Grounded: How To Kill Spiders [Definitive Guide]

If you got mauled by a spider while exploring the oak tree area, don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us.

Grounded is a brand-new survival game, and spiders will be the first major adversaries most players will face during their adventure. Grounded is filled with many bugs that can eradicate you and your team in an instant if you get careless; thus, in this guide, we will inform you of how to kill spiders in Grounded.

Key Takeaways
  • Spiders are one of the most dangerous enemies in Grounded, so it’s important to know how to kill them effectively.
  • The best way to kill a spider is to use a bow and arrow from a distance.
  • If you don’t have a bow, you can also use a club or spear to attack the spider’s head.
  • You can also parry the spider’s attacks to stun it, giving you a chance to land a few free hits.
  • Orb spiders are weak to stab attacks, so they use weapons like the Spikey Sprig or Pebblet Spear to defeat them.
  • If you’re playing with friends, you can have one person bait the spider while the others attack it from a distance.

Spiders Types And Overview

how to kill spiders in Grounded
Spiders In Grounded (Image Credit: eXputer)

Spiders in Grounded pose a real challenge, being fast and deadly. Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve died to them in the oak tree area; it happens.

There are three types of spiders in the game: the Recluse (small and easy to kill), the Orb Weaver, and the Wolf Spider, which are the main adversaries.

Before facing a spider, here are essential preparations to avoid a risky encounter. Skipping these steps is like heading into a suicide mission.

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Preparations Required Before Taking On A Spider

While you can take on a spider any time you want if you have perfected your parry timings, it is still recommended to prepare first, so there is room for error. We would recommend crafting a few bandages first, as they can replenish some of your health. Then you need to start crafting armor

  1. Craft Bandages: Craft bandages to replenish health, providing room for errors during the encounter.
  2. Craft Acorn Armor: Acorn armor offers extra defense and health. Acorns and sap are readily available near oak trees. Break acorns with a Pebblet Hammer into Acorn Shells, Acorn Top, and Acorn Pieces, and gather them. Other materials like clover leaves, Plant Fibers for Woven Fibers, and Mite Fuzz (obtained from mites) are also easy to find.
    how to kill spiders in grounded
    Acorn Armor (Image Credit: eXputer)
  3. Select a Weapon: Choose between crafting a bow or a club. Both methods are effective against spiders. The Red Ant Club is recommended for its early-game availability and effectiveness against various creatures.
    how to kill spiders in grounded
    Red Ant Club (Image Credit: eXputer)

How To Kill Spiders In Grounded

different type of spiders
The Orb Weaver and the Wolf Spider (Image Credit: eXputer)

Once you are done with the preparations, then it is time to actually venture into the oak tree area and fight the spiders who have been giving you a ton of trouble. As we said before, we will be covering two different methods.

Method 1 (Parrying Method)

For Orb Weavers:

  1. Approach the Orb Weaver cautiously.
  2. When it lunges at you, use the block/parry mechanic to time your defense correctly.
  3. A successful parry will create an opening for you to land one hit from your club safely.
  4. Be prepared to dodge or block its web attacks from a distance.

For Wolf Spiders:

  1. Wolf Spiders are more dangerous than Orb Weavers due to their powerful attacks and poison.
  2. Practice your parry timings on Orb Weavers first to get used to the mechanic.
  3. Wolf Spiders have two main attacks: a lunging attack and a pouncing attack.
  4. Watch the spider’s animations to predict its attacks. If it leans back, it’s about to lunge; if it lifts its front legs, it’s preparing to pounce.
  5. Perform a perfect parry to negate the attack and avoid poison.
  6. Only attack with your club once after a successful parry; don’t get greedy.

Method 2 (Ranged Method)

For Both Orb Weavers and Wolf Spiders:

  1. Obtain a bow and a sufficient number of arrows.
  2. Use the bow to get the spider’s attention from a distance.
  3. Lead the spider towards terrain obstacles like rocks or other large objects.
  4. Circle around the obstacle while keeping your distance from the spider.
  5. Continuously fire arrows at the spider while circling it.
  6. The spider will eventually be defeated without getting close to you.

Group Play (Alternative):

  1. If you’re playing with friends, designate one player as the bait to lure the spider.
  2. The remaining players can shoot the spider with arrows from a safe distance while it’s focused on the bait.

That concludes our guide on how to kill spiders in Grounded. We hope our guide helped you; the game is available now on Xbox One, Series S/X, and PC. It is also available on Gamepass.

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