10 BEST Clay Locations In Grounded

There are 10 BEST Locations in Grounded where you can find Clay and use it for crafting multiple items

Grounded is a survival game that heavily relies on crafting. In order to make tools, gears, consumables, and more, you will need to first collect items from the map. There are abundant resources all around you waiting to be collected. One of these resources in Grounded is Clay, and there are a total of ten best locations where you can find it.

Key Takeaways
  • There are plenty of places where players can get Clay in Grounded.
  • The Black Anthill location is where clay is found most of the time
  • The next location where clay is found is in Dry Grasslands.
  • If the player is near a flooded zone, then the player can go down toward the Southeast side of the map to reach the Grasslands to get some clay.
  • The Koi Pond area is also one of the easiest locations where you can excavate a good amount of Clay. This area is located at the bottom right area on the map. 
  • The player can find the Shed’s Surroundings location marked with the purple circle on the map is another good place to get some Clay from.
  • The player can also find Clay in the Woodpile area at the very top left side of the map.

Clay In Grounded

Best Locations of Clay in Grounded
BEST Clay Locations in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
The wild insects or the environmental hazards are threatening and overwhelming in the game. Therefore, you need to come up with something in order to protect yourself from these threats. To defend yourself, Clay plays a vital role due to the things it can craft. Moreover, if you are planning to build something, then you are definitely going to need it. Tools like axe are important in the game, but we recommend you stock up on Clay as well.

How To Extract Clay

In order to extract Clay, you will need an Acorn Shovel. It is the only tool that can be used to extract the Clay and so if you don’t have an Acorn Shovel already, then perhaps you should consider making one. In order to make an Acorn Shovel, you will need two Sprigs, one Crude Rope, and one Acorn Shell.

Peblet Hammer Item in Grounded
Pebblet Hammer item [image credit: eXputer]
Sprigs and Crude Rope can be found easily, but for Acorn Shell, you will need another tool to extract it. The tool for extracting Acorn Shells is Pebblet Hammer which can be crafted after collecting three Sprigs, four Pebblet, and one Crude Rope. Once you craft a Pebblet Hammer for yourself, you will need to find an Acorn so that you can smash it open using the Pebblet Hammer.

Acorn in Grounded
Dig Acorn for Acorn Shells [image credit: eXputer]
If you are struggling to find an Acorn, then simply look around for a tree. Acorns are usually present beneath a tree in good quantities. When you find an Acorn, then simply break it using the Pebblet Hammer. Once the Acorn breaks, you will be able to get the Acorn shells; collect how many you want, but one would be enough if you are planning on making only one Acorn Shell.

Now that you have Sprigs, Crude Rope, and Acorn Shell, head on to the locations we mentioned earlier. Once you reach your preferred best location of Clay in Grounded, go near the water, and there you will find these big brown shiny rocks. Go near them and equip your Acorn Shovel in order to dig it. Once the digging completes, you will be able to get the Clay in six chunks, to be exact.

Easiest Locations To Find Clay

There are a total of nine locations where you can find Clay in Grounded, but only some of these are the best. It is not necessary for you to go everywhere in order to farm it. We recommend you check out all these locations and pick the one you like the most. Your preferred location can depend on the distance or how easy it is to get the Clay from there.

Some of these locations are not only far, but they have wild insects around them as well. These locations are not ideal because there is a high chance of you dying out there. If you do die in those locations, then you will need to go all the way back there in order to get your bag back.

However, if you want to take on the wild insect’s head, then you will definitely need the BEST Grounded Weapons and the BEST Armor to maximize your survival. Apart from that, If you are looking out for all the best locations where you can find Clay, then they are:

  • Black Anthill
  • Dry Grasslands
  • Flooded Zone
  • Grasslands
  • Pond Lab
  • Pond Caves
  • Koi Pond
  • Pond Depths
  • Shed Surroundings
  • Woodpile

However, as mentioned earlier, there is no need for you to visit all of these. The reason for that is that the Clay rocks will respawn after a while and can be collected again.

Black Anthill

BEST Locations for Clay in Grounded: Black Anthill
The Black Anthill Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
You can find the Black Anthill location towards the very bottom left side of the map. On the bottom side of it are two ponds, as you can see near the purple circle. On their sides, you will be able to find Clay rocks that can be harvested easily. The journey to the Blank Anthill is not that difficult so if you are near the area, consider going there to get yourself some Clay.

