Epic Games Working On First-Person Mode For Fortnite

Fortnite is finally getting the much-awaited first-person mode.

The well-famed multiplayer shooter Fortnite stands atop the pinnacle of the battle royale genre of video games. Thanks to consistent updates and continuous events, the franchise has long dominated the live-service games and is still alive.

What started as a simple project evolved into a multi-million game that still appears to have grown with the flow of time. The game has made several innovations over the years, like removing the ability to build skylines altogether.

After seeing how many fans loved it, the developers added a separate no-build mode. The allure of Fortnite is in collaborating with a bundle of massive names and figures. No other video game has mixed celebrities and hip-hop groups like Fortnite, and the results have been stellar.

The activeness of developers with the community has resulted in one of the most successful video games to ever exist. Epic Games is reportedly working on a first-person mode, as revealed by an accredited industry insider.

Developers have finally begun to work on the most-awaited feature for Fortnite. Fans have long awaited a first-person mode. As per the tweet below, this Season, Epic Games “began working on some stuff about a first-person camera mode.”

The concept of first-person is not unheard of in Fortnite. It has been possible through hard to pull off glitches and mods in the past but fans sought an official means to indulge in the beauty of first-person, as other big Battle Royale names have featured.

As of now, the only officially integrated alternative to turn Fortnite into a first-person experience is through aiming with the MK-Seven Assault Rifle. Regardless, the weapon has been shelved away this Season, which is inaccessible now.

Some fans have shown concern regarding the first-person because it may give them an unfair disadvantage against third-person players who have a wider camera angle. However, the mode may have a separate queue like PUBG features. Besides this, most of the community has reacted positively to the potential first-person mode.

It is worth mentioning that this “First-Person Camera” might be for a specific event or for a limited time. It is also possible that the players will be able to switch between both camera modes. Perhaps Epic Games may test the community’s reaction concerning the feature, as they did with the no-build mode.

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