Grounded: All Mutations [Ultimate Guide]

How Mutations in Grounded work, what they do, how to unlock and upgrade them

Whether you are just starting out or in the late game, you need to know what mutations are to get the most benefits from them. So here’s everything you need to know about Mutations in Grounded. If you want to know the best ones, check out our Tier List on Mutations.

Key Takeaways
  • Grounded has around 35 mutations acting like perks with special effects.
  • Unlock and upgrade mutations through repeated tasks, exploration, or purchase with Raw Science.

Some of the best ones are:

  1. Fists are your primary weapon in the game.
  2. Assassin Mutation enhances knife skills for inflicting pain.
  3. Sharpshooter aids in taking down distant enemies.
  4. Barbarian Mutation is for close-range combat enthusiasts.
  5. Blademaster Mutation improves stamina.
  6. Reliable Friend Mutation speeds up reviving teammates.
  7. Spicy Safety Mutation reduces damage from punches.
  8. Trapper increases critical attack damage.
  9. Lifesteal refills health during battles.
  10. Shocking Dismissal enables AOE attacks.
  11. Meat Shield Mutation increases max health, turning your teen into a human shield.

Before moving on, check out the complete list of Mutations in Grounded:

Mutation NameTypeEffects (First Phase, Second Phase, Third Phase)Requirements (First Phase, Second Phase, Third Phase)
Lil Fists Unlockable MutationUnarmed attack damage plus 25/50/75 percentEliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with fists
Chopper Unlockable MutationLowers target's busting, chopping, and stabbing resistances by
10/15/20 percent
Eliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with an axe
SmasherUnlockable MutationAttack speed decreases by 10/20/30 percent for 30 secs for the
targeted enemy
Eliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with a hammer
JavelineerUnlockable Mutation- Spear attacks deals 50/75/100 percent dmg back to the attacker
- Spear throwing dmg increased by 10/20/30 percent
Eliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with a spear
AssassinUnlockable Mutation- Dagger attacks puts your target in the bleed status effect
- Dmg dealt is 30/50/75 for 5 secs
Eliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with a dagger
SharpshooterUnlockable Mutation- Bow/Crossbow attacks results in the decrease in stamina by
50/75/100 percent
- Duration: 5 secs
Eliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with a Bow/Crossbow
BarbarianUnlockable Mutation- Enter rage mode when using club attacks
- Club dmg increases by 15/20/25 percent
Eliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with a club
BlademasterUnlockable Mutation- Attacks from a sword reduces the dmg dealt by the targeted enemyEliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with a sword
Whittle WizardUnlockable Mutation- Mint Staff Attacks: Reduction in movement speed by 10/20/30 percent
for 5 secs
- Sour Staff Attacks: 2/4/6 increase in stun on attacks
- Spicy Staff Attacks: Sets the target on fire and deals 20/50/75 dmg
after every 5 secs
Eliminate 40/100/200 Hostile Creatures with a candy stave
Parry MasterUnlockable MutationPerfect blocks builds back stamina by 5/10/15 valueBlock 20/60/100 times perfectly
Grass MasterUnlockable MutationFP/SP: Chopping efficiency plus 25/50 percent
TP:- Chopping efficiency plus 100 percent
- Replenishes lost stamina
Cut 50/200/500 blades of grass
Rock CrackerUnlockable MutationMining efficiency plus 25/50/100 percentMine 25/75/100 rocks
Ant-nihilatorUnlockable MutationFP/SP: Damage plus 25/50 percent against ants
TP: - Damage Plus 75 percent against ants
- 10 percent increase in damage resistance
Eliminate 50/100/150 Ants
Coup de GrassUnlockable MutationCritical hit damage plus 25/50/75 percentFP: Reach the 4 Leaf Clover Landmark
SP: Roll a 20 on the 20 sided dice in the conclusion of Minotaur Maze
JuicyUnlockable MutationFP: 50 percent thirstFP: Get your hands on all 5 juice boxes
Natural ExplorerUnlockable MutationFP: Sprint Speed plus 3/6/10 percentFind 20/50/90 Landmarks
MerteenUnlockable Mutation- Oxygen time underwater plus 10 percent
- Swim speed plus 15 percent
- Uncover 3 Underwater Landmarks
Cardio FanUnlockable MutationStamina regen plus 25/50/75 percentExhaust your teen 100/250/500 times
Reliable FriendUnlockable MutationRevives friends 25/50/75 percent fasterRevive friends 5/15/30 times
Fresh DefenseUnlockable MutationBurn, Sizzle, and Poison Gas Resistance plus 25%/50%/75%Swallow 1/5/10 Mint Shard
Spicy SafetyUnlockable MutationSmashing and Stabbing attacks do 25/50 percent less dmgFP: Swallow 1 Spicy Shard
SP: Swallow 5 Spicy Shard
Mom GenesUnlockable Mutation- Poison attack dmg increase by 50 percent
- 10 spawn percentage rate of a spiderling
- Eliminate the Hedge Broodmother
MithridatismUnlockable Mutation25/50/75 percent poison damage resistanceEliminate 1/5/10 wolf spiders
Truffle TussleUnlockable Mutation10 chance percentage of a fungal explosion that deals 75 explosive dmg- Eliminate the Effect Ladybug located at Haze Labs
Guard DogUnlockable MutationFactional Raids, MIX Rs, Spicy Coaltana Event, and the Java Matic Event
receive 10/25/50 percent increased attack dmg
Finish 1/3/6 MIX.R
Trapper PEEP.RUnlockable MutationCritical hit damage plus 25/50/75 percentAcquire 1/3/5 Golden Cards
Mantsterious StrangerUnlockable Mutation2 percent chance of a mantis spawning and fighting alongside you- Defeat the Mant
Apex PredatorUnlockable Mutation- Increased poison dmg with the Club Of Mother Demon or Blaster Of The
Moldy Matriach
- Increased attack speed with Scythe Of Blossoms
- Increased chances of spawning a wasp with Bard's Bow
- Slay the Mantis
Corporate KickbackUnlockable Mutation- The attack following a block has a chance to lifesteal- Eliminate the Director Schmector
Shocking DismissalUnlockable Mutation- After a block, you have a chance to perform an AOE
electric shock attack
- Eliminate the Assistant Manager
Meat ShieldPurchasable Mutation - Adds 30 points to your Max Health- Requires 3000 Raw Science
Buff LungsPurchasable Mutation - 50 extra stamina points- Requires 3000 Raw Science
- Discover Red Anthill BURG.L Chip
DaredevilPurchasable Mutation - 50 percent less fall damage- Requires 3000 Raw Science
- Discover Hedge BURG.L Chip

