Fortnite Creative 2.0: All Custom Map Codes

Get creative, utilize the power of the Fortnite engine & make new maps in Creative 2.0 Mode.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 map codes have unlocked a world of endless possibilities for players to explore custom-designed islands and engage in exciting adventures. These unique codes give players instant access to an array of captivating islands, each with its own distinct flavor and challenges. From OG Fortnite map codes to color switch Fortnite codes, Creative 2.0 offers a realm of creativity and adventure like never before.

Key Takeaways
  • Fortnite Creative 2.0 Map Codes give access to unique islands created by developers and fellow community members.
  • Creative 2.0 offers enhanced control for map creators, exclusive PC tools, real-time map editing, new model creation and import, custom textures, and game creation within Fortnite’s engine.
  • To redeem the free Fortnite map codes, follow these steps: 
    1. Launch Fortnite and access the menu by selecting ‘Change.’
    2. Click ‘Play,’ opt for ‘Island Code,’ and press Enter to continue.
    3. Input the desired code on the screen and hit ‘Launch’ to begin your adventure.
S.NoCustom Fortnite Map NameMap Code
1Deserted: Domination8035-1519-2959
2Color Switch1415-7321-0392
3OG Fortnite Map2179-7822-3395
4Forest Guardian0348-4483-3263
5Gemstone Tycoon6365-7588-5080
6The Space Inside9836-7381-5978
7Pirate Adventure2810-0903-5967
9The Arcade3638-6410-4991

How To Use A Fortnite Creative 2.0 Code In-Game?

Insert Island Codes Menu

Assuming you’ve read the map codes from the table above, now, how’d you or where would you insert/paste these codes in Fortnite to enjoy the custom-designed maps? Well, follow these three steps, and you will jump right in. 

  • Step 1: Fire up Fortnite and navigate to the menu by clicking ‘Change.’
  • Step 2: Hit ‘Play,’ choose ‘Island Code,’ and hit enter to proceed.
  • Step 3: Enter the desired code on this screen and press ‘Launch’ to kick off your exciting journey.
Bonus Tip: You can also input the custom-designed map Fortnite map code by approaching any featured island in the Welcome Hub. After a brief loading period, the game you’ve been searching for will materialize, beckoning you to dive in and explore. Your Text Here.

Deserted: Domination

Deserted Domination Map

Welcome to Deserted: Domination, the latest addition to the Fortnite Creative 2.0 universe that has taken inspiration from Call of Duty’s domination mode. Developed by Epic Labs, this class-based shooter will take you on an intense battle for control of an abandoned oil refinery, complete with classic Fortnite elements like weapons and traps.

Players must capture and control zones to earn points while trying out different kinds of load-outs. This map oozes old-school charm, and it’s hard to distinguish it from the original CoD. 

  • Deserted Domination is a class-based shooter inspired by Call of Duty’s domination mode.
  • The map is centered around an abandoned oil refinery and is reminiscent of classic desert warfare Call of Duty maps.
  • Players must capture and control zones to earn points while trying out different kinds of load-outs.
  • The map offers a much quicker and more strategic shooter experience with multiple classes to choose from.
  • Deserted Domination is a recreation of Call of Duty’s Domination game mode with classic Fortnite elements like weapons and traps.

Color Switch

Color Switch Map

This Fortnite map, which took its influence from the movie Fall Guys, takes place on a massive board constructed from tiles of varying colors. Players must quickly find a matching tile as the enormous Peely boss choose a color, and the others disappear. The mode gets harder and harder as you progress, making it a fun yet challenging experience.

  • Color Switch is a thrilling mini-game map in Fortnite 2.0 Creative that is inspired by Fall Guys.
  • The game is played on a massive board covered with tiles of various colors.
  • Players must race to a matching tile before the rest fall away, as chosen by the giant banana-like boss.
  • Each win earns players gold that can be used to purchase items, personal upgrades, and round modifiers, making each round even more chaotic.

OG Fortnite Map

OG Battle Royale Fortnite Map

In a nostalgic homage to the early days of Fortnite, Atlas Creative has resurrected the iconic Chapter 1 map using Unreal Editor, transporting players back to classic locales such as Tilted Towers and Loot Lake.

  • Though the map is reminiscent of Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3, players may encounter stability issues, as errors have been reported when attempting to enter the map.
  • Intriguingly, this version only allows for item and weapon acquisition through chests, likely due to memory-related constraints in spawning weapons using a Device.

