Fortnite Could Finally Be Getting The Rumored Open World Mode, Job Listing Confirms

The new job listing has sparked another wave of open world rumors.

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  • Fortnite could soon be getting the rumored open-world mode, as suggested by Epic Games in a new job listing. The ad for UI Programmer Intern wants the hiree to work on the new open-world mode.
  • The team will be directly responsible for working on the Fortnite ecosystem. And it will play a massive role in producing the future experiences of the game. No other ad has stated the open world part. 
  • Rumors about the open-world mode for the title have existed for the last two years. The Epic Games vs. Apple lawsuit mentioned Fortnite as “Go beyond Battle Royale – open-world simulation sandbox.”
  • Epic Games has not officially confirmed the new open-world mode in a statement. We suggest taking the rumors with a grain of salt.

The open-world mode rumors for Fortnite have brewed in silence over the last two years, and a new job listing solidifies the prospect greatly. Epic Games has published a set of new job listings for the entry, and one of the ads talks about the employee working on an open-world mode. As initially posted by the Fortnite-focused insider Shiina on Twitter, we could soon be trekking the game’s gorgeous terrains in the open-world mode.

The job listing for UI Programmer Intern talks about the hiree’s involvement with “working on an open world survival crafting game within a physics sandbox.” As clarified, this team will be directly responsible for working on the Fortnite ecosystem. Besides, the job listing was listed under the Fortnite section on the official Epic Games website. This makes it more likely for the job listing to target the title instead of anything else.

New Fortnite job listing talks about the open-world mode.
The new Fortnite job listing talks about the open-world mode.

This team is responsible for building a new experience in the Fortnite  ecosystem. This experience will involve working on an open world survival crafting game within a physics sandbox.”

Epic Games also mentions that the employee will be responsible for directly influencing the future of Fortnite experiences. The giant conglomerate has not yet commented on the open-world mode outside the single job listing so far. We also ensured to check every job listing available for the game by the devs; no other ad stated anything about the secretive mode. We suggest taking these rumors with a grain of salt until the devs confirm it.

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The previous evidence for the open-world mode was stated in the Epic Games vs. Apple Lawsuit two years ago. It mentioned Fortnite as “Go beyond Battle Royale – open-world simulation sandbox.” The closest thing to the rumored mode for Fortnite is arguably the Save the World section of the game, but it falls short due to its limits.

Epic Games has been on a roll lately, bringing massive additions to Fortnite’s Creative mode and working on a plethora of different features that are circulating in rumors. For instance, the conglomerate is brewing a new first-person mode for the entry— a few leaked screenshots have shed some light on it so far.

The devs are also seemingly working on a Mario-Kart inspired racing mode, but details around it are quite scarce. Lastly, a rumored UI revamp leak suggests that Epic Games could considerably simplify the current UI; the fans have reacted quite harshly to the leak. 

Fortnite has grown to wider horizons in the last few years despite coming out long ago. Parts of its success can be linked to the huge collabs with celebrities and franchises around the globe. Adding innovative features that appeal to fans over the years has also helped greatly. The awaited open-world mode could change Fortnite as we know it, adding a new depth of promiscuity for gamers looking for a bit of everything in the title.

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