Grounded: How To Get Acid Glands

Read our guide to find out the sources and recipes of Acid Glands in Grounded.

In Grounded, you will be tasked to build, explore, craft, and survive in a backyard after being shrunk down to a size of an ant. When it comes to crafting, the Acid Gland is a useful item to have if you’re aiming to get your hands on some special crafts. Luckily, the Acid Gland is not that hard to get into the game. Today our guide will talk about How To Get Acid Glands.

They can be acquired by killing Red Soldier Ants or Larvae, which can be found near the central parts of your map. However, these enemies are not that easy to beat. Hence, it is better to progress your game a bit before you start farming Acid Glands.

Key Takeaways
  • Acid Glands are vital crafting resources in “Grounded.”
  • Obtain them from Red Soldier Ants, Termites, or Larvae, typically in central map areas.
  • Red Soldier Ants near the first Field Station are a prime source for Acid Glands.
  • Larvae, found throughout the game in various types, can also drop Acid Glands.
  • Termites are another source, but require Tier-3 gear due to their toughness.
  • Acid Glands are used for crafting Bug Rubber, Larva Blade, Red Ant Armguards, and Cookery in the game.

With that said, let us now learn everything about the Acid Gland in Grounded, along with the possible recipes and their use in the game.

How To Get Acid Gland?

acid glands inventory
How To Get Acid Glands (Image Credit: eXputer)

Acid Glands are gooey glands found in the yard. When you begin playing Grounded, you will notice tons of different resources in the game. These resources can be used to either consume right away or craft other items. Since it is a survival game, you will need to focus on collecting some of these resources to build your base and your character in Grounded.

It is important to note that the enemies that drop Acid Glands may seem easy at sight. However, they can be very punishing, especially if the player does not have strong armor or weapon equipped. With that covered, let us now review some of the best ways to get Acid Glands in Grounded!

  1. Red Soldier Ants:
    red soldier ants grounded
    Red Soldier Ants (Image Credit: eXputer)
    • Red Soldier Ants near the Field Station are a prime source of Acid Glands.
    • They are larger, have strong attacks, and usually appear in packs.
    • Wear decent armor and use a stabbing weapon to target their weak spots (eyes).
    • Defeating a Red Soldier Ant may yield 0-2 Acid Glands.
  2. Larvae:
    • Various types of Larvae, including Larvae, Infected Larvae, and Ladybird Larvae, can drop Acid Glands.
    • Larvae are hostile and found in groups, especially during the day.
    • To locate them, head towards the Mysterious Machine, then follow the Signal Generator to a common Larvae spawn point.
    • Isolate Larvae, use a weapon like an Axe (effective against chopping attacks), and take them down one by one.
    • A single Larva can drop either no Acid Glands or one Acid Gland.
      Larva Grounded
      Larva (Image Credit: eXputer)
  3. Termites:
    • Termites are challenging but can drop 1-4 Acid Glands.
    • They are Tier-3 creatures and require a Tier-3 weapon, sturdy armor, and caution.
    • Termites can spit from a distance (causing a burning effect) and attack up close with bites.
    • They are weak against stabbing attacks and Salty effects.
    • Find Termites in places like the Termite Den, Undershed, and Woodpile.
Note: Acid Glands are essential for crafting various items in the game, so be prepared with.

What Can You Craft With Acid Glands?

acid glands recipes
Acid Glands in Field Station (Image Credit: eXputer)

There are plenty of useful things you can make by using the Acid Gland in your yard. It may get a bit confusing to get a hold of these crafting recipes in the game. This section will list down all the items you can craft with Acid Glands. We have also included their recipe breakdown for you so that you can simply gather the ingredients and get to crafting in Grounded! 

  1. Bug Rubber: (1x Acid Gland, 1x Sap)
    • Use Bug Rubber to craft a Bounce Web for high jumps and as a trampoline in your base.
  2. Larva Blade: (3x Grub Hide, 2x Larva Spike, 1x Acid Gland)
    • A one-handed blade weapon with contact damage and a poison effect, useful against enemies.
  3. Red Ant Armguards: (5x Red Ant Part, 2x Acid Gland, 2x Mite Fuzz)
    • Part of the Red Ant Armor set, providing increased protection and making Red Soldier Ants passive.
  4. Cookery: (1x Acid Gland, 1x Boiling Gland, 2x Clay, 9x Weed Stem)
    • Used to cook meals that grant buffs to your character for survival and gameplay enhancement in Grounded.

Just like that, we reach the end of our guide. After steaming through this article, you will be well aware of How To Get Acid Glands. Not only that, but you now also know all the different recipes you can use after getting Acid Glands.

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