Overwatch 2 Genji: Abilities, Changes & PlayStyle

We have listed Genji's role, all abilities, tips and tricks, and the best playstyle to adapt to should you want to main this hero in the game. If you're playing Overwatch 2 for the first time, we highly recommend you go through our entire guide so that you can learn a few pro tips and useful information about the character. 

Genji’s Role

Genji Damage Character [Image captured by eXputer]
Genji is a damage role hero in Overwatch 2, and his primary strengths lie in surprising adversaries, deflecting high-damage ability strikes from opponents, and eliminating support units. 

Key Highlights

  • Genji is a damage role hero in Overwatch 2, meaning that his primary responsibility is to track down and eliminate enemies.
  • Genji’s abilities include Shuriken, Swift Strike, Deflect, and Dragonblade.
  • Genji is effective at surprising enemies, deflecting high-damage abilities, and eliminating support units.
  • It is best to play Genji by focusing on taking out support characters first and using his mobility to surprise and eliminate enemies.
  • Genji’s Swift Strike ability can be used for evasion and map navigation, as well as a finishing move or to chain kills across multiple low-health enemies.
  • Genji’s Deflect ability can be used to deflect incoming enemy attacks and projectiles, making him difficult to hit and allowing him to turn the tide of battle in his favor.
  • Genji’s Dragonblade ultimate ability allows him to wield a powerful sword and slash through enemies, making it a powerful finishing move or a tool for eliminating multiple enemies at once.

Heroes who do damage are tasked with tracking down, confronting, and ultimately vanquishing their foes by using a wide variety of weapons, skills, and powers. If you choose to play a damage hero, it is your responsibility to get kills.

If you want to play as a character who does damage in Overwatch 2, the best strategy would be to focus on the characters that the other side uses for support and get rid of them first.

Genji’s Abilities

Genji All Abilities [Image captured by eXputer]
Genji is one of those characters that has seen little to no change in abilities or damage stats. Regardless of the subtle changes, we have listed all standard, passive and ultimate abilities along with starts here. 



Genji favors using shuriken as his main weapon of choice. Genji’s primary shot will cause a salvo of three projectile shurikens to be fired at his crosshair in rapid succession. On the other hand, when Genji activates the Secondary firing mode, he will rapidly launch three shurikens in the trajectory of a hand fan blade.

The alternative fire of the Shuriken is also known as the “Fan of Blades.” Regardless of whether there are less than three shurikens in his clip, he will still fire all three of them when players pull the action button.

The shurikens that come from either the main or secondary fire may be a headshot, and their damage is not reduced as they go farther. Using this ability to land headshots or attack certain hit spots, which would normally be punished owing to gravity, is the best way to maximize damage.

The Shurikens are propelled at a far higher velocity by the secondary fire. If you want to become an expert with the Shuriken, you should practice your secondary fire at close range, where there is less of regard for precision. The main fire of Genji should only be used for longer-range conflicts since it is most effective at such distances.

  • Primary Damage: 87 
  • Spread angle: Pinpoint
  • Secondary Damage: 87
  • Spread Angle: 9 

Swift Strike

Swift Strike

Genji dashes ahead, stabbing his opponents with his wakizashi as he executes all who stand in his way. Once Genji has eliminated a target, he is free to utilize this ability once more immediately afterward. 

The ability to employ Swift Strike not only serves as an effective means of evasion but also of navigating throughout the map. It is also possible to employ it as a finishing move, causing a burst of damage in a short amount of time to an opponent who is already in a vulnerable state.

You may easily chain kills across numerous opponents with low Health by using Swift Strike. This is possible due to the fact that Genji’s ability will refresh after he kills someone. Players also have the option of using it to rush through the initial target, killing them and gaining an elimination in the process. After you have completed it, you will be able to sprint through another target with low health.

The kill does not need to be done using Swift Strike, and wiping off a target with any other means will also cause the cooldown to be reset. This is by far Genji’s most useful skill during the course of the game.

  • Damage: 50 
  • Move. speed: 50 meters per second 
  • Duration: 0.4 seconds 
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds



Genji deflects an incoming projectile with a couple of lightning-fast swiping motions of his wakizashi, which causes the bullet to ricochet toward his adversary.

Genji will adopt a defensive posture for a number of seconds once the ability to Deflect is triggered. During this period, he is unable to launch an assault. While he is in this pose, the majority of enemy projectiles and hitscan weapons that strike him in the front will be redirected toward the path that he is pointing in instead of where they would normally go.

All attacks that are successfully redirected employ the same damage numbers and impacts as the initial assault, and they are able to have an impact on both the attacker and their squad.

The capacity to deflect attacks is very potent. While Genji’s Deflect ability is active, he is resistant to frontal strikes, with a few notable exceptions. To get the most out of your Deflect ability, you should avoid being assaulted from behind. This will allow you to utilize it to its greatest potential.

You should also keep in mind that any frontal melee strikes you block will deflect, but they will not do any damage back to the opponent. For instance, the Roadhog’s Chain Hook will be barred as well, but this effect will not be represented in any manner.

  • Damage: 50
  • AoE: 1 meter radius from front
  • Duration: 2 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Cyber-Agility – Passive

Cyber Agility

Genji’s passive ability is called cyber-agility, and it offers him two advantages in addition to its own use. To begin, Genji has the ability to scale vertical flat surfaces by holding down the jump button while he is close to a structure.

Next, Genji has the ability to execute a double jump by hitting the jump button while he is already in the air. This is a highly helpful passive ability, and it fits the playstyle of this character in Overwatch 2 extremely well, along with the rest of the character’s skills.

Utilizing Cyber-Agility, one is able to scale almost any vertical surface. You are able to do another leap at any point while you are climbing, which enables you to access catwalks and other spots that do not have a straight, vertical route up to them.