Dry Grasslands

BEST Locations for Clay in Grounded: Dry Grasslands
The Dry Grasslands Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
Some distance above the Black Anthill is the Sandbox. From the Sandbox area, you will need to move toward the northeast direction for a while. Keep going till you reach the area marked in a purple circle. Then you will arrive on the field of Dry Grasslands.

An indication of the field is the dry grasses all around it. If you are planning to get yourself some clay during the night, then you will need to be cautious, as there will be wild insects roaming everywhere. So, make sure you have the right equipment with you.

Flooded Zone

Flooded Stone Area in the Game
The Flooded Zone Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
Towards the northeast side of the Dry Grasslands, you will reach the Flooded Zone. It is one of the best locations in Grounded to get Clay. Due to the large bodies of water in the area, you can farm large quantities of Clay.

This will be helpful, especially when you are planning on crafting a lot of building items for your base. In case you are struggling against the spiders, then consider reading the Grounded: How To Kill Spiders guide.


Grasslands Location in the Game
The Grasslands Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
If you are in the Flooded Zone, then you can go towards the southeast side of the map in order to reach the Grasslands. The Grasslands are very similar to the Dry Grasslands. However, the area there is very lively compared to the one you visited earlier. The threat level in that area is not so high; however, we recommend you keep yourself ready in case a threat shows up.

Pond Lab

BEST Locations for Clay in Grounded: Pond Lab
The Pond Lab Area in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
The Pond Lab area is the easiest of all areas in terms of locating. Here the threat level is minimum, and so you can come here often to collect clay for yourself. However, if you are far away from the area, consider having good weapon items as you will come across a lot of wild insects.

Pond Caves

Pond Caves Location in the Game
The Pond Caves Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
Towards the northeastern side of the Pond Lab, you will come across an area that resembles caves, enter into them in order to get the Clay. The area is very near Pond Depths, however, you can find the Clay stones on the surface here. For Clay stones in Pond Depths, you will need to go underwater.

Koi Pond

Koi Pond Area in the Game
The Koi Pond Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
The Koi Pond area is one of the easiest locations where you can dig up a good amount of Clay. Koi Pond area is at the very bottom right area on the map, which is a complete lake. On all corners of it, you will find a good amount of Clay stone which you can dig up and get a good amount of Clay. Moreover, the threat of wild animals in the area is not that much, so you will be safe out there if you have the correct tools.

Pond Depths

BEST Location for Clay in Grounded: Pond Depth
The Pond Depth Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
One of the best and most interesting locations in the game to get Clay from is definitely the Pond Depth area. There are chances that you might struggle even if you have upgraded the lung capacity of your character. Not only will you be fighting the wild insects on the surface, but you will be fighting against underwater creatures as well.

Clay Rock Under the Water in Pond Depth
The Clay Rock Underwater [image credit: eXputer]
Most importantly, you will be fighting against time due to the lack of breathable air underwater. In Pond Depth, you will be diving deep underwater in order to extract the clay. The clay stones will be scattered all around but you will have a maximum of forty seconds to dive in, dig the stones, collect them, and come back up.

Pipe in Pond Depth for Oxygen Supply
Pipe in the Pond Depth Location [image credit: eXputer]
However, there is a pipe nearby that can restore your breath and give you more time to collect as much clay as you can. The pipe is broken from one place, and so bubbles release through it from time to time. The bubbles are sometimes small and sometimes big. If a big bubble is released, it can restore your oxygen level to maximum.

Shed Surroundings

BEST Clay Locations in Grounded: Shed Surroundings
The Shed Surroundings Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
You can find the Shed Surroundings location marked with the purple circle on the map. The area is easy to access, and you will not be expecting a lot of wild insects. Although you will not find a large quantity of Clay here at least it will be safe.


BEST Locations in Grounded: Woodpile
The Woodpile Location in Grounded [image credit: eXputer]
You can find the Woodpile area at the very top left side of the map and the path to reach it is not so easy. Therefore, if you are in the early stages of the game, you might not have enough tools to take you there and get back in less time and safely.

