Epic Games Has Officially Procured The Rights To Naruto

Naruto May Be Coming To The Upcoming Fortnite Battle Pass Soon...

In recent years, Epic Games has collaborated with many companies, such as Marvel and DC, and even celebrities, such as Marshmello and Travis Scott, to bring in-game cosmetics to their renowned Battle Royale game, Fortnite. Fortnite is notorious for its emotes incited from memes and pop-culture references. With the likes of Star Wars and Ferrari associated with the game, it may come as no surprise that Epic Games has now supposedly procured the rights to the well-known anime series, Naruto.

For more than two decades now, Naruto has been the heart of the anime community. From pop-culture references to the characters’ inception in renowned video game franchises, Naruto has been one of the most auspicious anime series of all time. For a while now, players have been asking Epic Games to include Naruto cosmetics in Fortnite. It seems like their demands have finally been answered since an anonymous but trustworthy inside source has confirmed that Epic Games has procured the rights to Naruto. This means that we may see Naruto in the upcoming Fortnite Battle Pass soon!

According to a tweet posted by a reliable Fortnite data miner, ShiinaBR, Epic Games was able to obtain the rights to Naruto and is now, apparently, trying to include the character in the next Battle Pass of Fortnite.

Since the start of July, there has been speculation that Epic Games will release anime cosmetics from renowned anime series, such as Dragon Ball Z and Demon Slayer, in Fortnite. There were also hints towards an in-game Ariana Grande concert, similar to what Epic Games did in the past with Marshmello and Travis Scott. While we can’t say anything about these speculations for certain at the moment, the confirmation for a Naruto-themed Battle Pass seems definite. Obviously, this is still a leak, so do take it with a grain of salt.

In a subsequent tweet, ShiinaBR mentions that they cannot entirely confirm this information at the time. Hence, there’s no impeccable certainty to this leak! “I can’t personally fully confirm it this time, but the Reddit source seems trustworthy,” they say. However, the information does come from a reliable source in r/FortniteLeaks, so we can still believe that it’s somewhat accurate.

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