Grounded: Selecting Best Characters

Helping You Choose Between Pete, Max, Willow & Hoops

Story Highlights
  • Grounded has 4 characters in the game, all of them are unique in their appearance and personality.
  • The characters in the game have absolutely no impact on the story or the gameplay.
  • Yet, you want to choose the best characters because the dialogues and the way they react to certain things can have an impact on your experience in the game.
  • We have written this guide to tell you about our experience with each character and then ultimately let you decide with whom you would want to play.

Choosing the Best Character in Grounded depends on you as the game doesn’t give much info on the history of these characters because the game’s developers have left it all down to your imagination by interpreting their passive dialogues in the game.

All the characters follow the same basic story and are not different from each other. The game begins for all of them in a dark cave where they wake up to see a world where they are small. Things like sports balls are bigger than them, and a blade of grass is inches taller than them.

We will discuss the 3 general aspects of each character: Appearance, Personality, and Trivia. Then we will jump into the pros and cons of choosing each character.

Remember that this is based upon our time in the game and is highly subjective but good enough to generate an initial idea about each character to help you choose the best character in Grounded. So let’s begin with our first character, Pete.


Pete grounded
Pete – Grounded [Image credit: eXputer]
Pete, whose full name is Peter Boggs, is one of the 4 characters in the game. He goes by the aliases of Pete and sometimes Petey in the game. He is identified as a male and is a nerdy type of figure.


  • Short Blonde Hair.
  • Freckles.
  • Wears Glasses.
  • Overall, a nerdy appearance.


  • A Nerd.
  • Loves all things tech.
  • Loves Video Games.
  • Loves tabletop games.
  • He is adventurous, but his introverted nature doesn’t let him fully express that.


  • He has been to the scout camps.
  • He has a liking for willow.
  • He has a bad relationship with his mother.

Would We Recommend Pete?

To be very fair, many people in the Grounded community love Pete. But we will say otherwise and would label him as annoying. He is one of those wimpy little kids from the school who complain about almost everything on the face of the earth. 

In the grand scheme, it doesn’t matter because his personality has no impact on the way the story plays out or the gameplay. Still, surely when you are playing for hours, and his annoying dialogues play in your ears, then for sure, you get a little irritated, and that is what happened to us.

But despite that, we won’t say everyone will dislike him. His nerdy lines, facts, and smart nature makes us appreciate that the only thing we wish he didn’t do was blabber about almost everything we did in the game.

Also, the game developers were very lazy with Pete, and hilariously, his every-second dialogue had some reference to Brussels sprouts, and it has made us hate the poor Brussels sprouts a lot. 


The Best Characters In Grounded
Max – Grounded [Image credit: eXputer]
Maxwell Smalls, or in short, Max, is the second character in our guide. He is one of the 4 playable characters in the game and identifies himself as a male.


  • He wears a cool tank top.
  • He sports ripped, faded blue jeans.
  • Flattop Brown Hair.


  • He is overconfident.
  • Adores himself a lot.
  • He thinks he is charming.
  • He is not picky.


  • Born in the USA.
  • Born in 1977.
  • He wants to become a well-known celebrity.

Would We Recommend Max?

We would wish that the character choice impacted the game because while playing with Max, we felt he was an athletic kid, and playing with him just felt good despite knowing that a boost to stamina, speed, etc., because of his athletic nature meant nothing. This feeling had a good psychological effect while playing the game.

Also, Max has some very good dialogue, and the voice acting of Max was done perfectly. Unlike Pete, Max’s dialogues have some variety. Also, the little excitement in his voice when he does things is very adoring.

Even though Pete seems to crush on Willow, Max would be a better fit with her if you are playing online. Their interaction is good and heartwarming. Max might not be full of praise and has flaws.

For an instant, we don’t like the lack of nerdiness in his character; I hope we make sense here, haha. Well, to put it in easy terms, here is a look at the character of Luke from Stranger Things. He was athletic but nerdy at the same time, the dialogues of Max are the best in the game, but if he had a bit of nerdiness in him, it would have been perfect. 


Willow Grounded Game
Willow – Grounded [Image credit: eXputer]
Willow Branch, for short, Willow. She is the third character in our guide and perhaps the most underrated character in the game and might be the top two of the best characters in Grounded.


  • Black Frizzy Hair.
  • Wears a broken heart necklace.
  • She has a lot of safety pins in her outfit.
  • A semi-gothic look.


  • Mature.
  • Cool and calm.
  • Sarcastic


  • Born in 1977.
  • Her place of birth is the United States.
  • Voiced by Ozioma Akagha.

Would We Recommend Willow?

We would recommend her as we found her underappreciated in the Grounded community. A game where all the other 3 characters are not as mature and act like kids; technically, they should as they are kids, but she is the one who is different as she acts bigger than her age.

The sarcastic nature of Willow and her witty dialogue makes us appreciate her. The appearance of Willow is charmingly mysterious, and her hair, in our opinion, is the best in the game. She is a very smart kid but doesn’t have that nerdiness of Pete. Unlike Max, who had very little nerdiness, and Pete, who had an abundance of it, Willow is perfect and has a balance.

Another thing we loved about her was that she follows no stereotypes and is a unique character. For example, we have seen many characters like Max and Pete in the mainstream media, but characters like Willow are not easily found.

Yes, we have praised her a lot, but that doesn’t mean the character of Willow is flawless. The biggest issue that we have had with her was the name! Like, what is Willow Branch? Come on, the developers, in our opinion, could have been more creative here.


Hoops – Grounded [Image credit: eXputer]
Ally Nguyen, who goes by the hoops alias, is our guide’s final character which helps you choose the best characters in grounded.


  • Side Ponytail.
  • Dark Brown Hair.
  • Pink T-shirt with a sublimation print.
  • Pink athletic shoes.


  • Energetic.
  • Eager to do new things.
  • Athletic.


  • Basketball background.
  • Her parents banned soda from her.
  • She has a brother.
  • Identifies herself as a female.
  • Born in 1988 in the United States.

Would We Recommend Hoops?

Well, we will not recommend Hoops. You may disagree, but she was one of the most annoying characters. We will begin with her side pony; it is very annoying and distracts you. In future updates, we hope it is somehow fixed.

The next thing we would like to highlight is how annoying she is. Like she sees basketball everywhere, which is certainly on another level of annoyance compared to Pete’s obsession with the Brussels sprout. At one point, we lost it when she called a puddle of water a basketball court. I mean, what is going on here; why would you say that?

Well, she just can’t have bad things, right? The best thing about her is the name; it is a great pun. Secondly, she has some very good dialogue, for example, when she eats food. One instant, she would be cautious about wasting the food; the next, she would curse the poor mushrooms. 

Wrapping Up

The game has four characters, and we only hope there will be more, so we can pick the best character in Grounded from a bigger pool. The four that we have are unique from each other despite not having an impact on the story and the gameplay of the game.

We have given you the basic info and our experience with each character in the game and have left it to you to decide which of those 4 characters in the game will be the most fun to play with.

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