Grounded Best Armor Tier List: All Armor Sets Ranked

The Definitive Ranking Of All Armor Sets In Grounded

The backyard in Grounded is not safe, and you need protection against the hazards lurking to get you. For this, you have the armor sets in the game to help you. There are options, and options mean tough choices, but don’t worry, eXputer’s tier list of ranking the best armor sets in Grounded will help you make the right choice.

Key Highlights
  • Grounded Best Armor is categorized into Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor with a total of 17 distinct pieces.
  • Armor pieces are ranked based on their base kit, durability, adaptability, and how well they boost strength, stamina, and damage endurance.
  • Top-tier Grounded Armor includes Ladybug Armor Set, Black Ox Armor Set, Assassin’s Armor Set, and Widow Armor Set.
  • Weaker Grounded Armor pieces include Acorn Armor, Black Ant Armor, and Clover Armor.
  • Choosing the best Grounded armors is crucial for an easy playthrough, regardless of the chosen builds.

First and foremost, let us compare each Grounded armor set stats:

NameRankArmour TypeTierDamage ReductionDurability
Widow Armor SLight3.017.580 (each piece)
Assassin’s Armor SetSLight3.010.080 (each piece)
Black Ox Armor SetSMedium3.025.0100 (each piece)
Ladybug Armor SetSHeavy3.030.0100 (each piece)
Roly Poly ArmorAHeavy3.025.0100 (each piece)
Antlion ArmorAMedium3.025.070 (each piece)
Fire Ant ArmorAMedium3.020.080 (each piece)
Moth ArmorALight3.010.080 (each piece)
Spider ArmorBMedium2.020.070 (each piece)
Bee ArmorBLight2.017.570 (each piece)
Red Ant ArmorCLight1.010.060 (each piece)
Koi Scale ArmorCLight2.010.070 (each piece)
Black Ant ArmorDMedium2.020.080 (each piece)
Clover ArmorDLight0.015.040 (each piece)
Acorn ArmorDHeavy1.030.080 (each piece)
Grounded Best Armor Tier List Ranking Table
Class S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier D-Tier
Light Armor  Assassin’s Armor Set, Widow Armor Set Moth Armor Bee Armor Koi Scale Armor, Red Ant Armor Clover Armor
Medium Armor Black Ox Armor Set Fire Ant Armor, Antlion Armor Spider Armor Black Ant Armor
Heavy Armor Ladybug Armor Set Roly Poly Armor Acorn Armor

S Tier

S Tier
The Best Armor Sets In Grounded

The game’s armor sets are built concerning players’ different needs, and ranking them is highly subjective. Still, during our time in the game, we had picked these 4 armors that made our playthrough easy with our different builds, and we would consider them an absolute must.

Widow Armor Set

Widow Armor Set
Widow Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Widow Armor set consists of the Widow Hood, Widow Spaulder, and Widow Leggings. This armor made it to our S Tier because of several reasons. We loved it for how light it is as it makes it very easy to move around. This armor’s perks are aligned with making your movement in fights easy.

Set Bonus: Death Impetus

Assassin’s Armor Set

Grounded Best Armor Tier List
Assassin Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Assasin’s Armor Set consists of the Assasin’s MAsk, the Assasin’s Chestplate, and the Assasin’s Greaves. Like the Window Armor set, this is another lightweight armor we recommend. We have placed it in the S Tier against the bulky enemies; we could not find better armor.

Set Bonus: Critical Clean

Black Ox Armor Set

Black Ox Armor Set Grounded
Black Ox Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Black Ox Armor Set consists of the Black Ox Helm, the Black Ox Harness, and the Black Ox Leg wraps. It is perhaps one of the best-looking armor on our Grounded Best Armor Tier List.

The main thing that this armor does is that it charges or, in other words, boosts your charged attacks. It reduces the time it takes to reset your charged attack’s stamina and boosts your ability to stun the opponents.

Set Bonus: Stunning Charger

Ladybug Armor Set

Lady Bug Heavy Armor Set Grounded
Lady Bug Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Ladybug armor set is among the most popular in the game and has been in our S Tier despite numerous updates. It consists of the Ladybug Faceplate as the head, the Ladybug Chestplate as the upper body protection, and the lower body; you have the Ladybug Shin Guards.

We placed it on the S Tier because we had a great blocking ability. If you are one of those who have mastered blocking, then there are many ways your health regenerates.

Set Bonus: Scarlet Embrace

A Tier

A Tier Armor Set in Grounded
The Second Best Armor Sets In Grounded

These 4 armors just fell short of the S Tier. We suggest you play the game and come to a conclusion because these armor from the A Tier can be easily placed or exchanged with any of the armor sets in the S Tier.

Roly Poly Armor

Roly Poly Armor set Grounded
Roly Poly Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
This armor set is the first on the A Tier of our Grounded Best Armor Tier List. The Roly Poly Armor Set consists of the Roly Poly Helmet, Breastplate, and Legplates.

If you are going for a fight in which you are against a colossal enemy, then pick this armor. It can cause a big restriction in your free movement as it is very heavy, which means a 30% boost to damage resistance. 

Set Bonus: Invincible Shielding and Stun Block

Antlion Armor

Grounded Best Armor Tier List
Antlion Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Antlion Armor Set has the Antlion Wide Brim as the head, the upper body as the Antlion Poncho, and the Lower body are the Antlion Spurs.

Between this and the bee armor, we were confused as we were unsure which one to put in the A Tier, but ultimately we went with the Antlion Set. The worst thing is we are sorry we had to start with it, but man, it is not easy to form this armor set, but the grind is worth it. We would have placed it on the S Tier if it was not the case.

