Grounded: How To Get The Pinch Whacker

Read our article to find out everything there is to know about the Pinch Whacker, a secret weapon in Grounded.

The Pinch Whacker is a unique tool and cannot be crafted in the game. You can only get it once during your playthrough. Therefore, it’s worth giving the robotic electrical weapon a shot! Without further ado, let us get into the details of the Pinch Whacker along with its location. In order to survive the intensity of the yard, it is important to have the Best Weapons. Hence we have curated a guide about How To Get The Pinch Whacker in Grounded.

To acquire the hidden weapon in Grounded you will need to make a slight detour from the main storyline. However, going out of the way to get the Pinch Whacker will do you more good than harm. The weapon does quick melee damage and will also make you feel like a tiny Thor because of its chance of making huge electrical explosions.

Key Takeaways
  • The Pinch Whacker is a unique weapon in Grounded, it has a good DPS and it also has the ability to inflict damage on all enemies within a radius with random electrical explosions.
  • To acquire Pinch Whacker players need to reach the Berry Outpost, there are two methods to reach the Berry Outpost.
  • The first method is by dropping from the wall and using a Dandelion Tuft to float down and slide into the narrow opening.
  • The second method to obtain the Pich Whacker is by building a set of stairs that lead to the base which is easier after that blow up the door and enter the hidden lair. Inside the lair, there is a spiral alleyway that leads to a room with a chest and a bucket that holds the Pinch Whacker.
  • The best strategy for using the weapon is to land 3-4 blows, block the enemy’s attack, and repeat the process while aiming for the weak points of the creatures.
  • Pinch Whacker can be upgraded at a Smithing Station, which makes it extremely powerful. 

About Pinch Whacker

Obsidian Entertainment has added a lot of unique weapons in Grounded. As we mentioned before, some of these weapons can be crafted, whereas others can be acquired from a specific place only once during your playthrough. As it happens, Pinch Whacker belongs to the latter category.

There are plenty of weapons that you can completely ignore during your walkthrough. However, when it comes to the Pinch Whacker we highly advise you to follow our steps in order to get the robotic arm melee weapon. The Pinch Whacker has a good DPS and on top of that, it also lets out random electrical explosions too.

These explosions have the ability to inflict damage on all the enemies within your radius. Hence, the ‘Short Circuit‘ perk makes it a great weapon to use against hordes of creatures in Grounded. Not only that but once you upgrade it using the Smithing Station, the Pinch Whacker becomes unstoppable after reaching the max level.

Although it is to be noted that if you upgrade the Pinch Whacker you won’t get the choice to put an enchantment on it. Since it already has the ability to cause electrical explosions. The Tier-3 melee weapon has Base damage of 2.5, Stun of 1, and 3.5 Speed.

Here is how Grounded describes the weapon, “A pinchy grabby arm from a fallen robot re-purposed as a lethal weapon. Can no longer pinch, only whack.” With that covered, let us now reveal its location and the steps to get the Pinch Whacker in Grounded.

How To Get The Pinch Whacker In Grounded

grounded inventory
Pinch Whacker in the Inventory (Image Credit: eXputer)

Now that you’re well aware of how OP the Pinch Whacker is, it’s time to put your tiny shoes on and prepare for a long journey. To get the Pinch Whacker, you will need to progress the game first. To the point where you equip a decent armor set paired with a strong weapon. The journey towards the Pinch Whacker is treacherous and holds many creatures, including; Mosquitos, Bombardier Beetle, and Orb Weavers.


These creatures can make light work of you, and before you even know it, you’d be back at your spawn point. Hence, when you plan to acquire the Pinch Whacker, make sure you’re strong enough to deal with them separately as well as in a group. Having Tier 1 armor sets won’t be enough, as these creatures can put you down in an instant. 

So before we begin the process, it is extremely important that you’re well prepared before you make your way toward the Berry Outpost.


berry outpost location
Berry Outpost in Grounded (Image Credit: eXputer)

To find the exact location for the Pinch Whacker, you will need to reach the Berry Outpost, which is situated to the East of the Field Station at a distance of about 650cm. You can find the outpost hidden inside a stone brick wall in the Eastern Flooded Zone next to the Squirts Carton, which shows the pictures of the missing kids.