Forest Guardian

Forest Guardian

Immersing players in an awe-inspiring world inspired by Japanese culture and architecture, the Forest Guardian map is a visually stunning testament to the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 and Fortnite Creative 2.0. 

  • Players follow an ancient dragon through a beautiful forest
  • Melee weapons are used to fight off waves of enemies
  • This map showcases the potential of future Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps

Gemstone Tycoon

Gemstone Tycoon

Gemstone Tycoon, an immersive map in Fortnite Creative 2.0, offers players an engaging and in-depth clicker game experience where they manage their own gemstone factory. By mining gemstones and earning money, players can invest in various upgrades that passively generate income over time. As players expand their operations, they’ll witness their factory transform into a sprawling facility filled with intricate machines. This management-simulation hybrid showcases the depth and customization potential of Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps.

  • Players mine gemstones and earn money to invest in upgrades
  • Upgrades passively generate income over time
  • Factory environment becomes increasingly complex with new machines
  • Demonstrates the depth and customization options of Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps

The Space Inside

The Space Inside

The Space Inside, a captivating Fortnite Creative 2.0 map, transports players into an immersive, first-person perspective filled with mystery and mind-bending challenges; from libraries to spaceships, each themed room features hidden switches, moving walls adorned with spikes, and trap doors. The Space Inside offers a unique and engaging experience for players, showcasing the creativity and surprises made possible by the new Unreal Editor.

  • Epic Games, Heavy Iron Studios, and High Voltage Software developed The Space Inside map.
  • It has a first-person perspective with short cutscenes, previously impossible in Fortnite Creative.
  • Contains rooms with unique themes, puzzles, hidden switches, and trap doors.
  • The map highlights the creative potential of Unreal Editor in Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps.

Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure

Pirate Adventure whisks players away on an enthralling open-world journey as they wash ashore on a desolate island and strive to build their ultimate pirate paradise. By discovering chests, completing quests, and amassing XP, players gradually expand their resources while exploring the vast island landscape. This map provides a refreshing change of pace from intense battles, allowing players to unwind and indulge their sense of adventure as they gather treasures and embrace pirate life. In short, expect the following from this map:

  • Pirate Adventure is an open-world map in Fortnite
  • Players wash ashore on a desolate island and must gather resources
  • Activities include finding chests, completing quests, and gaining XP
  • Offers a break from intense battles, encouraging relaxation and exploration
  • Provides hours of gameplay to create the perfect pirate paradise


Reclamation Map Fortnite 2.0 Creative

Reclamation stands out as a versatile and smooth Fortnite map, offering an exhilarating five-on-five team deathmatch experience set in a sprawling spaceship environment. Players can join forces with four friends to battle for control of the area in this hardpoint map, featuring futuristic drill sites on a distant planet.

  • Reclamation is a polished 5v5 team deathmatch map in Fortnite
  • Set in a spaceship environment with futuristic drill sites
  • Utilizes the full potential of Fortnite UEFN
  • Five distinct classes with unique loadouts for diverse gameplay
  • Control-type map with timed battles for dominance over drills

The Arcade

The Arcade

The Arcade map in Fortnite transports players into a charming recreation of an old-school arcade, offering a nostalgic escape for arcade game enthusiasts. Currently featuring Droopy Flops, a delightful homage to the addictive mobile game Flappy Bird, The Arcade showcases the creative possibilities of Fortnite’s new Unreal Editor. Though still in its early stages, the map’s creator, Infinity Studios, plans to expand the arcade experience by introducing more games in the future. As it continues to grow, The Arcade has the potential to become one of the best Creative 2.0 maps in Fortnite.

  • The Arcade is a nostalgic map in Fortnite, recreating an old-school arcade
  • Currently features Droopy Flops, a homage to the mobile game Flappy Bird
  • Showcases the creative potential of Fortnite’s new Unreal Editor
  • In its early stages, with plans by Infinity Studios to introduce more games
  • Holds the potential to become one of the best Creative 2.0 maps in Fortnite

This brings us to the end of the guide, where we have listed some of the cool maps such as Fortnite og map code, color switch fortnite code, and much more. We will update the page with more amazing codes as soon as they’re released, so make sure you bookmark this page and stay updated. 


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