However, if you still want to go there, the area is marked with a purple circle to locate the exact place around where you will find Clay stones. Since you will not get to see a lot of Clay stones here, you should only visit it if you are somewhere nearby. 

Craftable Items Using Clay

In Grounded, you can craft a variety of items using Clay. The items range from a Simple Bed to a Pebblet Foundation. In total, there are nineteen items that you can craft, which require Clay as a required material. That is the reason we recommend you keep as much Clay with you as you can. The following are all the items that can be crafted if you have Clay in your inventory:

  • Fuzz on the Rocks: the consumable is used for drinking and makes you healthier for a while. To craft it, you will require One Clay, One Mite Fuzz, and One Pebblet.
  • Clay Foundation: it is a solid and level foundation upon which you can build other structures. It will require Four Clays in order to be crafted.
  • Repair Tool: as the name suggests, it is used to repair tools or any damaged structure, and it cannot be used as a weapon at all. Crafting it will require Three Crude Ropes, Two Red Ant Parts, and Four Clays.
  • Ash Cement: it is a strong building material that requires two Charcoal Ash, one rust, and two Clays for crafting.
  • Clay Ramp: it is a slope version of the clay foundation. To craft it, you will require two Clays.
  • Pebblet Foundation: a better foundation to build upon relative to the Clay Foundation. It requires two Clay and three Pebblets for crafting.
  • Clay Pillar: it is a sturdy pillar that requires two Clays for crafting.
  • Pebblet Ramp: it is the slope version of the Pebblet Foundation. Crafting it will require one Clay and two Pebblets.
  • Pebblet Pillar: it is also a sturdy pillar; however, it requires one Clay and two Pebblets for crafting.
  • Spinning Wheel: it is a utility item that produces autonomously over time a woven version of items such as Silk Rope and Lint Rope. It requires two Acorn Tops, four Clays, four Red Ant Parts, three Saps, and four Crude Ropes.
  • Simple Bed: consider it as an improved version of a lean-to that can restore your health, allow you to sleep, and save you from the wild insects roaming around in the dark. To craft it, you will need four Weed Stems, two Acorn Shells, two Crow Feather Pieces, six Crude Ropes, and four Clays.
  • Basketball Hoop: it is a unique Utilities and Storage structure that you can place anywhere on the map. You can throw items into it for fun. Crafting the Basketball Hoop requires two Web Fibers, two Grass Planks, one Weed Stem, and five Clays.
  • Armor Dummy: it is a decoration piece that allows you to put any armor you want on display. It requires five Clays, five Sprigs, and three Crude Ropes for crafting.
  • Weapon Wall Mount: it is a furniture build on which you can hang your weapon and tool items. Crafting it will require five Clays and one Acorn Shell.
  • Zipline Anchor: a very useful utility item that acts as a base for zipline, it allows you to ascend on descend effectively without receiving fall damage. Crafting the item will require one Silk Rope, four Clays, and six Weed Stems.
  • Oven: it is a craftable utility item that will allow you to smelt valuable resources and the production is autonomous over time. You will need ten Clays, four EverChar Coal Chunks, and four Boiling Glands.
  • Zipline Wall Anchor: it is a utility whose purpose is to act as a connection of a zipline. Crafting it requires two Clays, one Bee Stinger, and one Silk Rope. If you are confused about it then consider reading How Ziplines Work In Grounded.
  • Cookery: it is a craftable utility item that allows you to cook meals. The Cookery requires nine Weed Stems, two Clays, one Acid Gland, and one Boiling Gland for crafting.
  • Waft Emitter: a special utility and storage item that will allow you to start an instant and artificial factional raid. Crafting it requires two Ladybug Parts, one Ladybug Head, four tough Gunk, and five Clays.

Final Words

All in all, you can check out all the ten best locations in Grounded for Clay. Then you can shortlist some of these locations which are easy for you to access and do not contain high-threat level wild insects. It is important for you to check out the area with minimum inventory so in case you die, you will not need to come back again for your precious items.

Apart from that, if you are new to the game and are struggling with the first main mission, then consider reading the Grounded How To Fix The Mysterious Machine guide. However, if you haven’t installed the game yet, then you should check out the Grounded Review.


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