LEGO Fortnite: All Types Of Brutes [Locations And Drops]

Find out everything about the types of brutes and how to kill them to get brute scale!

Brutes in Lego Fortnite are one of the bosses that spawn in different biomes in the game. The brutes are enormous monsters with a massive health bar. Finding these brutes is not easy as they do not spawn as commonly as other enemies in the game. The brutes deal significant damage and can defeat you with a single hit. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are three types of brutes in LEGO Fortnite
  • The standard brute usually spawns in grasslands or near the shore, the sand brute spawns in dry valleys, and the frost brute spawns in forestlands.
  • Standard brutes are the weakest and the frost brutes are the toughest of the three.
  • Once defeated, the Brutes drop Brute Scale which is a key resource to upgrade your crafting bench and to make powerful charms.

How Many Types Of Brutes Are There?

Frost Brute
Frost Brute Attacking [Screenshot Taken by Me]
In the vast world of LEGO Fortnite survival mode, three types of brutes spawn in different biomes. All three are similar in size and shape but differ according to the biome they spawn in. The brutes have a different health bar and they do not regenerate after some time. 

The three types of Brutes are:

  1. Brute.
  2. Sand Brute.
  3. Frost Brute.

All three Brutes have identical attacks, which include:

  • Strike.
  • Charge.
  • Ground Smash.
  • Acid Throw.

1. Brute

Standard Brute
Standard Brute [Screenshot Taken by Me]
This brute is the most common and the weakest of them all. It is of green and grey color and is usually found in open grassland areas, near the shore, or in Jungles; which is where I found it in my playthrough.

The brute shares the same four attacks as the others. Therefore, beware because it can cause fatal damage with one hit. I would suggest you have a health charm to extend your health.

  • Drops: Brute Scale.

2. Sand Brute

Sand Brute
Sand Brute found near the Dry Valley Biome [Screenshot Taken by Me]
The sand brute is found in the dry land biome usually near the lava caves in the game and is relatively stronger than the standard brute. The grey and orange color combination is easily distinguishable. The brute has the same attacks but what makes killing it a challenge is the temperature in dry biomes.

As it gets warmer and warmer, the character slows down. I noticed that having snowberries is a good idea or it would be better if you make a snowberry shake using the juicer, so that you can survive the hot temperature.

  • Drops: Sand Brute Scale.

3. Frost Brute

Ice Brute
Frost Brute using the charge attack [Screenshot Taken by Me]
Last but not least, the Frost Brute is found in the Frost Land biome in Lego Fortnite. This brute is the toughest of the three. The brute spawns usually on the mountains or in the cold meadows in Frost Land.

The cold temperature in Frost Land is the biggest challenge because when the temperature goes to freezing, the player starts to lose health. Before going to Frost Land, keep a bunch of spicy peppers with you. In my opinion, the best solution for tackling the cold weather is making a spicy burger using the grill.

  • Drops: Frost Brute Scale.

How To Get Brute Scales?

Brute scale is important in the game as it helps you make powerful charms. It is also used to upgrade your crafting bench to epic. The scale can be obtained from two methods, by killing a brute or by looting chests found randomly throughout your world. 

Villagers can also help you kill the brutes if you call them for an adventure. For that go to a villager and say “Let’s Explore”. 

Frost Brute Scale
Frost Brute Scale Dropped by the Frost Brute? [Screenshot Taken by Me]

Do Brutes Respawn?

After killing a brute, you might wonder if it will respawn or not. Brutes in LEGO Fortnite do respawn but not right after you have killed one. Another brute might spawn after some time or after you leave the biome.

How To Find The Brutes?

Each type of brute spawns at different locations in different biomes. The standard brute is the weakest and the frost brute is the toughest of the three. But to obtain the brute scale, how can one find one?

To locate a brute, I would recommend turning on visual sound effects in the sound settings so that it will be easier to find it.

My Tips On Facing The Brute

Because the brutes have a large health pool, killing them is not an easy task. At first, I kept dying again and again. But after some time, dodging the attacks got easier. When the brute strikes or charges at you, it can be dodged but you can use the shield as well. If you do that, you’ll stumble, but you won’t lose any health.

One thing I did was craft a crafting bench nearby so that I could easily make weapons or shields when needed. When fighting the sand or frost brute, I highly suggest that you have either the snowberry shake or the spicy burger. This way, you can focus on fighting the brute without worrying about the temperature.

When continuously attacking, I noticed that the brute stops for a short period. That is when you should strike using the Longsword or the Recurve Crossbow which are one of the Best Weapons in the game.

That is all the information about the brutes in LEGO Fortnite. Brutes are not easy to kill but it is a fun experience when you have multiple players with you. The brutes have close-range and long-range attacks, so you must be ready.

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