Grounded: Haze Lab Complete Guide

Making our Way Through The Hazardous Laboratory

There are 5 labs in total in Grounded, each of which have a unique and intricate design with various locks and hidden areas that usually hold that rare loot captive. Among the 5 laboratories in the game, one of them is the Haze Lab in the Haze area, a challenging lab to initially get to which might take a few in-game hours or days to tour and loot completely. So let’s jump right in and see how we can access and properly explore the Haze lab!

Key Takeaways
  • To reach the Haze Lab, the player must be well-prepared with the following gear:
    • Gill Tube or Bubble Mask for underwater breathing.
    • Fully repaired Weevil Mask for hazardous air.
    • Minimum Tier 2 Axe.
    • Minimum Tier 2 Knife.
  • The easiest and safest way to reach the Haze Lab is through the Exposed Pipe route in the Southwest of the map near Haze.
  • The player should stay close to the oversized sandbox and look for a white, broken pipe floating on a pond.
  • Before proceeding, it is recommended to have the Merteen Mutation equipped to aid in underwater sections.
  • The lab hallway is divided into two branches, one on the left and one on the right.
  • On the left side of the lab, you can find the main entrance, some Granola Bars, and a chest with a letter called “Goodbye Wendell“.
  • On the right side of the lab, you can find experimental mushrooms, a cassette tape, a valuable chest, more food, and a yellow switch.
  • To get the Haze Lab BURG.L Chip, swim to the Exposed Pipe and take the first left, then enter the doorway you see.
  • The laboratory’s control panel contains the Blazed Earth Protocol, some grenades, and the Haze Lab BURG.L chip.

Grounded Haze Lab Requirements: What We Need For Our Journey

Our first step is to see if we’re well-prepped before we make our journey to Haze Lab. Since the lab will be brimming with annoying insects and sections, we’ll need the right leveled gear to blitz through them easily.

Here’s a list of all the things we need for our expedition:

1. Gill Tube or Bubble Mask

These will increase our underwater breathing duration, which is gonna be helpful since the laboratory’s entrance route is submerged in water.

Requirements for a Gill Mask (Image Credits: eXputer)

How To Make A Gill Tube?

You will need to have a Brainpower of 4 and the following raw materials to craft the tube:

Item NameQuantity
LillyPad Wax2
Silk Rope2
Eelgrass Strand4

After getting a hold of these items, you can make the Gill Tube at the Workbench.

2. Fully Repaired Weevil Mask

We’ll need a weevil gas mask to tackle the hazardous air near the Haze Lab. It’s essential to ensure that the mask is fully repaired, so it doesn’t break during exploration. 

A Weevil Mask: An item you’ll need to traverse Haze (Image Credit: eXputer)

In case you have a broken weevil mask or any other equipment on the brink of being broken, we also have a guide covering how to repair tools and structures in Grounded.

How to Make a Weevil Mask?

To make a weevil mask, you will need to be at Brainpower level 6 and have the following raw materials:

Item NameQuantity
Weevil Nose1
Stinkbug Part1
Crude Rope2
Gnat Fuzz4

Once you’ve collected all the raw materials, you can craft the mask at the Workbench station.

3. Minimum Tier 2 Axe

Most of the items you find in the laboratory will need a high-tier axe to chop down, so Tier 2 is the minimum tier for those bits. Apart from a Tier 2 Axe being more capable of chopping down larger objects compared to Tier 1, it has a few other advantages as well, such as being much faster at chopping down grass and roots and having a longer reach. 

Insect T2 Axe stats and requirements (Image Credits: eXputer)

How To Make A Tier 2 Axe?

A Tier 2 Axe will require the following items to craft:

Item NameQuantity
Ladybug Head1
Bombardier Part3
Spider Silk4

After collecting all these necessary items, go back to your Workbench station and craft yourself Tier 2 Axe, or an Insect Axe as it’s called.

4. Minimum Tier 2 Knife

A Tier 2 Knife, or Bone Dagger, would be good enough to handle any enemies we find in the laboratory. Also, make sure that the knife is also well repaired, so it lasts throughout our expedition since it’ll come in handy in getting rid of the soggy roots and water fleas we’ll come across.

Bone (Tier 2) Knife: Much faster than a Tier 1 dagger (Image Credits: eXputer)

How To Craft A Tier 2 Knife?

Crafting a Tier 2 Knife will require the following items:

Item NameQuantity
Diving Bell Spider Chunk2
Silk Rope2
Sunken Bones2

As soon as you get these items, head directly back to your Workbench and craft the Bone Dagger. After that, you’ll be set and ready to begin your grounded haze lab voyage!

Making Our Way To The Haze Lab

Now let’s look into where we can find the Haze lab. There are 2 ways of getting to the Haze Lab. The first way involves going through the Rake to the main entrance of the laboratory, which is infested with infected insects and thus, makes this route challenging to pass. The second way is by going through a pipeline with barely any tough enemies and is pretty straightforward. So for this guide, we’ll focus on the second route as it’s much easier and safer.

Taking the Exposed Pipe Route

We’ll start by going towards the Southwest of the map near Haze. The exposed pipe is located near the edge of the circle of Haze, so you’ll avoid most of that hazardous air and the infected creatures.

Location of the Exposed Pipe on the Map (Image Credits: eXputer)

Stay close to the oversized sandbox and eventually, you’ll see a large, white, broken pipe floating on a pond. This pipe should be between the big mega sandbox and the slab stairs. Once you get on the pipeline, you’ll notice a slight opening. This is where you’ll need to go to reach the Haze lab.

