Grounded Sunken Bones: Craftables & How To Find

A guide to find an important early to mid-game resource

Grounded has a wide range of raw materials in the game. Some are easy to get, and some are not so much. One of the essential raw materials in the early and mid-game are the Sunken Bones. The grounded Sunken bones are mainly needed to craft valuable gear such as a Bubble Helmet and tier 2 best weapons like a Bone Dagger, as well as required to complete the Koi Fish Armor Set, one of the best armor sets for underwater exploration.

However, the more precious the resource, the harder it is to find. Likewise, it’s challenging to find Sunken bones as they’re usually found in a few places. So, let’s jump right in and see the location and importance of this item!

Key Takeaways
  • Sunken bones are said to be tiny fragments of a creature that used to swim around in the Koi Pond.
  • To find the Sunken Bones, you need the following equipment in the game Grounded:
    • Gill Tube for underwater breathing.
    • Antlion Armor to protect against the Sizzle effect.
    • Shovel and Hammer to dig out bones from rubble.
    • Food and Water for sustenance during the journey.
  • To find the Sunken T-Rex bones in the Koi Pond, visit the Oak Lab first and then head to the Armed Raspberry Punch-O.
  • Sunken bones can also be found in the Sandbox biome, located on the Southwestern edge of the map.
  • The last place is Northern BBQ Spill biome where grounded sunken bones can be found.
  • Sunken Bones can be used to craft various items including a Bone Dagger, Bone Trident, Rusty Spear, and Koi Scale Armor Set.

Requirements: What We Need For Our Journey

The Sunken bones are primarily discovered under large bodies of water and piles of dirt and rubble in hot areas, hence the name “sunken”. Therefore, it’s better to be well-equipped with some underwater breathing gear and sizzle effect repellents.

Here’s a list of all the important items you’ll need to stay safe from all the dangerous obstacles:

1. Gill Tube

You’ll mainly need a Gill Tube for the Koi Pond, where most of your time and energy will be spent underwater. Thus, a Gill Tube will be a perfect item for staying underwater for a longer period.

2. Antlion Armor

Sandbox and BBQ Grill are two biomes that we’ll visit to find the Sunken bones. However, these areas will have the Sizzle effect that’ll make you slower and slowly kill you too. An antlion armor will protect you from that effect, so it’s important to wear it to make your journey easier.

3. Shovel And Hammer

It’s important to keep in mind that every sunken bone we discover will be under some pile of rubble. Therefore, you should keep your shovel with you at all times so you can dig out the bones when needed. 

4. Lots of Food and Water

This is gonna be a long adventure with many enemies and obstacles on the way, so it’s better to keep a healthy supply of consumables with you in case of an emergency rather than the other way around.

Where Can We Find The Sunken Bones?

Once you’re well-prepped for the journey, we can now begin to visit the areas where we can find some Sunken bones.

Koi Pond

Start by making your way to the Oak Lab towards the North of the map. This should theoretically be the first lab you visit, so it’ll be easier to reach.

Oak Lab Location on the map (Image Credits: eXputer)

Once you’re at the Oak Lab, head to the Armed Raspberry Punch-O Northeast of the lab. Traverse your way through the branches until you see a large, purple juice box on the edge of the pond.

Armed Raspberry Punch-O Juice box beside the Koi Pond (Image Credits: eXputer)

After that, go to the back of the juice box and jump right into the Koi Pond. Remember to equip your Shovel, Gill tube, and/or any other underwater equipment at this stage since you’ll now need to swim directly to the Sunken T-Rex, which will be at the bottom of the pond.

Next, when you’re in the pond, the first thing to do is swim downwards until you’ve hit the pond floor. This is necessary since you might miss the T-Rex at first if you’re too high up when swimming. The Sunken T-Rex is located right ahead of the Raspberry Punch-O, so when you jump in, you only need to go in one direction. Continue to swim North until you see a big, orange T-Rex underneath a pile of rocks.

The Sunken T-Rex (Image Credits: eXputer)

Now, turn right and make your way down to the narrow path that should be right in front of you. Be sure to stay as low as you can so that you don’t miss the bones. As you continue down your path, you’ll eventually find the bones under some dirt, which you can dig out with your shovel and nab right away! There should be around 4 grounded sunken bones in the area. 3 of those bones will be on the pond floor and one will be sitting on the moss-covered branch close to the other bones, so don’t miss any!

A Sunken Bone was found lying on the branch (Image Credits: eXputer)

Sandbox Biome

The other location where we can find another set of Sunken bones is in the Sandbox biome. You can collect the bones by digging up the buried treasures scattered all across the sandbox.