Lil Fists 

Mutation Lil Fist In Grounded
Grounded Lil Fist Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
In Grounded you start out with nothing but your wisdom and your fists. You can use your fists to fight with the creatures in your backyard, but it’s not very effective. Lil Fist gives you a fighting chance against the enemy; with Lil Fists mutation activated, you have a chance to deal bonus damage to the bugs and insects you are up against. The effects of Lil Fists stack infinitely, so the longer the fight goes on, the more damage you do. 


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with fists
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with fists
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with fists


Mutation in Grounded Chopper
Grounded Chopper Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
When you’re not using your fist, you will like to use a tool or a weapon to give you the upper hand in your duels. One such weapon is the axe, and with the Mutation on, you have a chance at staggering your opponent. Stagger stops the enemy in its tracks and cancels any attack they are preparing to launch. This can be of use when the enemy charging its attack or trying to get away.


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with an axe
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with an axe
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with an axe


Mutation Smasher
Grounded Smasher Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Another tool you can utilize to bash in the skull of your enemies is the hammer. The hammer smashing on their heads sends the enemy into a state of concussion and dazes the enemy. While dazed, the attack speed of the enemy is reduced, so you can just keep smashing away. The ability to daze really comes in handy when facing enemies with a fast attack speed than you, so with Smasher, you can level the playing field. 


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with a hammer
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with a hammer
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with a hammer


Mutation Javelineer In Grounded
Grounded Javelineer Mutation

Grounded allows you to throw whatever weapon is currently in your hand, so you can attack enemies from afar but act carefully cause now your weapon is attached to the enemy. One of the best weapons to use for long-range attacks is the spear. With Javelineer Mutationyou can pierce through the enemy’s defense, making them weaker for your next attack, and in return, the spears do more damage. 


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with a spear
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with a spear
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with a spear


Mutation Assassin
Grounded Assassin Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
If daggers are your preferred weapon of choice, then you’re going to love the Assassin Mutation. With the Assassin Mutation, you become skilled in the knife arts and can inflict pain on your enemies. Assassin Mutation gives your knife attacks to bleed the enemy; the bleed effect is similar to the poison effect cause it damages the target over time. You can use the bleed effect to damage the enemy while you take cover, heal, and get back in the fight.


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with a dagger
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with a dagger
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with a dagger


Mutation In Grounded Sharpshooter
Grounded Mutation Sharpshooter – [Image credit: eXputer]
Not everyone prefers close combat. Maybe you are a player who likes to snipe enemies from afar. Sharpshooters can aim you in your quest to shoot down your foes and root them to the ground. Rooted targets can no longer move for a short duration, so you can easily get a few shots off without having to aim or run around. Root also helps stop enemies dead in their tracks, giving you an opportunity to gain some distance if you are in low health.


