Guide: Enabling Stretched Display Resolutions In Fortnite

Here's how to enable stretched display resolutions in Fortnite on your PC so you can enjoy the game in best way possible.

Stretched resolution is the new trend among professional Fortnite players and streamers. It makes the game quality a bit dull and blurry. Although, it actually favors the user due to the stretched bodies of opponents making it easier to hit them.

However, stretched resolution can only be enabled from the game files instead of enabling it from in the game.

Take note the guide is only for Nvidia users.

Key Highlights

  • Stretched Display makes the game dull and blurry but at the same time expands the body of your enemies making them easier to hit.
  • Can be enabled from game files rather than in-game and can only be done for Nvidia Users.
  • Search %localappdata% in my computer search bar. Open the GameUserSettings by performing the following steps:
    • FortniteGame -> Saved -> Config -> Windows Client -> GameUserSettings
  • Open it and you will need to find lines that say DesiredScreenWidth and DesiredScreenHeight. Not all the resolutions are stretched. Some of the stretched resolutions are as follows:
    • 1600 x 1080
    • 1280 x 960
    • 1440 x 1080
  • Save the file and go into the Nvidia Control Panel where you will need to add a custom resolution in order to not run into any problems.
  • Check the box of the custom resolution if it is not already checked.
  • Now go into the Adjust Desktop Size And Position tab where you will need to set the Scaling Mode to fullscreen and choose the custom resolution that you made. 

Step 1

Open file explorer/my computer and then click on the search bar. Over there type %localappdata% and hit enter and you


Step 2

Open the folder named ‘FortniteGame’ and then open the folder ‘Saved’. After that go into the folder ‘Config’ then ‘WindowsClient’ and finally you will see a text document named ‘GameUserSettings’. Open the document and that should take you to the game settings.


In the document scroll down until you see 2 lines saying “DesiredScreenWidth” and “DesiredScreenHeight”.

Once there you can change the resolution by inputting the correct values. However, you need to keep in mind that not every resolution is stretched and there are only a few that work as a stretched resolution.

  • 1600×1080
  • 1280×960
  • 1280×1024
  • 1440×1080
  • 600×1080
  • 1024×768

These are some of the stretched resolutions you can use. After inputting your resolution save the file and exit from the folder.

NOTE: Before applying the stretched resolution your game must be running in full screen.

Step 3

After selecting the resolution, you need to adjust it according to your desktop size otherwise it can randomly reset or cause some problems.

Now right click on the desktop and then select the nvidia control panel option to open the program and from there go to change resolution.

Click on the customize button and then create custom resolution.

Now input the width in the horizontal pixels box and the height into the vertical pixels box. After that click test and then accept it. You will now see a check-able box on the customized resolution selection screen. Check the box of your custom made resolution if its not checked already.

Step 4

Now click on adjust desktop size and position and then go on to the scaling tab.

Now all you need to do is select Full screen as the scaling mode and select your custom made resolution from the list below. Click apply and then you are done.

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