Sandbox Biome Location on the map (Image Credits: eXputer)

The sandbox is located on the Southwestern edge of the map, alongside the Haze biome. Keep in mind that this is one of the most challenging places to explore since it causes a variety of debuffs like the Sizzle effect. In addition to that, there are a ton of dangerous insects crawling around in some of the holes in the area, shooting out smaller insects. Therefore, it’s important to be on your guard when exploring the area!

Sizzling Effect Status Bar on the top middle (Image Credits: eXputer)

You’ll spot a few glowing items under a pile of dirt as you move across the biome. This means that there’s buried treasure right underneath the dirt!

Glowing Buried Treasure (Image Credits: eXputer)

Equip your trusty shovel and start digging on the spot until you uncover the treasure. After that, use your hammer to bust open the treasure and collect the loot.

It’s important to note that since there are so many hidden treasures across the sandbox, you might either find the grounded sunken bones on your first attempt, or it could take you a couple of diggings before you can finally uncover them. So, continue digging and busting until you find every bone in the area!

BBQ Spill Biome

Finally, we approach the final biome, where we can collect the remaining set of grounded sunken bones. This final set can be found in the Northern BBQ Spill biome, located near the Upper Yard Ascent. We’ll start by going to the West part of the map, next to the Garden Gnome.

Garden Gnome location on the map (Image Credits: eXputer)

Once you reach the gnome, you’ll see a thin twig that’ll climb you up onto the stone slabs. Climb up the twig and jump onto the ledge of the stone wall.

Jump to the ledge of the stone wall from the stone steps (Image Credits: eXputer)

After that, continue to climb up the wall using the leaves and roots and once you’re at the top, head straight you’ll be at the doorstep of the biome. 

BBQ Grill Biome (Image Credits: eXputer)

This area also has the Sizzle Effect so you can equip any Sizzle defenses at this point if you have any, such as the Fresh Defense Mutation. Additionally, if you want to find out any other good mutations, you can check out this Mutations Tier List where we cover some of the best mutations which you can also equip and use as well.

Once you’re ready to go, we can begin finding the Sunken bones in the area. Use your shovel and hammer to dig out the glowing buried treasures and bust them open. Just like the Sandbox, this biome also has a ton of treasures across the area, so keep digging until you completely loot the place!

What Can We Craft With Sunken Bones?

So after all that exploring and digging, it’s safe to say that getting these bones was not that easy. However, these sunken bones will help in crafting a ton of useful items. It’s also important to note that every craftable item can be crafted at the Workbench Station.

Bone Dagger

A Bone Dagger is a neat Tier 2 Knife, which is much better than a Tier 1 Dagger in terms of combat speed and slicing down objects. To craft a Bone Dagger, you will need the following items:

Item NameQuantity
Sunken Bones2
Silk Rope2
Diving Spider2

Bone Trident

The Bone Trident is a great Tier 2 Trident and weapon for underwater combat. The items needed to craft a Bone Trident are:

Item NameQuantity
Sunken Bones3
Diving Bell Spider Chunk3
Silk Rope3

Rusty Spear

A unique Tier 3 spear that inflicts a DOT Infection Debuff over enemies. To craft a Rusty Spear, you’ll need:

Item NameQuantity
Sunken Bones1
Dust Mite Fuzz3

Bubble Helmet

The Bubble Helmet adds 80 seconds of oxygen to the player, making it much easier and more efficient to explore larger bodies of water without any worry of drowning. To craft a bubble helmet, we will need the following resources: 

Item NameQuantity
Sunken Bones5
Eelgrass Strand4
Silk Rope4

Koi Scale Armor Set

The Koi Scale Amor Set is a great underwater armor set that centers around heavy defense and perfect blocking.

Koi Scale Chestplate

To craft a Koi Scale Chestplate, you’ll require the following raw items:

Item NameQuantity
Sunken Bones2
Lilypad Wax 3
Eelgrass Strand3
Koi Fish Scale5

Koi Scale Greaves

To craft Koi Scale Greaves, we’re gonna need the following resources:

Item NameQuantity
Sunken Bones3
Lilypad Wax2
Eelgrass Strand2
Koi Fish Scale3


The Sunken bones can craft a ton of valuable resources for your mid-game journey. While it may take some time for you to farm some Sunken bones, especially in the Sandbox and BBQ Grill biomes, the effort is certainly worthwhile since it’ll make the rest of your walkthrough much easier and quicker to finish. Apart from that, finding these bones will also lead you to explore some of the most challenging areas of the game, so you might also find some other valuable resources along the way!

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