Grounded: How To Kill Spiders [Definitive Guide]

If you got mauled by a spider while exploring the oak tree area, don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us.

Story Highlights
  • There are three types of spiders in Grounded - the Recluse, the Orb Weaver, and the Wolf Spider.
  • The Recluse Spider is very easy to kill while the Orb Weaver and the Wolf Spider can end the players in seconds if they get careless.
  • Crafting armor is recommended so there is more room for error and crafting a better weapon for the extra damage can certainly put the player at an advantage.
  • The Orb Weaver only has one move while the Wolf Spider has two. Players will need to get familiar with their move animations and time their parries if they wish to survive.

Grounded is a brand-new survival game, and spiders will be the first major adversaries most players will face during their adventure. Grounded is filled with many bugs that can eradicate you and your team in an instant if you get careless; thus, in this guide, we will inform you of how to kill spiders in Grounded.

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Spiders In Grounded

how to kill spiders in Grounded
Spiders In Grounded (Image Credit: eXputer)

As we said in the beginning, spiders are one of many bugs in the game, and they will be the first real challenge faced by the player as they are both quick and deadly. If you died to them while exploring the oak tree section, don’t be ashamed, it happens to the best of us.

You may or may not know that there are three different types of spiders in Grounded – the Recluse, the Orb Weaver, and the Wolf Spider. The Recluse is a small spider and very easy to kill so that we won’t be covering it here. The Orb Weaver and the Wolf Spiders are the adversaries most players suffer with.

So let’s start our guide by first listing all the preparations that are required before facing a spider. If you skip this part, you are basically going on a suicide mission.

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Preparations Required Before Taking On A Spider

While you can take on a spider any time you want if you have perfected your parry timings, it is still recommended to prepare first, so there is room for error. We would recommend crafting a few bandages first, as they can replenish some of your health. Then you need to start crafting armor


how to kill spiders in grounded
Acorn Armor (Image Credit: eXputer)

We would prefer crafting the acorn armor as the material required to craft it are exceptionally easy to obtain.

In addition to the extra defense, the acorn armor also gives you extra health. Of course, you’ll need acorns to craft the armor, but that isn’t anything to worry about because you will find an abundance of acorns around the oak tree. 

After hitting the acorn with your Pebblet Hammer, the acorn will break into Acorn Shells, Acorn Top, and Acorn Pieces. Make sure to pick up all of them. Aside from acorns, you will also need some sap, which, again, can be found in abundance around the oak tree.

The rest of the materials required to craft the armor are pretty easy to obtain; players can spot clover leaves very easily while exploring. The Woven Fibers can be crafted with Plant Fibers that are found all over the ground. The Mite Fuzz can be obtained after killing the mites. You may remember killing the mites that were chewing the wires of the mystery machine you were trying to fix before exploring the oak tree area. Time to put that Mite Fuzz to use.


how to kill spiders in grounded
Red Ant Club (Image Credit: eXputer)

Once you are done crafting the armor, then it is time to move on to the weapon. Players can either craft a bow or a club. In this guide, we will be listing two different methods of how to take on a spider. One of them requires a club, while the other requires a bow. While having both is preferred, it is not required so that the players can craft the weapon of their choice.

If you decide to craft a club, then we would recommend the Red Ant Club, as it can be acquired in the early game and is overpowered against lots of creatures. While we are on the topic, consider reading our guide on the BEST Weapons in Grounded.

How To Kill Spiders In Grounded

different type of spiders
The Orb Weaver and the Wolf Spider (Image Credit: eXputer)

Once you are done with the preparations, then it is time to actually venture into the oak tree area and fight the spiders who have been giving you a ton of trouble. As we said before, we will be covering two different methods.

Method 1

Let’s cover how to deal with the Orb Weaver first, as they are much more manageable compared to the Wolf Spiders. It is highly recommended to get used to parrying in Grounded as it is one of your best moves in combat.

As you approach the Orb Weaver, if it spots you from a distance, then the first thing it will do is either rush toward you or shoot a web at you. The spider webs are relatively easy to dodge, but don’t get careless.

Once you’ve gotten close to the Orb Weaver, it only has one move. It will lean back and lunge toward you. The proper way to beat a spider is to parry its move, so you would have to get your timing right. Block when the spider lunges at you, and it will trigger a parry, then you will have the opportunity to land one hit from your club safely.

If you block too early and it doesn’t trigger a parry, even then, it is still perfectly fine because, thanks to your armor, you will only lose about one-tenth of your health. If parrying is not your style, then you can also try strafing left and right, but it is not as safe. 

Wolf Spiders are a lot more dangerous compared to Orb Weavers as they pack a serious punch, and they can even poison you, which will drain your health over time. This fight requires you to be near-flawless thus, we would recommend practicing your parry timings on Orb Weavers first.

The Wolf Spider pounce attack is strong enough to kill you in one hit, and if you are lucky enough to survive, then you’ll have to deal with the poison. It will take about 25% of your health even if you block an attack. Unlike the Orb Weaver, the Wolf Spider has two moves.

Players will be able to tell when the Wolf Spider is about to lunge at them after observing its animations. If he leans back, then he is about to lunge at you, be sure to land a perfect parry if you want to survive. The parry will also negate the infliction of poison.

Aside from the lunge attack, if the Wolf Spider lifts its front legs in the air, then get ready for its pounce attack. The pounce attack is less punishing compared to the lunge, but it can still do heavy damage, so be sure to parry it in time.

The general strategy remains the same, attack with your club only once after landing a parry, and don’t get greedy. If you survive the fight, then congratulations because you defeated a spider the way the developers intended.

Method 2

If you don’t wish to spend the extra time practicing your parries, then there is an easier method to deal with both the Orb Weaver and the Wolf Spider, but it almost feels like cheating. This method requires you to have a bow and a ton of arrows.

First, use the bow to get the spider’s attention from a distance, and once it starts chasing you, then you’ll need to use the terrain to your advantage and start circling around a rock or any other big object so the spider can’t land a strike on you. Keep firing your arrows, and the spider will go down eventually.

If you are playing the game with a group of friends, then one of you can be the bait that the spider will follow, and the rest of the team will shoot the spider with arrows from afar.

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That concludes our guide on how to kill spiders in Grounded. We hope our guide helped you; the game is available now on Xbox One, Series S/X, and PC. It is also available on Gamepass.

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