Set Bonus: Quickdraw and Sizzle Protection

Fire Ant Armor

Grounded Best Armor Tier List
Fire Ant Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Fire Ant Armor consists of the Fire Ant Helmet, Chestplate, and Legplates. It can only be crafted using the pieces from Fire Ants. As you can see, this is better than the Black Ant Armor you will find in the next tier of our Grounded Best Armor Tier List.

We placed it on the A Tier because of how balanced it is. The protection is fair enough, and the stamina drain of 15% is not bad. If you just start the game and craft this armor set, you will be surprised at how good it is.

Set Bonus: Acidic Splash

Moth Armor

Moth Armor Set
Moth Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Moth Armor Set, the last armor set of the A Tier of our Grounded Best Armor Tier List, consists of the Moth Wrap as your head armor, the Moth Robe for your upper body’s protection, and the Moth Leggings as the lower body’s protection.

It is placed on the A Tier for good reasons; the first one is that it enables the Ranged Cut Perk. It helps any ranged weapon in the game to add bleed to its shots, and thus, it is a no-brainer to put this on the A Tier.

Set Bonus: Wind Run and Jumpstart

B Tier 

Average Grounded Armor
Grounded’s Average Armor [Image Credit: eXputer]
These 2 armors fell short of the A Tier by a big margin. We advise you to participate in the game and draw your conclusions because these armors can be considered average for some, and for others, they can be used so that calling them average would be an insult. Still, in the end, our ranking is based on our experiences in the game.

Spider Armor

Grounded Best Armor Set Tier List
Spider Amor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Spider Armor Set is from the Tier 2. It has a Spider Hood to protect your head in the game, a Spider Shoulder Huard for your upper body, and Spider Knee Pads to protect your lower body in the game.

The armor is not worthless, as it can make you move very fast because of the 15% boost to your stamina, and it has a very good resistance of 20% against damage. You may place it higher, but we felt the grind (keeping in mind most players) is not something worthy of your time.

Set Bonus: Hunter’s Prowess

Bee Armor

Grounded Bee Armor Set
Bee Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Bee Armor set is again from Tier 2. The Armor consists of the Bee Face Mask, the Bee Shoulder Pads for the upper body, and the Bee Shin Guards that take care of your lower.

If you want a similar armor, go for the Antlion Armor, as it has a better reload speed and, when the set bonus kicks in, then a much better fire rate of arrows than the Bee Armor The Antlion armor has a 20% damage reduction and 15% extra stamina usage compared to the 10% damage reduction and 5% extra stamina usage of the Bee Armor.

Set Bonus: Pollen Shot

C Tier

Below Average Armor Sets
Below Average Armor Sets In Grounded

The C Tier consists of armor sets that are below average but not completely useless and can be used to good effect in certain situations.

Red Ant Armor

Red Ant Armor Set
Red Ant Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Red Ant Armor is a Tier 1 Armor Set. The armor set consists of the Red Ant Helmet for the head’s protection; the Red Ant Arm Guards protect your upper body, while you have the Red Ant Knee Guards for the lower body.

The Grass Harvesting speed increases with this Armor Set; you take 10% less damage, and your stamina drain is decreased by 5%. The Armor is good, but nothing extraordinary. With a basic set bonus and overall basic stats, you can craft it easily, and it is just how an average armor set should be.

Set Bonus: HumAnt

Koi Scale Armor

Best Armor Set Grounded Tier List
Koi Scale Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Koi Scale Armor set consists of the Koi Scale Helmet, the Koi Scale Chestplate, and the Koi Scale Greaves. The set is very good-looking, and we love that about it, but in the end, many things make it an average set.

The Dazzling Riposte set bonus requires you to block perfectly, and once you are successful, the enemy will be stunned, and you can finish it.

Set Bonus: Dazzling Riposte

D Tier

Worse Armor Sets In Grounded
Must Avoid These Armor Sets

The last tier of Grounded’s armor tier list consists of the useless armor sets that are better avoided. Maybe they will get good reviews in future updates, but we will not recommend them for now.

Black Ant Armor

Blank Ant Armor Set in grounded Tier List
Blank Ant Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Black Ant Armor set is a tier 2 set. The Black Ant Helmet protects the head, the Black Ant Chestplate protects the upper body, and Black Ant Legplates protect the lower body.

An armor we would avoid; if you can get the best out of the Set Bonus of this Armor Set, then good, but we didn’t manage to find it very helpful. 

Set Bonus: Pincusion

Clover Armor

Clover Armor Set Grounded
Clover Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Clover Armor Set, the second-last armor on our list, consists of the Clover Hood for the head, the Clover Poncho for the Upper Body, and the Clover Shin Guards for the lower body.

Set Bonus: Moist

Acorn Armor

Acorn Armor Set
Acorn Armor Set – Grounded [Image Credit: eXputer]
This is a tier 1 armor set. The head is the Acorn Face Mask, which is very ugly. The upper body is the Acorn Chestplate, while the lower body’s protection is the Acorn Leg Plates. This is the most horrible-looking armor in the game.

The Uncrackable Set bonus will boost your stun gauge, which is useful. Maybe the other useful thing about this armor is that in multiplayer mode, you can use it to attract the ants and smaller bugs to help your friends; other than that, it is rightfully the worst and the last armor set on our tier list.

Set Bonus: Uncrackable 


This Tier List is based on how long we’ve been playing the game. We spent a lot of time in the game, and as a result, we were able to create this Tier List. So, while we are convinced that the information you see is correct, we cannot guarantee that you will agree with our Tier List ranking 100% because a Tier List is subjective.

Grounded’s armor tier list concludes here, where we ranked all major armor sets from best to worst, with a reasonable rationale for each, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Meanwhile, check out our other Grounded stuff below.


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