LEGO Fortnite: How To Craft A Fishing Rod [With Experience]

Learn everything you need to know about the newly added Fishing Rod in LEGO Fortnite, how to craft it, and the best way to use it!

The latest update, “Gone Fishing,” has added many new stuff, including fishing rods in LEGO Fortnite. Just like every other tool, the fishing rod has four types. Players have anticipated this update since the launch, as the open world has large water bodies.

Key Takeaways
  • The new update in LEGO Fortnite adds a Fishing mechanism to the game.
  • Fishing rods are used to catch fish and random loot from water.
  • Fishing rods have four different types, which depend on the level of your crafting table.
  • The types of fish you can catch in LEGO Fortnite vary depending on the biome in which you are fishing.
  • In total, 15 different fish are in-game and categorized into four types.

Crafting Requirements For A Fishing Rod In LEGO Fortnite

Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot by Exputer]
Fishing Rods are categorized into four types, each with different recipes to craft. The game has common, uncommon, rare, and epic fishing rods. You unlock a new category as you upgrade your crafting table.

I used the sandbox mode for fishing rods to craft every category. The sandbox mode in LEGO Fortnite offers a creative world where you can prepare items without the ingredients for the recipe.

I’ve listed the requirements for each fishing rod in the table below:

Common Fishing Rod1x Wooden Rod
2x Cords
1x Wolf Claw
Uncommon Fishing Rod2x Knotroot Rods
3x Cords
1x Silk Thread
3x Wolf Claws
Rare Fishing Rod3x Flexwood Rods
1x Drawstring
2x Wool Threads
3x Sand Claws
Epic Fishing Rod4x Frostpine Rods
2x Drawstring
3x Heavy Wool Thread
3x Arctic Claws

Location Of The Ingredients

Fish Caught using fishing rod [Screenshot by Exputer]
Most of the things in the recipes for the fishing rods are easy to find, but some items are tricky, like the drawstrings and both types of claws. To craft drawstrings, utilize the spinning wheel, which needs five cords. Cords are conveniently sourced from veins collected from bushes.

Defeat an Arctic Wolf to obtain the Arctic Claw and a Sand Wolf to acquire the Sand Claw. Fighting these wolves is challenging due to extreme temperatures. I would suggest you keep one of the best weapons, longsword, with you to make defeating them easier.

Uses Of Fishing Rods In LEGO Fortnite

in game fishing
Fishing in LEGO Fortnite [Screenshot by Exputer]
Different fishing rods unlock as you collect other items. The Common fishing rod unlocks when you collect the cord; the Uncommon fishing rod opens when you collect knotroot rods, and rare fishing rods unlock when you collect flexwood rods. Finally, the epic fishing rod unlocks when you collect frostpine rods.

After Crafting a fishing rod, press the shoot button, and you will start fishing. If you press the button once the fish is caught, you will drop it. Wait a few seconds, and the fish will be added to your inventory.

You can only fish in whirlpools of varying colors in LEGO Fortnite. White, green, blue, and purple represent the common, uncommon, rare, and epic categories, respectively. The type of fish you will catch is entirely random. Occasionally, you may receive unexpected loot, such as wood or shells.

And that will be all you need to know about the new fishing rod. I like this update as it makes the gameplay even more exciting and fun.


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