Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode Possibly Going Standalone, Hints Developer

The Battle Royale could be separated from the Creative Mode like Save the World.

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  • Epic Games is hoping to turn the Fortnite Battle Royale and the Creative mode into a separate downloadable file to resemble Save the World mode, as stated by the CEO.
  • Next Patch could include live player count for the Discover page to ensure users know how many players are populating a certain map.
  • The Search option will also be added to the Discover page in the future and users will soon be able to follow certain creators to stay updated with their maps.
  • The first-person mode is currently in development but will arrive “soon” in the future. Regardless, the team is currently experimenting with how to implement it optimally.

Epic Games EVP Saxs Persson and CEO Tim Sweeney appeared in an interview with some of the most prominent Fortnite content creators, such as Ali-A, and discussed the planned updates for the new Creative 2.0 moving forward. Among these updates was a statement on the well-renowned Battle Royale mode, which consists of the majority of the game’s user base. The Battle Royale mode could be split from the Creative mode in the future.

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When Sypherpk questions the prospect (starts at 17:12), the executive vice president Saxs Persson answers that the team is currently in the middle of splitting the Battle Royale mode from the Creative version.

We are in the middle of slimming down the base installer of Fortnite to be the bare minimum and Battle Royale being a downloadable right, like that’s how it has to work,” articulates Epic’s EVP.

Currently, Epic Games have cut the Fortnite client and Save the World mode into separate downloads, making it easier for the fans to only indulge in specific modes without dealing with the large download file. It appears the team is thinking about further dividing up the main client and creating separate downloadable partitions for Battle Royale and the Creative mode, which will surely make things more flexible for the hyped community.

Moreover, the next update is also suspected to include live player count statistics for maps in Discover, but it has not yet been confirmed by the team. Regardless, such an addition almost feels natural because it will allow the fans to see which maps are more populated than others, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the Discover page.

Additionally, lower populated maps could easily be found for Fortnite players seeking to avoid long queue times. Search bars are also planned for the Discover page, which will also boost the ability for players to search out specific maps out of thousands created by the talented Fortnite Creative 2.0 community. The option to follow creators will also be added in the near future, and the fans will be able to find new maps by those creators easily.

The interview also features other notable updates, such as remarks on the awaited first-person mode. As per the team, the first-person mode is in deep development and could appear soon in Fortnite. As per Saxs Persson, the Epic Games EVP, the team is tinkering with the mode right now to figure out how to add it in the most optimal way. However, no specific timeline was provided, so the word “Soon” could suggest weeks up to months of wait.

Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 was in the brewer for over two years, and it was finally released two days ago. The new update has been all the hype in the gaming sphere, as it adds a slew of Unreal Engine 5 editor tools for the users to whip up all sorts of maps. Epic Games also revealed changes in its terms and conditions recently to allow the excited fans to create the olden and nostalgic Chapter 1 maps in Creative 2.0, but without any monetization.

Users can create esthetically pleasing scenery to formidable boss fights using new tools. The new creative update has also added changes to the payment system for creators. Now, the map authors will be paid based on player engagement, which alludes to the amount of time players spend on a user-created map. The old creator codes method will not be eligible anymore. The Fortnite community has also commemorated the new changes.

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