Grounded: How To Get Acid Glands

Read our guide to find out the sources and recipes of Acid Glands in Grounded.

In Grounded, you will be tasked to build, explore, craft, and survive in a backyard after being shrunk down to a size of an ant. When it comes to crafting, the Acid Gland is a useful item to have if you’re aiming to get your hands on some special crafts. Luckily, the Acid Gland is not that hard to get into the game. Today our guide will talk about How To Get Acid Glands in Grounded.

They can be acquired by killing Red Soldier Ants or Larvae, which can be found near the central parts of your map. However, these enemies are not that easy to beat. Hence, it is better to progress your game a bit before you start farming Acid Glands.

Key Takeaways
  • Acid Glands are an important crafting resource in the “Grounded“. 
  • They can be obtained by killing Red Soldier Ants, Termites, or Larvae, which are found near the central parts of the map
  • The Red Soldier Ants are one of the best sources of Acid Glands and are found near an anthill close to the first Field Station in the game. 
  • Larvae are another good option for obtaining Acid Glands and can be found throughout the game. They come in various types including Larva, Infected Larva, and Ladybird Larva, and all of them have the potential to drop Acid Glands.
  • Termites are another source of Acid Glands in Grounded, however, they are tough to beat as they require Tier-3 weapons and armor.
  • Acid Glands are used to craft various items, including Bug Rubber, Larva Blade, Red Ant Armguards, and Cookery

With that said, let us now learn everything about the Acid Gland in Grounded, along with the possible recipes and their use in the game.

How To Get Acid Gland In Grounded?

acid glands inventory
How To Get Acid Glands (Image Credit: eXputer)

Acid Glands are gooey glands found in the yard. When you begin playing Grounded, you will notice tons of different resources in the game. These resources can be used to either consume right away or craft other items. Since it is a survival game, you will need to focus on collecting some of these resources to build your base and your character in Grounded.

Resources can be acquired in many different ways. However, when it comes to Acid Glands, you can only get them by slaying specific enemies. Luckily for you, we have noted down the best enemies you can beat to get Acid Glands. Not only that, but we have also included their rich spawn points along with some strategies you can use to kill them in Grounded.

After going through this section, you will also learn about the different items you can craft using the Acid Glands in the yard.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the enemies that drop Acid Glands may seem easy at sight. However, they can be very punishing, especially if the player does not have strong armor or weapon equipped. With that covered, let us now review some of the best ways to get Acid Glands in Grounded!

Red Soldier Ants

red soldier ants grounded
Red Soldier Ants (Image Credit: eXputer)

The Red Soldier Ants (not to be confused with Worker Ants) are one of the best sources of Acid Glands. The reason why they’re the best sources to go for is that one of their Anthills is located right next to the first Field Station you come across in Grounded.

If you follow the direction to where the back of the Field Sation is, then you will eventually end up at an anthill of Red Ants. Despite being close to the early-game portion, these ants are not at all easy to deal with. Hence we advise you to follow our tips before you head out to claim some Acid Glands. 

Red Soldier Ants are larger than your basic Worker Ants. You will come across worker ants across the map. However, the soldier ants are only found around the ant hills in the game. They have much larger pincers and legs, and their health bar is comparatively bigger than that of a worker ant. 

Not only that, but the Red Worker Ants also have deadlier attacks. Therefore, it’s important that you have adequate armor before you head into battle. Since the Soldier Ants are found around ant hills, they have the tendency to attack in packs which can cause even more trouble for you. 

Prior to facing these hostile ants, it is better if you craft moderate armor for your character. Also, it is best to have a poking weapon with you since the Soldier Ants are weak against ‘Stabbing‘. Their resistance against chopping and slashing attacks is quite solid. Hence it’s better not to rely on such weapons. If you’re not very confident in your attacking skills, then we advise you to lure out a few ants away from the anthill by either going near them or throwing pebbles at them.

Once they get divided from the pack, you can then carefully attack them and bring down their health bar. While facing the Red Soldier, Ants try aiming for their eyes as it is their weak point. Once you manage to defeat a Red Soldier Ant, there is a chance that they might drop 0-2 Acid Glands.


Larva Grounded
Larva (Image Credit: eXputer)

The next best option to go for while obtaining Acid Glands is Larvae. The game features multiple types of Larvae, and luckily all of them have the potential to drop Acid Glands for you. Their types include; Larva, Infected Larva, and Ladybird Larva. 

Similar to Red Soldier Ants, the Larvae will attack you on sight. They are extremely hostile and can kill an unguarded player within seconds, which is why it is crucial to have good armor while you plan to face them in the yard. Larvae never roam alone; whenever you spot one, be wary that a few others will be around the same area too. 

There are plenty of places where you can find Larvae in Grounded. Despite having all their spawn points in the middle of the map, you will still require a planned journey from the Field Station. As we mentioned earlier, Larvae are usually found in groups. These groups can even be larger than ten at times. 

They are more commonly found during nighttime. However, since there are other hostile creatures active during the moon hours, we recommend you hunt Larvae during the day. To find them during the day, head towards the Mysterious Machine while walking along the path from Field Station. 

