Fortnite: How To Find Crackshot Cabin In Chapter 5?

Learn everything about the location of Floating Loot Island and how you can reach the Crackshot Cabin on it.

Fortnite Chapter 5 has arrived and with it, the Winterfest 2023 has started. With it, a new quest has launched to visit the Crackshot Cabin which is on the Floating Loot Island. To visit it you have to survive as it does not appear when the match starts.

Key Takeaways
  • The Floating loot island appears randomly on the map during the later stages of Fortnite Chapter 5.
  • The Crackshot cabin can be found on the floating loot island.
  • The island appears near the end of the game depending on where the final circles end up.
  • The island also gives a strategic advantage as you automatically get the high ground in the game once you’ve defeated all the players there. 

Where To Find The Crackshot Cabin?

Crackshot's Cabin Rift
The Rift before the island spawns [Screenshot Taken By Me]
The Crackshot Cabin in Fortnite Chapter 5 does not appear when the match initially starts. As the game progresses and player count starts to decrease, you’ll see a rift appear in the final circles, usually sometime after the 4th circle appears. Simply go near the rift and the floating island will appear.

How To Reach The Floating Island?

There is more than one way to get to the island. When the island appears you’ll see several zip-lines hanging from the bottom. You can use these to enter the island.

Location of Rift
The rift shows up on the map [Screenshot Taken by me]
Once the island spawns, you can also find small rifts near it. Use them to get above the island and enter from there. There is another way but it is not possible in every game, if the island spawns near any launchpad, you can use it to jump and enter.

Rift to enter island
Small Rift to enter island [Screenshot Taken By Me]
As soon as you enter the island the “Visit Crackshot Cabin” quest completes. If it doesn’t, try moving around on the island and you’ll be done. The cabin was added in Fortnite: Chapter 4 Season 1 on Asteria Island and has been a landmark for players to visit ever since. Now it returns and can be found on the Floating Loot Island.

With that, you’re all caught up about the Floating Island and Crackshot Cabin location in Fortnite. This is a very simple quest but I did struggle to go there when I was playing solo, so, I would recommend doing it with a teammate while equipping some of the Best Weapons available in Fortnite Chapter 5

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