Grounded: How To Get Grave Robbery BURG.L Chip

A step-by-step guide on completing the Grave Robbery Quest

Grounded allows you to explore and build your base using all the materials around you, for example, using grass to create floors. To progress through the game and improve your gear by unlocking new workstations and items, you need to collect a resource called Raw Science. One way to do so is by collecting BURG.L Chips, namely the Grave Robbery chip In Grounded.

Key Takeaways
  • Completing BURG.L’s bounties and tasks rewards the player with Raw Science. Some of these tasks are daily and repeatable.
  • The Grave Robbery Chipsleuth Quest can be accessed through BURG.L’s bounties.
  • To access the Oak Lab and rescue BURG.L, you must activate the Mysterious Machine and venture to the backside of the oak tree.
  • The quest to find the “Grave Robbery” BURG.L chip is hinted to be underground near or inside an ant hill.
  • To navigate through the ant nest, the player must have the Red Ant Armor which can be crafted using Red Ant Parts, Red Ant Armor set increases hauling strength and allows you to sneak past ants without engaging in combat.

Getting Raw Science

Raw Science is the main currency of Grounded. Raw Science is used to discover new recipes and workstations that help you create new and more vital gear and allow you to progress further in the game. There are only a few ways to earn Raw Science:

  • Analyze new materials at an Analysis Computer
  • Found in floating orbs located around the map
  • Completing BURG.L’s bounties

Using Analysis Computer

When starting Grounded, the only way to get Raw Science is by analyzing every new and unique material on a computer. Doing so rewards you with a small amount of Raw Science which is just enough to help you get through the early game. However, as you continue to play, the analysis computer starts to take longer and longer to recharge, which in turn makes it difficult to get large quantities of Raw Science. 

Finding floating orbs around the map

You can discover small orbs of Raw Science around the backyards when exploring. However, they don’t guarantee a large sum of Raw Science and can be pretty scarce, therefore, hard to find. Although there is an upgrade for your SCA.B that alerts you when Raw Science is nearby, you will still need help to find these orbs. So by the late game, you’re running low on Raw Science and have to figure out alternative ways to earn it.

Completing BURG.L’s Bounties

BURG.L is a small robot you rescue from the Oak Lab. After helping him up, he’ll become an ally and gives you a quest to find the research chips he had within his CPU. He provides a variety of bounties that you can access through the ASL Terminal.

Completing a task or returning a chip rewards you with Raw Science that you can buy from the Science Shop. Some of these tasks are daily tasks that are repeatable. These tasks include crafting equipment or tools or hunting a specific number of creatures. These all reward you with a different number of Raw science depending on the task’s difficulty. The more complex the job, the more you’ll earn from it.

Finding the Grave Robbery Chipsleuth Quest 

One of BURG.L’s bounties entrusts you with the vital task of finding the chip itself. So this guide will go through the step-by-step process of getting and completing this quest. 

Getting to the Oak Lab

To access the Oak Lab, you must first activate the Mysterious Machine. Starting the machine will, in turn, cause an explosion near the oak tree that you’re told to investigate. If you venture to the backside of the oak tree, you’ll stumble across the Oak Lab. 

Oak Lab Location on the Map – [Image credit: eXputer]

Rescuing BURG.L

When you enter the lab, you’ll come across a single downward corridor with two branching paths. One of the doors is locked, so we have to use the other door to reach the hallway where BURG.L resides. He’s fallen over and can’t get up, so we’ll have to lend a helping hand.

After helping BURG.L up, he’ll explain his backstory and answer all our burning questions. He then will task you with finding the Hedge Lab and give you access to the Science Shop that will provide blueprints and bounties.

Some of these bounties are known as the Chipsleuth Quests, one of which is the quest to “Find the ‘Grave Robbery’ BURG.L Chip.” The quest description provides a hint which is as follows: 

“In a hill to the West is where you start this quest. Straight through a rooted room gets you closer to the tomb. Past a tunnel of red rests a soul that is dead. Down the hole lies your goal.”

It hints towards going underground into a “rooted” cave system, and the “tunnel of red” hints at a room chock full of red ants. All of which leads us to believe that the chip is underground near or inside an anthill.

The Hunt for the Chip Begins

Now that you’ve rescued BURG.L and activated the quest. We’ll get started on preparing for the treacherous journey ahead.

