Grounded Oven: How To Unlock & Best Recipes

Craft an Oven to convert your resources into something useful

The Oven is one of the most essential buildings in Grounded. It would allow you to convert your resources into more useful items. You can obtain some of the essential building materials, including Ash Cement and Mushroom bricks. The Oven is also required if you want to beat Broodmother to obtain the club of Mother Demon. So, in this guide, we will cover all the necessary steps to craft an oven in Grounded.

Key Takeaways
  • To craft an oven, you will need the following resources:
    1. 8 Clay
    2. 2 Everlasting Charcoal Chunks
    3. 4 Boiling Glands
  • Unlock the oven recipe by finding the BURG.L Chip in the Haze Lab and purchasing it from BURG.L in the Oak Lab with science.

How To Craft An Oven

Grounded How to craft an oven
Grounded oven recipe (Image Credits: Exputer)

The Oven can be crafted after you obtain the recipe and the required resources to craft it. Once you get all the necessary resources, you can place the blueprint of the oven on the surface. You can unlock the recipe after finding the BURG.L Chip in the Haze lab. Once you have got the chip, you can buy the recipe from BURG.L with your collected science. You can find BURG.L in the Oak Lab.

Resources Required

The Following Resources are required that must be collected to craft an oven in Grounded. We will also discuss the step-by-step method to obtain these ingredients. If you are wandering the map searching for various ingredients, the ziplines can help you fast travel across the map.

  • 10 Clay
  • 4 Ever Char Coal Chunk
  • 4 Boiling Gland

Obtain Clay

Grounded oven recources
Grounded Clay Location (Image Credits: Exputer)

Clay can be found in Grounded in various locations throughout grounded. You are supposed to look for Clay near large water areas across the map. The water area shown on the map is one of the best places to find Clay in Grounded. You can locate this area around the southeast corner of the map.

Grounded craft an oven
Grounded Clay (Image Credits: Exputer)

You can find lumps of clay typically around the edges of the water. To collect Clay, you would need something to dig these lumps. Once you have broken down the clay lumps, you can collect the Clay pieces once they scatter. A lot of Clay can be farmed easily from a single lump. 

Obtain Ever Char Coal Chunk

Grounded ever char coal chunk location
Ever Char Coal Chunk Location (Image Credits: Exputer)
  • Ever Char Coal Chunks in Grounded are found near the fallen grill in the northern part of the map.
  • Approach the grill cautiously, avoiding sizzling rocks that can inflict damage.
  • Break down coal rocks near the area using a tier 2 hammer or an insect hammer to obtain Ever Char Coal Chunks
Grounded Ever Char Coal Chunk
Grounded Ever Char Coal Chunk

You can craft the Insect Hammer with the following resources

  • 4 Stinkbug Part
  • 4 Berry Leather
  • 1 Boiling Gland

Obtaining Boiling Gland

The Boiling Gland can be obtained from Bombardier beetles. The boiling gland is one of the items that drop after you kill a Bombardier beetle. Bombardier beetles can be found in various locations scattered across the map. Make sure you are well prepared beforehand to take down these beetles.

We recommend that you take a look at some of the best weapons and best armor in Grounded to make sure you are prepared. You might also want to repair a few of your tools. Once you have obtained the required number of boiling glands, you will be all set to craft the oven in Grounded after gathering all resources. 

Best Oven Recipes

The Oven is recommended to obtain because you can craft several useful resources. You can utilize these resources to build new structures and buildings. Some of the other resources obtained through an oven might be helpful in various tasks.

Mushroom Brick

  • Craft late-game structures like Mushroom Walls and doors.
  • Obtain by smelting Mushroom Slurry in the oven.
  • Used for crafting Pet houses and considered one of the best oven recipes.

Ash Cement

  • Sturdier building material than Mushroom Bricks.
  • Crafted with Charcoal Ash, Clay, and Rust in the oven.
  • Recommended for stronger walls and doors.

Broodmother Blt

  • Essential item for summoning the Broodmother boss.
  • Broodmother drops rare materials, making it worth challenging multiple times.
  • Crafted using the oven

Mighty Jewel

  • Enhances weapon quality significantly.
  • Crafted with Supreme Whetstone and Twinkling Shell in the oven.
  • Useful for upgrading equipment and considered one of the best oven recipes in Grounded


That’s all for our How to Craft Oven in Grounded guide. The oven is a great building that you must build to craft many of the useful resources to aid in your journey. The world of Grounded is challenging, and players must get their hands on every resource they can get for the efficient survival of the characters in the game.

Getting an Oven is a simple process that requires gathering a few ingredients found in the world of Grounded. You can locate various ingredients across the map easily with the help of this guide. Try out various useful recipes in the oven for a fun gameplay experience. It might be fun to play the game in a shared world after joining a friend’s game.

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