Scary Fortnite Map Codes [ACTIVE April 2024]

Unlock scary maps using exclusive codes in Fortnite using our Scary Fortnite Map codes guide.

Looking for terrifying adventures in Fortnite? Look no further! This scary map code guide will lead you to the most haunting and immersive Fortnite experiences. Get ready to explore eerie landscapes, encounter bone-chilling horrors, and test your courage in the realm of frightful fun. Stick around until the end to discover how to redeem these Scary Fortnite Map codes effortlessly.

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Key Takeaways
  • Using Scary Fortnite Map codes, unlock horror maps.
  • Some active Scary Fortnite map codes are Dead by Fortlight (map code 8099-5981-3796), Paradox The Beginning (map code 6152-3603-0539), and Alien Isolation (map code 4560-5535-3757).
  • To redeem Fortnite horror codes, switch to Creative mode, click on ‘Change’ above the ‘Play’ button, and enter the desired code to unlock thrilling new loot and experiences.
  • If your codes aren’t cooperating or facing any code-related glitches, dive into our Ultimate Code Guide for all the solutions you need!

Scary Fortnite Map Active Codes

The Space Inside Fortnite Map 

The following is the list of all active codes for the Scary Fortnite Map. Moreover, redeem these codes to unlock free horror maps.

  • Last Checked: 2nd April 2024.
Map NameMap Code
Escape the Asylum3548-5296-4022
Horror Elevator3147-3798-3250
100 Days at Sea7397-2274-1194
IMPOSTORS 2.0:インポスターズ8453-9532-9919
怪奇百聞 KAIKI HYAKUBUN5692-0940-8731
Delivery Doll2573-8407-7804
Until Dawn0057-7424-4308
Hotel Maniac0895-5211-1199
Research Institute9623-2394-6490
FNAF Backrooms1668-0520-4207
Evil Awaits Lucy5706-4716-3544
SILENT DARK3234-3098-3754
One Last Sacrifice2898-6711-4466
Jigsaw the Nightmare 29342-7586-1491
Living Manor0863-1321-3485
Scary Doll7595-1913-2803
Evil Awaits: Haunted Escape7962-7507-1539
The Fortnite Backrooms4919-4653-3583
The Night At Pizzeria1502-5853-2604
The Caves5355-5776-4479
The Apartment9833-8062-2391
The Bigfoot1521-6640-9544
Dead by Fortlight8099-5981-3796
Paradox The beginning6152-3603-0539
Alien Isolation4560-5535-3757
Escape from the Queen’s Nest8297-3587-7839
Quiet Place3739-2232-6062
Cursed Forest6024-5002-6192
Piggy Chapter 1-48840-5689-4557
Carnival Escape2385-3342-5568
House of Torment6003-4995-1704
Siren Head7297-6337-4306
Find the Penny’s (wise)2961-7589-1661
Zombie Escape0791-5727-7074
Lost in the Unknown5312-0287-8262
Cockroach simulator1316-4412-1282
Oliver Japanese Horror Map5279-5436-2390
Alverton Hills2951-2235-6812
Pine City Afterlife8974-6823-3966
Halloween Story9312-2909-8471
Evil 14 Awaits7710-0034-8827
Evil 15 Awaits5034-4002-3245
Paranoia Tantrum 21520-4763-6403
Paranoia Tantrum 3 Duality1179-8403-2990
The Scarecrow 1st Chapter Code5681-8991-7850
The Scarecrow 2nd Chapter Code3759-4482-8202
The Scarecrow 3rd Chapter Code9963-6116-5050
Guardian of the Puzzle6571-8518-6063
Emily Wants to Play3959-2728-0956
Scare! The 13th Part II9651-4257-2527
Metro Zombie Invasion1511-0189-1102
The Backrooms4284-8758-1462
Mannequin Warehouse/The Night Shift5351-4440-5726
Evil 21 Awaits Samantha9059-5575-6936
World’s Smallest Zombie Map5896-6228-5947
Hospital Escape Room 31169-2163-2836

How To Redeem Scary Fortnite Map Codes?

To ensure you don’t miss out on the thrilling rewards of exciting new gifts, it’s essential to know how to redeem Fortnite horror codes. Follow these simple steps below to unlock access to scary experiences:

  1. Begin by changing your game mode to Creative in Fortnite.
  2. Locate the ‘Change’ option, which is placed above the ‘Play’ button.
  3. Enter one of the aforementioned horror codes and eagerly await as the game loads, granting you entry into a world of frightful fun and exclusive rewards.

What Are Scary Fortnite Maps?

Scary Fortnite Maps are specially crafted game environments within Fortnite that provide players with chilling and suspenseful experiences. Furthermore, these maps feature eerie landscapes, haunted structures, and terrifying challenges designed to evoke fear and test players’ nerves. Get ready to face jump scares and navigate through spine-tingling adventures in these immersive gameplay settings.

This is all you need to embark on exciting and bone-chilling adventures in Fortnite. Moreover, with the redemption guide and knowledge of scary map codes, you’ll unlock access to scary challenges, eerie landscapes, and exclusive rewards. Brace yourself for the ultimate adrenaline rush as your guide through these experiences.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below if you’re interested in more guides similar to this one.

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