The Exposed Pipe (Image Credits: eXputer)

Swimming to the Lab

Before we proceed any further, make sure that you’ve equipped the Merteen Mutation if you have it. This is a super useful Mutation that you can find in the Pond as that’ll help you in the underwater sections.

The Merteen Mutation (Image Credits: eXputer)

After that, we can now jump into the water from the pipe’s opening and make our way to the lab. As mentioned earlier, we won’t need to worry about any infected insects here, so the difficulty level will be cut down to an extent. As you’re making your way through the murky waters, you’ll encounter a few water fleas.

This is where you can equip your trusty knife and take all of them out. These are generally weak enemies and it should take around 2 or 3 strikes to kill each flea. Also, remember to harvest their corpses as fleas are also a good source of food and water.

Head straight down the pipe and take the first right you see. You’ll find a few soggy roots blocking your path which you can easily cut down with your knife as well. After that, head further straight down the pipe and you’ll find 500 Raw Science and a Mega Milk Molar.

Once you’ve collected all the loot, you can head back to the junction and follow the original route. After that, continue to swim straight, cut down all the soggy roots, kill the diving bell spiders, and boom! You’ve pretty much entered the Haze Lab!

Exploring The Haze Lab

Once you’re in, the first few enemies you encounter will be the infected weevils. They’ll come charging at you and explode when you’re close enough to them. However, you can easily bait them out and cause them to kill their kind. Simply use an arrow or get close enough to them to grab their attention. When they notice you, they’ll follow you for a few seconds and explore right away, and the blast will get rid of the other infected weevils as well.

You can now equip your Tier 2 axe and start chopping all the exploding fungal clumps in the area, which give you some fungal growth that you can use for making bombs and grenades. After farming the clumps, you can now proceed to the door straight ahead, where you need to activate the Biometric scanner and take on the 2 TAYZ.T with your axe or any other weapon. Before you go into the lab after killing the TAYZ.T, make sure to grab the 500 Raw Science left of the door along with an additional 500 Raw Science on the right side of the door as well.

The left side of the Lab

After taking all the Raw Science, you can now safely enter the laboratory. The grounded haze lab hallway is divided into two branching halves. If you walk up the left side of the hallway, you can reach the main entrance of the Haze Lab, which you would’ve encountered first if you took the other route from the actual Haze. Take the 2 Granola Bars on the table on the left and make your up the hallway.

Once you’re in the room atop the left side of the hallway, you can loot the chest towards your left side along with a letter called “Goodbye Wendell” that’ll be at the table right in front of you.

Goodbye Wendell Letter (Image Credits: eXputer)

As you approach the back side of the room, you’ll also see a large whiteboard with some scribbling on it. You can take the slug nugget and fiber bandages that’ll be on the shelf next to the board.

The right side of the Lab

Now as the room has been cleared, we can head back to the junction of the lab and go the other way to the hallway. Once you enter the room atop the right side of the hallway, you’ll see some experimental mushrooms behind a few windows on your right, along with a cassette tape. The cassette tape is just a briefing from Wendell telling how the mushroom experimentation is beneficial for his research and whatnot, so it’s an interesting lore piece.

After that, you can enter the room ahead. Upon entering, there’ll be a massive overgrowth of fungi, so carefully take out each one to avoid taking explosive damage. Try to remove the fungal clumps closest to you first and then slice away the rest using your axe.

Fungal Clumps Room (Image Credits: eXputer)

When all the fungus clumps have been removed, you can use the biometric scanner to enter a new area where you can loot a valuable chest, gather more food, and activate the yellow switch directly in front of you.

Getting The Haze Lab BURG.L Chip

Head back to the Exposed Pipe from where you entered the Haze Lab. Follow the same path as you did when you were swimming to the laboratory, but this time take the first left you see instead of going straight and taking the first right.

Once you’ve taken the first left, swim straight ahead and enter the doorway you see right in front that should’ve opened after flipping the switch. Over here, you can find a pamphlet called Phase III Results and a few granola bars.

Phase III Results Pamphlet (Image Credits: eXputer)

Unlocking the Truffle Tussle Mutation and Haze Control Panel

Once you use the biometric scanner to open the door in front, you’ll face off with an infected ladybug. Maneuver your way through the fight, avoid colliding with the infected mites and take out the ladybug. Once you’ve killed the infected ladybug, you’ll be rewarded with the Truffle Tussle Mutation.

Truffle Tussle Mutation Unlocked (Image Credits: eXputer)

Next, use the Biometric Scanner to open the next room. Be careful since there’ll be a ton of infected mites on the other side of the door, so use your axe to kill all of them and move right ahead.

Finally, you’ll enter the laboratory’s control panel, where you can find the Blazed Earth Protocol, some grenades, and of course, one of the most important grounded haze lab items, the Haze Lab BURG.L chip!

Haze Lab Burgl Chip (Image Credits: eXputer)


The Haze Lab offers a large set of goodies and chests that you get once you completely explore the area. Take the exposed pipeline route to make your trip easier, and be sure to double-check if you missed anything else. The Haze lab is pretty much a straight path, with a couple of annoying enemies and obstacles. But, overall, the rewards, in the end, make this area worthwhile, and the experience is certainly memorable, for better or for worse. 

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