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with a Bow or Crossbow
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with a Bow or Crossbow
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with a Bow or Crossbow


Mutation Barbarian
Grounded Barbarian Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Maybe close-range combat is your thing, and you like to get in the enemy’s face and clumber them. Barbarian Mutation allows you to go full caveman on your enemies and enter a fit of rage. While you are enraged, you deal bonus damage, but you have a tougher time blocking attacks with the desynchronized block timing. Rage gives you a chance to take on bigger foes and demolish your targets faster.


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with a Club
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with a Club
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with a Club


Mutation Blademaster
Grounded Blademaster Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
While using a skillful weapon such as a sword, you lose quite a lot of stamina when doing combo attacks. But do not worry with the Blademaster Mutation each combo attack reduces the stamina cost of the following. Blademaster truly makes you an adequate Swordman and allows you to land combo after combo on your target. With the Mutation activated, you can take on much bigger foes.


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with a Sword
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with a Sword
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with a Sword

Whittle Wizard

Mutation Whittle Wizard
Grounded Whittle Wizard Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the unique weapons in the game is the Candy Stave and boy does it come with its special perks. With the Whittle Wizard Mutation, your culinary skills reach new limits and you unlock some spicy secrets. There are three types of attacks, Minty, Sour, and Spicy and each of these has a debuff that it can apply to the Enemy. 


  • First Phase: Eliminate 40 hostile creatures with a Candy Stave
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 100 Hostile creatures with a Candy Stave
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 200 hostile creatures with a Candy Stave

Parry Master

Mutation In Grounded Parry Master
Grounded Parry Master Mutation

Block is an important part of any duel, blocking the enemy’s attack at the perfect time allows you to stay on your feet without missing a beat. Parry Master Mutation makes your perfect block even stronger by replenishing your stamina. Parry Master allows you to have more stamina for combos and run around. So focus on blocking your enemy’s attack; if the timing is right, you’ll be the better fighter. 


  • First Phase: Block 20 times perfectly
  • Second Phase: Block 60 times perfectly
  • Third Phase: Block 100 times perfectly

Grass Master

Mutation Grass Master
Grounded Grass Master Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Grassmaster is still one of the most useful. Cutting grass is a repetitive part of the game and can get boring at times but with the Grass Master Mutation, you don’t need to fear it anymore. Grassmaster allows you to become a skilled gardener increasing your chopping efficiency with each phase and even restoring the stamina lost while performing the act. Making cutting grass a walk in the park.


  • First Phase: Cut 50 blades of grass
  • Second Phase: Cut 200 blades of grass
  • Third Phase: Cut 500 blades of grass

Rock Cracker

Mutation Rock Cracker
Grounded Rock Cracker Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Mining rocks is as essential as eating food to progress your objectives in the game. With the Rock Cracker Mutation activated you become an insatiable miner and become a living jackhammer. Rock Cracker gives you an efficiency boost while mining for stone. As you mine those rocks it gets easier and easier to upgrade to the next phase of the mutation.


  • First Phase: Mine 25 rocks
  • Second Phase:  Mine 75 rocks
  • Third Phase:  Mine 100 rocks


Mutation In Grounded Ant-Nihilator
Grounded Ant-Nihilator Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Ants are an annoying threat in the game which you will have to fight and eliminate for your survival. With the Ant-nihilator Mutations a path of destruction is left in your wake and all ants who are foolish enough to face you, feel your wraith. Ant-nihilator, at first, increases damage output against all ants including the Mant, but as you upgrade and reach the Third Phase you also take less damage from ant attacks. You become an ant-killing machine and all ants shall fear you.


  • First Phase: Eliminates 50 Ants (Black Ants, Fire Ants, or Red Ants)
  • Second Phase: Eliminates 1-0 Ants (Black Ants, Fire Ants, or Red Ants)  
  • Third Phase: Eliminates 150 Ants (Black Ants, Fire Ants, or Red Ants) 

Coup de Grass

Mutation Coup De Grass
Grounded Coup De Grass Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Coup de Grass Mutation increases your luck and gives you a chase to deal critical hits. Coup de Grass mutation is a little different from others, it has only two phases and these can be unlocked in any order since their requirements are not linear. With Coup de Grass you can deal extra damage to your foes and win more fights. 