From here, follow the Signal generator located towards the North-East of the Mysterious Machine. Once you reach the Tripod stand, which is holding the Signal Generator, turn North (where the big tree is) and start walking until you notice a spiky leaf creating an archway. 

Go through his archway, and you will reach a common Larvae spawn point. If you don’t see any, reload the game, as that might help them respawn in your game. Even if you do have a good weapon and armor in hand, it is still best to isolate the Larvae and face them one by one. You can grab their attention and then run towards a dry leaf and climb it to get the higher ground. 

The Larvae won’t be able to follow you, and you can find the right angle to shower decisive blows at them. Although the Larvae are smart enough to bring down the leaf, hence, pay close attention to the state of your high point. Once you manage to defeat them, a single Larva will drop either none or one Acid Gland

The best weapon to use against Larva is the Axe since they are weak against chopping attacks. Larvae aren’t that fast, either, which is another plus point. However, if you get caught in their horde, you’ll be done within seconds!

The Infected and Ladybird Larvae are even harder to deal with. Therefore, it is best to leave them until the later parts of the game.


Finally, we have the Termites, which can drop 1-4 Acid Glands after getting beaten by the player. However, they are the hardest sources of Acid Glands in the game which is why we prefer to go for Red Soldier Ants or Larvae. 

Termites are Tier-3 creatures in Grounded, which indicate that these insects are hard to deal with. In order to face them, it’s crucial to have a decent Tier-3 Weapon. You will also need tough armor that can intake their ranged and melee attacks. Termites can spit at players from a distance which can cause a burning effect on the player. Other than that, they can also bite players once they get close enough.

Both of these attacks are quite deadly and can put you down in an instant. Termites are weak to Stabbing attacks and Salty effects. They can be found in places like the Termite Den, Undershed, and Woodpile. 

What Can You Craft With Acid Glands?

acid glands recipes
Acid Glands in Field Station (Image Credit: eXputer)

There are plenty of useful things you can make by using the Acid Gland in your yard. It may get a bit confusing to get a hold of these crafting recipes in the game. This section will list down all the items you can craft with Acid Glands. We have also included their recipe breakdown for you so that you can simply gather the ingredients and get to crafting in Grounded! 

Here are the Four Best Recipes that use the Acid Glands:

  • Bug Rubber (1x Acid Gland, 1x Sap)
  • Larva Blade (3x Grub Hide, 2x Larva Spike, 1x Acid Gland)
  • Red Ant Armguards (5x Red Ant Part, 2x Acid Gland, 2x Mite Fuzz)
  • Cookery (1x Acid Gland, 1x Boiling Gland, 2x Clay, 9x Weed Stem)

Bug Rubber is the easiest recipe you can try once you get the Acid Glands. The Bug Rubber Material can further be used to craft a Bounce Web. The Bounce Web is a great item to have if you want access to a high jump in order to reach elevated places. They can also be added to your base as a trampoline.

The Larva Blade is a great one-handed blade weapon the player can craft using the Acid Glands. The Melee weapon is not only great at inflicting contact damage, but it also has the ability to put a poison effect on the enemy. Having the poison effect in your arsenal will make it a lot easier for you to deal with hordes of enemies in Grounded.

Without the Acid Glands, you will not be able to complete your Red Ant Armor set. By using the Acid Glands, you can craft the Red Ant Armguards for your character. Completing the set will grant you increased protection, and the Red Soldier Ants will become passive toward you.

Lastly, you can also craft the Cookery Utility item using Acid Glands. Survival is of the utmost importance in Grounded. Therefore, you need a good source of food at all times. The Cookery does exactly that for you! It will allow you to cook meals that can then offer buffs to your character in Grounded. 

About Grounded

Grounded offers a unique experience in a quite popular genre. That fact itself makes the game worth playing. As we mentioned earlier, in the game, you take control of a character who has been shrunk down to the size of a red ant. Your task is to survive the hostility in the backyard as you try to reveal the answers behind your weird shrinking incident.

You can either choose Pete, Hoops, Max, or Willow as your starting character in Grounded. If you want, you can also explore the yard with your friends by connecting with them through Xbox Live. The game features a lot of elements, such as hunger, thirst, health, and stamina. It will be essential to keep an eye on all of these while you play Grounded.

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On top of that, there are tons of different items you can craft while progressing the storyline. Among these items, having the Best Armor and Best Weapons in Grounded is crucial since you will face a lot of tough enemies in the game. Hence, it is important to get your hands on Acid Glands as soon as you can, which can lead you to a decent weapon and an armor piece!

Wrap Up

Just like that, we reach the end of our guide. After steaming through this article, you will be well aware of How To Get Acid Glands in Grounded. Not only that, but you now also know all the different recipes you can use after getting Acid Glands.

Grounded is not only a survival game, but it also features a rich storyline in which the player uncovers the truth behind their shrinkage. Exploring the yard in Grounded is a mesmerizing and truly unique experience which is something we haven’t experienced in any other survival game. 

The vast world has a lot of creatures, items, and loot in it. Most of these items can be used to craft numerous things like weapons, armor, buildings, objects, etc. These things help the player in advancing the game and face tougher enemies.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our thorough Grounded guide. To learn plenty of more exciting stuff about Grounded, make sure to stick by eXputer!

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