repair your damaged structures, all you need to a repair tool. Now getting a repair tool is the hard part. It requires some fairly rare materials to build, but it is still easy enough since the developers knew that players would be using it very early on. 

As shown in the image above, you need the following materials to build a repair tool. 

  • 3x Crude Rope
  • 2x Red Ant Parts
  • 4x Clay

When you are done collecting all of these items, simply open up your inventory and craft the Repair Tool. That is all you need to know about repairing in the game. 


In conclusion, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to repair tools and structures in survival games like Grounded. Proper tool and structure maintenance is crucial for your survival and success in these games. We’ve covered various aspects, including finding the necessary materials, repairing low-level and high-level tools, and understanding the importance of durability in the game.

Remember that the durability system adds depth and challenge to survival games, making them exciting for hardcore players while still being manageable for casual gamers. Properly maintaining your tools and structures is a key element of your survival strategy.

We hope you found this guide helpful and that it enhances your gaming experience. Enjoy exploring, building, and surviving in the world of survival games!

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