  • First Phase: Reach the 4 Leaf Clover Landmark
  • Second Phase: At the conclusion of the Minotaur Maze, roll a 20 on the 20-sided dice


Mutation Juicy
Grounded Juicy Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Thirst is a mechanic in the game that requires you to quench your thirst and if you are unable to do so it results in taking damage over time. Juicy allows you to survive without water longer and reduces your thirst 50 percent slower. This can be useful when you are out exploring or on a mission and run out of drinkables. 


  • Find all 5 juice boxes

Natural Explorer

Mutation In Grounded Natural Explorer
Grounded Natural Explorer Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Exploring is a big part of Grounded, you can discover so much and have unique experiences you never imagined in your own backyard. When you stumble upon a new landmark it’s always a great opportunity to find new things. Running around can seem a bit slow at times, but as you find new places you are able to unlock the Natural Explorer Mutation.


  • First Phase: Find 20 Landmarks
  • Second Phase: Find 50 Landmarks
  • Third Phase: Find 90 Landmarks


Mutation Merteen Grounded
Grounded Merteen Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Swimming is a fun part of the game and you can discover a lot of new things when underwater, but it’s a little hard to breathe down there. But the Merteen Mutation is here to help, when activated you will have increased oxygen time underwater and also increased movement speed underwater. Merteen only has 1 phase and is relatively easy to unlock.


  • Uncover 3 Underwater Landmarks

Cardio Fan

Cardio Fan Grounded
Grounded Cardio Fan Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
While playing Grounded you will be running around a lot since that’s your primary mode of travel. Sprinting exhausts your stamina bar and you slow down for a few moments until is filled and you can start running again. Cardio Fan mutation helps you adapt better to exhaustion and you can regen your stamina faster. The Mutation has 3 phases allowing you to become a better runner as the game goes on.


  • First Phase: Exhaust your teen 100 times
  • Second Phase: Exhaust your teen 250 times
  • Third Phase: Exhaust your teen 500 times

Reliable Friend

Mutation Reliable Friend Grounded
Grounded Reliable Friend Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Grounded is a game you can play with your friends as well and a friend in need is a friend indeed. You can use Reliable Friend Mutation to revive your friends fast and get them back in the game. You will want to have a Reliable Friend ready in team fights and if your friend is in low health and might get downed.


  • First Phase: Revive friends 5 times
  • Second Phase: Revive friends 15 times
  • Third Phase: Revive friends 30 times

Fresh Defense

Mutation Fresh Defense
Grounded Fresh Defense Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Fights are a common occurrence in the game and you will want to have the best possible defense when fighting foes. Some enemies can burn you or release poison gas that damages you over time. Those effects are dulled by the Fresh Defense Mutation, increasing your resistance to burn and poison gas. You will want to activate the mutation when going up against foes who have poison and burn attacks.


  • First Phase: Swallow 1 Mint Shard
  • Second Phase: Swallow 5 Mint Shard
  • Third Phase: Swallow 10 Mint Shard

Spicy Safety

Spicy Safety
Grounded Spicy Safety Mutations – [Image credit: eXputer]
Similar to the Fresh Defense another great defense to have in your back pocket is the Spicy Safety Mutation. With this Mutation, your skin thickens and you are more durable. You take less damage when stabbed or smashed, which makes you more powerful against certain enemies with those attacks. Spicy Safety also gives you some resistance against explosions and protects you if you get caught in the flames. 


  • First Phase: Swallow 1 Spicy Shard.
  • Second Phase: Swallow 5 Spicy Shards.

Mom Genes

Mutation Mom Genes
Grounded Mom Genes Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the mechanics that keeps the game interesting is the summoning mechanic, Players have a chance to summon certain creatures with particular Mutations. With Mom Genes, your attacks have a chance to magically summon a spiderling that will fight by your side. Mom Genes can come in handy to distract enemies and get in some hits while the spiderling takes damage for you. Mom Genes Mutation has no upgrades.


  • Eliminate the Hedge Broodmother


Grounded Mithridatism Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Grounded has many creatures and some of these creatures like spiders can put a poison debuff on you. Mithridtism gives you bonus resistance to these poison debuffs so you take less damage. With the Mithridatism Mutation, you will have an easier time dealing with foes with poison attacks and the spiders will fear you. 


  • First Phase: Eliminate 1 Wolf Spider
  • Second Phase: Eliminate 5 Wolf Spiders
  • Third Phase: Eliminate 10 Wolf Spiders

Truffle Tussle:

Truffle Tussle
Grounded Truffle Tussle Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Another Mutation that twists your unarmed attacks is the Truffle Tussle. The Truffle Tussle can create an explosion that damages all foes caught in the blast zone. So if you are unarmed and fighting against a hoard of Lawn Mites this helps you out. Truffle Tussle does not have upgrades. 