If you climb on top of the Squirts Carton, you can see the hidden passage in the wall that leads to the Berry Outpost (as shown in the image above). Once you have spotted the Berry Outpost, you can then try two different methods to get inside it. These methods are a bit tedious to perform; however, depending on your playstyle, you can choose the option that suits you more.

Entering The Berry Outpost

So as we said, you can use two methods to reach the Berry Outpost. Since there is no straight passage to enter the secret base within the wall you can either drop from the wall and use a Dandelion Tuft to float down and slide into the narrow opening. This method is tougher to execute since you will need to angle your fall perfectly as you glide down.

On top of that, you will also need to do some hefty parkour to climb the wall before you eventually fall down. Thus, we reach our second method, which is far easier but requires more preparation work. The second method you can try is by building a set of stairs in Grounded that lead you straight toward the base. 

Having a staircase will make it extremely easy for you to climb up and enter the Berry Outpost in Grounded. However, collecting the resources to craft the stairs can take a lot of your time. To build a single staircase, you will find four grass planks and one weed stem. You will need about 4-6 staircases to make a full path that reaches the Berry Outpost. 

Once you reach the gap within the wall, you will notice a closed door that holds the outpost. To open it up, you will need an explosive bomb. You can either use a Splatburst (5x Web Fiber, 1x Bratburst, 5x Sap) or Bratburst (2x Fungal Growth, 1 Red Ant Egg, 4x Dry Grass Chunk) to blow open the door.

Obtaining The Pinch Whacker

grounded electric weapon
Pinch Whacker in the Bin (Image Credit: eXputer)

After you blow up the door of the Berry Outpost, you can then enter the hidden lair. The passage will be dark, which is why we advise you to equip a torch. After stepping down the spiral alleyway, you will reach a room that has a chest and a bucket that holds the Pinch Whacker. Simply reach out to the bucket, and you will get a prompt to get the Pinch Whacker.

Once you acquire the weapon, you can simply make your way back and exit the outpost. You will now have the weapon in your inventory which you can use at your will. If you want, you can even try the base weapon on the enemies you find next to the Squirts Carton once you exit the Berry Outpost. 

Best Pinch Whacker Strategy

pinch whacker electric explosion
Pinch Whacker Ability (Image Credit: eXputer)

Pinch Whacker is a very easy weapon to use in the game, which is why it is a must-have for every player. You can use it to attack creatures in quick succession. On top of that, if you simultaneously land 3-4 blows on your enemy, there is a high chance of an electrical explosion going off, which can inflict added damage to the targetted enemy as well as the ones that are near you. 

Hence the best strategy for the Pinch Whacker is to land 3-4 blows and then try blocking the enemy’s attack. After that, repeat the process. It is advised to try aiming for the weak points of the creatures to put them down quickly.

If you have access to a Smithing Station you can upgrade your Pinch Whacker. Once you max out, the weapon, which is made out of a robotic arm, becomes extremely overpowered, which is exactly why the Devs had to nerf it. Despite getting nerfed, it still has the amazing ability to put down multiple creepy crawlies within seconds in Grounded.

With a maxed-out Pinch Whacker, you can kill an Orb Weaver in 6-8 attacks, which is extremely impressive. A fully upgraded Pinch Whacker is strong enough to assist you until the end of your playthrough! All of these points, along with its epic Thor-like ability, led us to lay down this detailed guide for you! 

Final Words

With that we reach the end of our detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about the Pinch Whacker in Grounded. After reading our article you can begin to follow our steps to become a miniature Thor in your playthrough. Once you get your hands on the Pinch Whacker you can wreak havoc across the yard. We recommend you upgrade the weapon as fast as you can to utilize its full potential. 

After releasing their Early Access version back in 2020, Obsidian Entertainment has finally released the full edition of ‘Grounded’. The game belongs to the survival genre and also has a rich storyline for the players to follow. Your character will be put to the test after being shrunk down to the size of an ant.

In Grounded, it is essential to have the best equipment at hand. Some items can be crafted by obtaining and combining multiple resources, whereas, others can be picked up from random places while you explore the yard. Either way, you should focus on having the Best Armor and weapons along with a steady base for your character in Grounded.

We hope you found our guide useful and that it helps you in becoming a better survive in Grounded. To read and learn more survival tips regarding Grounded make sure to stay tuned at eXputer!

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