When doing the double jump, you have the ability to modify the direction in that Genji is leaping in. During the execution of the double leap, you need just keep him facing in the direction you want him to jump.

Dragonblade – Ultimate 

Dragon Blade

During that short moment, Genji brandishes his katana in front of him. Genji is capable of delivering lethal blows to any opponent within his grasp as long as his katana is drawn from its sheath.

Genji will draw his odachi sword whenever the ultimate ability is triggered, which will prevent him from using his shurikens for the duration of the effect. His main attack has been substituted with a melee-ranged slash that has a very quick swing speed. The ultimate ability does heavy damage to each target that is struck and strikes all enemies that are inside a narrow funnel area in front of Genji.

When the effect of Dragonblade has run its course, Genji will scabbard the blade, allowing him to make use of his shuriken ability once again. You should only utilize the Ultimate ability, Dragonblade, when specific conditions are met since it carries a great risk but also a big potential return.

During the duration of this effect, Genji will no longer be able to launch ranged attacks, but his damage output in close quarters will skyrocket. Players who wish to become masters of Genji need to keep in mind that Cyber-Agility remains active even while they are wielding Dragonblade. Therefore, in order to stay stealthy and rack up as many kills as you possibly can, make the most of your double leap and wall-climbing abilities.

Because it does such a tremendous amount of damage, Dragonblade makes it very easy to eliminate enemies. Whenever you acquire a kill, you should always be sure to employ Swift Strikes so that you may do more damage and narrow the space between you and other adversaries. In addition, activating Dragonblade will also reset the duration of Swift Strike’s cooldown.

  • Type: Ultimate
  • Duration: 6 secs
  • Damage: 110

Genji Changes From Overwatch To Overwatch 2

Genji Changes

While most of the character roster in Overwatch 2 has received little too big changes to passive, ultimate, and standard abilities, we’re gladly here to tell you that Genji is an exception.

Genji has not been subjected to any significant rebalancing ahead of the release of Overwatch 2, with the exception of the addition of a Damage Passive, which is especially beneficial for an extremely mobile Damage character in the game.

Genji now benefits from a burst of enhanced mobility and reload speed whenever he is eliminated, thanks to the new Damage Passive.

Best Genji PlayStyle

Genji Playstyle

Genji is a lethal attacking force, apt to effortlessly infiltrate inside enemy territory and annoy his enemies with frequent volleys of Shurikens. This makes him a very powerful force. If you desire to understand how to use this character to their full potential in the game, you should constantly be choosing side routes to flank the other team.

This is due to the fact that Genji does not contribute nearly as much when all he does is stay out with his squad. Because of this, you need to keep in mind that you should not stray too far from the rest of your squad since Genji has a far lower potential to get out of sticky situations in comparison to Tracer and other DPS characters in the game.

You should also be aware of the fact that Genji is often more effective while battling his foes at a medium range than when engaging them up close. He does not have the shiftiness of Tracer, the damage of Reaper, or the ability to repair himself. If he chooses to come too near to the other team, he puts himself in danger of being eliminated, since this is the reason why.

Therefore, you should not participate in close combat until you are certain that you can deliver the finishing blow or catch an adversary off guard. Only then should you make the decision to do so. The ideal time to capitalize on an opening is when Dragonblade is active, and you are in close proximity to an opponent, or when the opponent you are fighting is weak.

Genji’s potential for growth is almost limitless because of his ability to deflect attacks. There are some applications of this talent where it shines the brightest, and those are the ones you should focus on. For example, the ability “Deflect” may be used to deflect any attack, including “Pharah’s Barrage,” “Tracer’s Pulse Bomb,” and “Cassidy‘s Deadeye.”

You will have the capacity to quickly turn the tables on practically any encounter, even when you are outmatched in one-on-one combat situations. If you come against a clever foe, he will wait for you to utilize the ability before he does it himself.

Because of this, more intelligent foes will often wait for you to use Deflect before employing their abilities; hence, you should avoid using Deflect too early on in the battle. Persuade them that your Deflect ability is about to go off cooldown, and then activate it at just the correct time to deflect their most damaging hits and throw them back at them.

A combination that does burst damage consists of beginning the fight with Swift Strike, then performing a secondary fire strike at close range, and finishing with a melee attack. For this combination to work properly, you need to have a high level of accuracy with the landing spot of Swift Strike.

The Cyber-Agility wall climb may be useful in a number of situations, including battle. When you are engaged in combat close to an entrance, lure your foe into the doorway by leading them on a pursuit, and then use your Cyber-Agility to scale the doorway and surprise them from above.

When it comes time to employ Dragonblade, you’ll need to make a deliberate decision. Genji is no more robust than usual when using it, which means that if you utilize it improperly, your foes may simply push you away and eliminate you at range by shooting you from a distance.

You should use Dragonblade if there are numerous foes within reach that have a low base Health, as this will allow you to defeat them rapidly and combo your Swift Strikes to either destroy more targets or stay elusive so that you may live for an extended duration of the match. Prior to using it, ensure you are close enough to your foes to engage in close combat with them.

Genji’s primary function is to ambush support characters, which is also one of his duties. The elimination of opponents like Mercy and Zenyatta, who are susceptible to damage from well-executed assaults, will be of tremendous assistance to your squad.

Still, it will be extremely tough to properly corner opponents like Brigitte and Moira since they have the ability to avoid you or just defeat you in close-range battles most of the time. Pick your objectives with caution while playing as Genji.


That is all that we had to discuss Genji’s abilities, tips, and tricks & overall playstyle in Overwatch 2. Do you still continue playing with this hero in the sequel? Is it your first time maining Genji? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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