  • Eliminate the Effect Ladybug located at Haze Labs

Guard Dog

Guard Dog
Grounded Guard Dog Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
Particular events in Grounded require you to fight hoards of insects and guard a point. It can be slightly hard and terrifying to go up against waves of enemies. But the Guard Dog Mutation comes in clutch and gives you bonus damage to mow down your enemies. Guard Dog Mutation only works during Factional Raids and MIX.Rs.


  • First Phase: Finish 1 MIX.R
  • Second Phase: Finish 3 MIX.Rs
  • Third Phase: Finish 6 MIX.Rs

Trapper PEEP.R

Mutation Trapper PEEP R
Grounded Trapper PEEP R Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
As you continue facing foes each tougher than the last, you need some extra damage. Trapper PEEP.R increase the damage of your critical attack, making them even deadlier. The Mutation has 3 phases and each phase increases the percentage at which your attacks deal damage. Activate Trapper PEEP.R in fights against Foes that have bigger health bars and see them crumble.


  • First Phase: Acquire 1 Golden Card
  • Second Phase: Acquire 3 Golden Cards
  • Third Phase: Acquire 5 Golden Cards

Mantsterious Stranger

Mantsterious Stranger
Grounded Mantsterious Stranger Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
One of the strongest summonses in the game is the Mant summon. Your attacks have a chance to summon a Mant that will fight for you for a brief duration before eventually dying. The Mant is one of the bosses in Grounded so it’s an incredible feeling to have a boss fight for you. Now you can take down enemies with a friend until he dies.

Apex Predator

Become the teen of your backyard, after defeating some of the bosses you can craft weapons with the blood and bones of your enemy. But this Mutation Unlocks the weapon’s full powers. Apex Predator increases the poison effect of Club of the Mother Demon and deals bonus damage to all who stand in your way. Not only that but it also gives you bonus attack speed when you are using  Scythe of Blossoms so you reap the souls of your enemies faster.

 Apex Predator
Grounded Apex Predator Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]


  • Slay the Mantis

Corporate Kickback

Corporate Kickback
Grounded Corporate Kickback Grounded – [Image credit: eXputer]
Corporate Kickback Mutation enchants your blocks to gain you the ability to restore some of your lost health on your next attack.  The Lifesteal ability lets replenish some of your health allowing you to stay in the battle longer. Those extra health points can come in clutch when both you and the enemy are on low health. The mutation has no upgrades so you can just unlock it once and slay those beasts.


  • Eliminate the Director Schmector

Shocking Dismissal

Mutation In Grounded Shocking Dismissal
Grounded Shocking Dismissal Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
The last upgrade you can give your blocks is with the Shocking Dismissal Mutation. When you have Shocking Dismissal activated it gives you the opportunity to convert the following melee attack into an AOE attack. The attack shocks and damage all enemies caught in its radius. Shocking Dismissal has no upgrades similar to Corporate Kickback and using these attacks together can be a dangerous combo.


Purchasable Mutation 

Unlike unlockable Mutations, purchasable ones can not be unlocked through normal gameplay and require you to save up for them and purchase them. These can not be upgraded and only have one phase. Purchasable mutations change the base stats of the player and provide you with things like extra max health.

Meat Shield

 Meat Shield
Grounded Meat Shield Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Meat Shield Mutation gives your teen an extra boost in max health and makes him a human shield. With the max health, you can challenge foes who were giving you a problem and tank hits like a boss. Meat Shield is really important in battle or exploring the backyard and could be the difference between life and death. Whether it is early game, mid-game, or late game, the Meat Shield buff is a must-have in combat.


  • Requires 3000 Raw Science 

Buff Lungs

Buff Lungs
Grounded Buff Lungs Mutation – [Image credit: eXputer]
As previously mentioned, stamina is an important part of the game, and you will need it to play the game as efficiently as possible. Buff lung mutation gives you increased stamina. It is really useful if you play solo and focus on melee-heavy gameplay. Buff Lung is more of a situational Mutation, not one you would want all the time but it has its perks and can be useful.


  • Requires 3000 Raw Science 
  • Discover Red Anthill BURG.L Chip


Mutation In Grounded Daredevil – [Image credit: eXputer]
The last purchasable Mutation is the Daredevil Mutation. Daredevil Mutation makes the character light as a feather, and in return, the player takes less damage. Not only that, but if a player falls from a height that would most certainly kill them, they are spared and left with one HP. The reason this is not very useful is that falling from heights is quite rare in the game, and you won’t be using it much. But it can still be useful in missions where you are climbing the picnic table or running around your base.


  • Requires 3000 Raw Science 
  • Discover Hedge BURG.L Chip

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