LEGO Fortnite Copper: Location, Mine, Upgrade

Learn about the location for mining copper to upgrade your village level and craft new items.

You must locate and mine copper to level up your village or create stronger tools and weapons in LEGO Fortnite. This resource is exclusive to a particular biome, so proper preparation is essential for successful retrieval.

Key Takeaways
  • Copper is one of the significant crafting resources that you may require at many steps in LEGO Fortnite.
  • You can find it in the caves of the Dry Valley.
  • It can be used to craft many items like Epic Knight Sheild, Rare Shovel, etc.
  • The copper you collect needs to be smelted with the Metal Smelter.

Where To Locate Copper?

Copper lego fortnite
Copper [Image By Me]
As you progress in LEGO Fortnite, you will require more rare crafting materials, some of which might be hard to get or dangerous to find, such as Copper. You may come across a crafting recipe that requires an item, even if you haven’t yet obtained the resource.

Copper is only located in a particular biome named the Dry Valley. First, you must locate a desert biome. All you have to do after entering the Dry Valley is keep going until you find a Lava Cave. You will find the Copper on the floor or walls of the cave. You will find copper to be a greenish-blue and red tangerine-colored material.

Important: You will be exposed to extreme heat in the caves, so utilize consumables or charms to stay cool. Be sure to stock up on Milk and Snowberries so you can prepare a Snowberry shake.

How To Mine Copper?

mined copper
Mined Copper [Image By Me]
In LEGO Fortnite, Copper can be mined only by using a Rare Pickaxe.

Once you locate a Copper resource, you have to extract it. Extracting copper is not a task that can be accomplished with just any pickaxe. You need to use the Rare Pickaxe.

Rare Pickaxe can be made using a Crafting Bench with the following items:

Hit the copper repeatedly with the Rare Pickaxe until copper pieces fall on the ground. You can collect the fallen pieces, smelt them into copper bars, and utilize them for an upgrade.

Smelting Copper To Make Copper Bars

metal smelter lego fortnite
Converting Copper Into Copper Bars [Image By Me]
Now that you have collected Copper, you may need to smelt it into Copper Bars before you can utilize it. You will need to create a Metal Smelter in order to convert Copper into Copper Bars.

To build a Metal Smelter, you need the following items:

Obsidian Slabs and Brightcore can be found in the Lava Caves. Whereas Blast Core is dropped by Blaster found inside Lava Caves. Killing the Blaster will give you Blast Core. 

To start manufacturing, choose the Copper Bar option under Recipes in Metal Smelter. Every Copper Bar needs:

  • 1x Copper
  • 2x Brightcore

Once you place the required ingredients into the smelter from your inventory, it will begin to transform them into brand-new, gleaming Copper Bars that you can collect from the Metal Smelter.

What Is Copper Used For?

Copper is a rare and useful metal. The following items’ recipes require Copper:

  • Ovens
  • Grapplers
  • Mailboxes

The Rare Longsword, Epic Forest Axe, Rare Shovel, and Epic Knight Sheild require copper (and copper bars) to be crafted. It is also necessary to update your crafting bench to an epic level to get these weapons.

My Thoughts

Finding copper was a challenging task for me. However, I searched diligently and finally discovered it on the ceiling of a cave. The next hurdle was mining it, which required using a Rare Pickaxe. You may need to spend some time exploring different biomes and caves before you can locate Copper.

Hopefully, the entire guide should show how to obtain Copper in LEGO Fortnite. While you are at it, you must go through the Fortnite Review By Muhammad Haris Umer. You should also read How To Get Essence Of Durability in LEGO Fortnite. Also, learn How To Travel Faster in LEGO Fortnite and explore the vast map efficiently.

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