Getting Started

To locate the chip, you must venture through an ant nest filled with hordes of ants that’ll surely put your skills to the test. You’ll be faced with giant soldier ants that can maul you to death with ease and smaller worker ants that will surely annoy you at every turn. However, it’s possible to eliminate the hazard entirely and make it ever so easy for you to get through the cave system.

To do so, you need the Red Ant Armor. The best way to approach the task is by not engaging in any combat whatsoever. The armor set allows you to sneak past all ants without having to put up a fight. To unlock the recipe for the armor set, you first need to analyze a Red Ant Part on a computer analyzer and reach Brainpower Level. Now all that’s left is to craft the collection itself.

Red Ant Armor

The Red Ant Armor is a Tier 1 armor set that can be crafted using red ant parts. The set can be made quite easily in the early game.

The Red Ant Armor Set – [Image credit: eXputer]

The collection consists of three items:

  • Red Ant Helmet:
    • Defense: 2
    • Resistance: 2.5% 
  • Red Ant Arm Guards:
    • Defense: 3.5%
    • Resistance: 5%
  • Red Ant Knee Guards:
    • Defense: 2%
    • Resistance: 2.5%

The set increases hauling strength, allowing you to carry more grass planks and other heavy resources. It will enable you to cut down and harvest grass faster, making it easier for you to build your base. It also makes all red ants think of you as a neutral ally, and the Soldier Ants will not attack you when you enter the nest. Therefore, the set allows you to sneak around the cave without being assaulted by hordes of enemies.

Making the Armor Set

You can craft the set using these resources:

  • 1 – Red Ant Head
  • 14 – Red Ant Parts
  • 2 – Acid Glands
  • 2 – Crude Rope
  • 11 – Mite Fuzz

You can find Red Ant Parts by killing red worker ants and red soldier ants. However, I suggest only killing worker ants as they don’t put up much of a fight and you can find tons of red worker ants around the backyard, making it very easy to obtain red ant parts. Red Ant Heads are located in the same way but are a slightly more uncommon drop.

Larva and Red Soldier Ants drop Acid Glands. You can find a bunch of soldier ants guarding the ant nest, and be careful not to enrage a group of them together. Instead, try luring them out and finishing them off one by one.

Crude Rope can be made using 3 Plant Fibers, or if you have a Spinning Wheel, it can be made using just one Plant Fiber. Plant Fiber can be found in excess all around the map and is one of the most accessible resources.

Mite Fizz is obtained by killing Lawn mites. It’s a ubiquitous resource, so it won’t take long before you find a large quantity of it. When roaming through the grassland biome, you can find lawn mites in large groups. The easiest way to find them is by going to the wire cave under one of the three lasers. You’ll run into this cave while following the main storyline, so it’s impossible to miss.

Navigating The Ant Nest

Now all that’s left is to head into the nest and find the chip. The nest itself is located northwest of the first field station. 

Anthill Location on the Map – [Image credit: eXputer]

When entering the nest, ensure you have a torch at the ready and refrain from stealing any Ant Eggs. Because if you do so, all ants in your immediate vicinity will turn hostile and attack you. Be careful not to attack any ants while you’re down there. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a hell of a tough time. Stock up on food and water, and then head on in.

Cave Entrance
Entrance to the anthill – [Image credit: eXputer]

Venture into the cave system and stick close to the left wall. At the first crossroads, you’ll notice a bunch of roots extruding from the walls. Take a left turn from here and head into the roots.

Left Turn at the first crossroads – [Image credit: eXputer]

Afterward, continue going deeper into the cave and take the right path at the next crossroads and continue to head right.

Right turn at the second junction – [Image credit: eXputer]

At the end of the tunnel, you’ll find some cookie sandwich bits on the ground and a giant Sturdy Quartzite boulder. Next to which, you’ll find the Grave Robbery chip in Grounded.

Final Position of the Grave Robbery Chip – [Image credit: eXputer]

After exiting the cave, return to BURG.L in the Oak Lab to give him the chip to collect your reward and unlock new upgrades.

Grounded is a co-op survival game created by Obsidian Entertainment. The Xbox/PC exclusive game has you carefully balancing between scavenging for resources from the beautifully crafted backyard setting to exploring through dense cave systems and fighting nightmarish giant bugs. You can either play the game solo or have fun with a bunch of friends playing in multiplayer.

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