LEGO Fortnite: How To Get A Loom [Explained With Images]

Learn how to get a Loom, along with how to unlock it and why you need it in your survival world.

Lego Fortnite is a survival game that lets you upgrade your weapons and the village that you have created for yourself. To progress your Lego Fortnite world further, you will require a loom. However, the loom can be quite challenging to make and use. It requires a few specific materials, which might take some time to get if you have no idea where to look.

Key Takeaways
  • A loom is a high-end crafting station in Lego Fortnite that allows you to build important materials and weapons.
  • To unlock a loom, you will need to find flex wood, which can be found in the desert region and is harvested with a rare axe.
  • Furthermore, to build a loom you will need 9 flex wood, 8 flex wood rod, and 6 sand claws.
  • You can use a loom to make wool fabric and silk fabric.

Why Do You Need The Loom In Lego Fortnite

Wool And Silk
Wool Fabric And Silk Fabric [Image Taken By Me]
The loom is a high-end crafting station that allows you to build important materials and weapons that can be used in upgrading your village. 

It allows you to craft two specific fabrics, which are:

  • Wool Fabric: All it requires is having five wool threads that you can gather by killing sheep.
  • Silk Fabric: It requires having five silk threads that you can collect by killing spiders.

Once these fabrics are made, they can be used to get more helpful materials such as balloons.

How To Unlock Loom

Flex Wood
Flex Wood [Screenshot Taken By Me]
To unlock the loom, you will need to go to the desert region of the map, look for cactuses here, and mine them using a rare-tier forest axe.

Make sure you use this specific axe, or else you won’t find what you are looking for. If you do not have the axe, you can craft it using Cut Amber and Knotroot rods. You are looking for flex wood here, and flex wood is a must-have if you are looking to unlock a loom.

How To Build A Loom

Loom [Screengrab Taken By Me]
To build a loom, you will first need to collect the following items:

  • 9x Flex Wood
  • 8x Flex Wood Rod
  • 6x Sand Claw

Now select the build button in the build menu and place the loom in its designated area. Another thing to make sure of is that you have a spinning wheel so that you can easily craft the necessary things using the loom. Furthermore, for more on the game, you can check out Haris Umer’s thoughts in his up-to-date Fortnite Review.

And with that, my guide on How To Get A Loom in Lego Fortnite comes to an end. Here, you were informed on everything regarding the loom. Other than that, if you want to add something, you can do so through the comment section down below.

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