Peacemaker Reportedly Making His Way Into Fortnite

It seems another Fortnite x Suicide Squad collab is in the works

Fortnite players and Wrestling fans are in for yet another treat today as it has been rumored that John Cena is dropping into Fortnite as the character Peacemaker from the Suicide Squad reboot. This was reported by popular Fornite leaker ShiinaBR. ShiinaBR also mentions that this leak comes from the same source who accurately leaked the reveal of the Bloodsport skin ahead of its actual official reveal. 

Speculation is high this skin will most likely launch sometime in January to coincide with the release of Peacemaker’s HBO show release which will greatly benefit both Fortnite and the launch of the new HBO TV series starring the titular character. 

ShiinaBR, who mentions that Peacemaker is coming to Fortnite, likely to coincide with the release of his TV series in January.

This also comes hot off the heels of another announcement that Naruto, the main character of the widely beloved anime and manga series “Naruto”, is also going to shadow clone his way into the Fortnite skin roster. Also confirmed by ShiinaBR, who said that the skin is most probably going to launch with the next Fortnite Battle Pass. It was further hinted at by a survey done by Epic Games looking for characters from various media that players would like to see in a future collab.

The Suicide Squad reboot by Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn has been a massive hit with an incredible 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. With both critics and viewers praising its sense of style, endearing charm, likable characters, and clever writing. The movie has been more than a massive success for DC far surpassing the original Suicide Squad movie released back in 2016 which was thoroughly panned by critics at the time. Considering all this, fans of DC have been eating good this time, especially considering the fact that two of their characters are getting a collab with Fortnite.

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