LEGO Fortnite: How Long Is Night? [Tested With Timer]

Find out how long is a day and how long a night is in LEGO Fortnite, which I personally tested using a timer clock!

LEGO Fortnite has day and night cycles that include a visible sunrise and moonrise. The game has a lot of enemies, some of which only spawn at night, like skeletons. Fighting all night with these enemies makes you wonder how long is a night in LEGO Fortnite. 

Key Takeaways
  • The shift between day and night can be seen with the sunrise and moonrise.
  • Daytime is longer than nighttime in LEGO Fortnite.
  • You cannot skip the night by sleeping like in other survival games.
  • A full day in LEGO Fortnite lasts for 20 minutes, with 5 minutes of that being nighttime.

How Long Is A Night?

Sunrise in LEGO Fortnite
Sunrise in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot taken by me]
A full night in LEGO Fortnite lasted approximately 5 minutes. However, I cannot be certain of the exact timing since I could not see when the sun went down and the moon disappeared.

The shift between night and day can be noted from sunrise and sunset like in real life. Every game has its time limit of day and night. The general notion on the internet is that a single day in LEGO Fortnite is about 30 minutes, and night is considered half of it i.e. 15 minutes. But playing the game myself and experiencing it made me realize it is shorter than 30 minutes, especially the night felt way shorter than 15 minutes. 

So, I tested it myself, and the results were different. I began the timer at sunset and stopped it when the moon set. To kill time, I created a vehicle for in-game transportation.  

Moonset in LEGO Fortnite
Moonset in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot taken by me]

How Long Is A Complete Day?

After recording a full night, I recorded time for a full in-game day, from sunrise to the next sunrise. The total time was almost 20 minutes, which is much less than what is commonly believed on the internet. Hence, a single day in LEGO Fortnite is 20 minutes, out of which 5 minutes are at night time. 

Another thing to note in the game is that you cannot sleep to skip the night like in other survival games. The bed in LEGO Fortnite is used to set a spawn point.

Sunrise in LEGO Fortnite
Sunrise in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot taken by me]
So, that is all you need to know about night and daytime in LEGO Fortnite. Recording time for a whole in-game day was tricky as I struggled. As soon as it gets night, you will get cold if you are far from a campfire. Some skeletons also throw rocks at you if you try and get to a higher location. But it is not an issue when you’re using the Recurve Crossbow, which is one of the best weapons in LEGO Fortnite.


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