Grounded: How To Get Red Ant Armor [Crafting Guide]

Take a look at how to craft the Red Ant Armor set to increase the hauling strength and unlock the Hum Ant effect in Grounded. 

One of the most important tier 1 armor sets in Grounded is the Red Ant Armor set. The armor is known for providing extra strength and is made using different parts from the red ant. Furthermore, players will also be able to store an additional large item whenever the armor is equipped. Also, as soon as you equip the armor, no ants will attack you as you will be identified as one of them.

Key Takeaways
  • Red Ant Armor: Crucial armor in Grounded, crafted from red ant parts.
  • Helmet: Made from Red Ant Hood, Red Ant Part, and Mite Fuzz, boosting defense and resistance.
  • Armed Guards: Crafted from Acid Glands, Mite Fuzz, and Red Ant Parts, found in Ant Totem Cave.
  • Knee Guards: Made from crude rope, mite fuzz, and red ant parts.
  • Harvesting Red Ant Parts: Gathered from working ants and soldier ants.
  • Crafting Location: Use workbench to craft the armor.
  • Effects: Notable effect is Hum Ant, allowing disguise as a red ant.

How To Get The Red Ant Armor 

In order to get the Red Ant Armor set, players will have to collect certain body parts of the red ant and craft it in Grounded. This armor will allow you to use different perks that come with each piece and will increase the hauling capacity and strength as well.

Here is our step by step guide:

  1. Collect Red Ant Body Parts: Harvest certain body parts from Red Worker or Soldier ants to craft the armor. You’ll need:
    • 5 Mite Fuzz
    • 3 Red Ant Part
    • 1 Red Ant Hood
  2. Harvesting Red Ants: Red ant heads and parts are obtained by harvesting Red Worker or Soldier ants, typically found in ant totem caves.
  3. Obtain Mite Fuzz: Harvest lawn mites and infected mites to collect mite fuzz. This resource is also used to unlock other crafting recipes like the arrow, mite head, and mite mount.
  4. Crafting Workbench: Craft a Workbench if you haven’t already. You’ll need two Sap, four Sprig, and three Grass Plank.
  5. Crafting the Armor: Once you have the required materials and a Workbench, craft the Red Ant Armor pieces.
    Red Ant Helmet
    Red Ant Helmet – (image captured by eXputer)
  6. Stats and Benefits: The Red Ant Armor provides +2 defense and +2.5 resistance. Wearing this armor makes ants perceive you as one of their own, increasing hauling strength and allowing you to carry more items. Additionally, you’ll experience a small stamina increase, enabling longer battles against enemies.
    Grounded How To Get The Red Ant Armor uses
    Red Ant Armor – (image captured by eXputer)
Grounded How To Get The Red Ant Armor uses
Red Ant Armor – (image captured by eXputer)

Arm Guards  

The next piece of armor that you will be required to craft is the arm guard. These are actually a combo of a Gauntlet and a Spaulder.

Red Ant Armor Guards
Red Ant Armor Guards – (image captured by eXputer)

Just like the helmet, you will need some specific red ant parts to craft it. It will also improve and increase the hauling capacity and will allow you to carry larger items that you will need in your journey. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Materials Needed:
    • 2 Mite Fuzz
    • 5 Red Ant Part
    • 2 Acid Glands
  2. Harvesting:
    • Obtain Red Ant Parts from Red Soldier or Worker ants in ant totem caves.
    • Gather Acid Glands from Red Soldier ants, termite workers, or larvae.
  3. Crafting:
    • Use a Workbench to craft Arm Guards.
  4. Stats and Benefits:
    • Provides +3.5 defense and +5 resistance.
    • Enhances hauling strength and stamina for easier exploration and combat.

Knee Guards 

The knee guards crafted from red Ant parts play a huge part in protecting you from enemies. Furthermore, they will also increase the hauling capacity and allow you to carry larger items.

Grounded How To Get The Red Ant Armor 
Red Ant Knee Guards – (image captured by eXputer)

To craft Knee Guards:

  1. Materials Needed:
    • 6 Red Ant Parts
    • 2 Crude Rope
    • 4 Mite Fuzz
  2. Harvesting:
    • Obtain Red Ant Parts from the Ant Totem Cave.
    • Collect Crude Rope from locations like Oak Lab, Hedge Lab, and Black Ant Hill Lab. Analyze plant fiber to unlock the recipe.
    • Gather Mite Fuzz from Lawn Mites and Infected Mites.
  3. Crafting:
    • Use a Workbench to craft Knee Guards.
  4. Stats and Benefits:
    • Increases defense by 2 and resistance by +2.5.
    • Provides the “Hum Ant” effect, making red ants perceive you as one of them and preventing attacks.

Armor Effects 

As soon as you equip the Grounded Red Ant Armor, you will be able to enjoy a lot of status effects that come with it as well and can use sleek or bulky upgrades with it.

Grounded How To Get The Red Ant Armor location
Picking Up Heavy Objects – (image captured by eXputer)

The most notable effect of the Red Ant Armor is its ability to increase the Hauling Strength. 

  1. Increased Hauling Strength:
    • Enables easier transportation of larger items like Grass Planks and Wheat Stems for crafting and base building.
    • Provides a +3 increase in carrying capacity for planks and stems.
  2. Grass Harvest Speed Boost:
    • Enhances grass harvesting and farming efficiency while wearing the armor.
  3. Hum Ant Effect:
    • Red Soldier Ants and Red Worker Ants ignore the player while the armor is equipped.
    • Ants will only attack if provoked by the player, such as attacking another ant or stealing an egg.
    • Red Worker Ants completely ignore the player.
  4. Light Armor Benefits:
    • Grants extra stamina and increased damage reduction.


Grounded’s Red Ant Armor is considered one of the best armors due to its amazing stats and benefits and upgrades like sleek and bulky. Furthermore, it is easier to craft as well as the items you will need to craft it are readily available.

Surviving Against the Red Ants – (image captured by eXputer)

However, ensure you have a Brain Power Level of two before crafting the armor. 

  • The armor rating of the Red Ant Armor is also considered pretty optimal for end game. 
  • Furthermore, its effect, like increased hauling strength, makes it a great armor to use. 
  • You can carry several larger items whenever the armor is equipped, including stems and planks. 
  • So, if you are still building a base in Grounded, you should consider using the armor to get more items and craft it easily. 
  • Another important effect called Hum Ant will allow you to merge in with the ants whenever exploring their area. 
  • Therefore, they will not attack you or cause you any harm if you don’t attract any attention. 
  • So make sure not to attack any ants while traveling to Ant Hill whenever the armor is equipped.
    Ant Hill
    Completing the Ant Hill – (image captured by eXputer)
  • You will also be able to steal ant eggs easily as the soldier ants, as well as the worker ants, will completely ignore you.

With this, I conclude my detailed guide on how to get the Red Ant Armor in Grounded and its uses and effects. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out the detailed guide on all four Black Widow locations in Grounded.

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