Overwatch 2 Genji: Abilities, Changes & PlayStyle

eXputer's take on Overwatch 2 Genji entails tips and tricks, playstyle, all abilities, and how players can use this hero best in the field.

Genji is a damage role hero in Overwatch 2, and his primary strengths lie in surprising adversaries, deflecting high-damage ability strikes from opponents, and eliminating support units. 

Key Takeaways
  • Genji is a damage role hero in Overwatch 2, meaning that his primary responsibility is to track down and eliminate enemies.
  • Genji’s abilities include Shuriken, Swift Strike, Deflect, and Dragonblade.
  • Genji is effective at surprising enemies, deflecting high-damage abilities, and eliminating support units.
  • It is best to play Genji by focusing on taking out support characters first and using his mobility to surprise and eliminate enemies.

Here’s complete information about Genji: 

Shuriken Alt Fire
Swift Strike

Genji’s Abilities

Genji All Abilities [Image captured by eXputer]
Genji is one of those characters that has seen little to no change in abilities or damage stats. Regardless of the subtle changes, I have listed all standard, passive and ultimate abilities along with starts here. 


Primary Damage Spread angle Secondary Damage Spread Angle
87 Pinpoint 87 9

Genji’s Shuriken ability has two firing modes:

Primary Fire:

  • Primary Damage: 87
  • Spread angle: Pinpoint
  • Description: Genji’s primary shot fires three shurikens in rapid succession at his crosshair. They deal consistent damage and are ideal for longer-range combat.

Secondary Fire (Fan of Blades):

  • Secondary Damage: 87
  • Spread Angle: 9
  • Description: Activating the secondary fire mode rapidly launches three shurikens in a fan-like trajectory. Even if there are fewer than three shurikens in his clip, all three are fired when the action button is pressed. These shurikens have a higher velocity and are great for close-range combat, where precision matters less.

Both firing modes can land headshots, and shuriken damage remains consistent over distance, making them effective for targeting specific hit spots. It’s advisable to practice secondary fire at close range and use primary fire for longer-range engagements.

Swift Strike

Swift Strike
Damage Move speed Duration Cooldown
50 50 meters per second 0.4 seconds 8 seconds
  • Damage: 50
  • Movement Speed: 50 meters per second
  • Duration: 0.4 seconds
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Genji swiftly dashes ahead, striking his enemies with his wakizashi sword, eliminating anyone in his path. After eliminating a target, Genji can use this ability again immediately. Swift Strike is not only useful for evading attacks but also for maneuvering across the map.

It can serve as a finishing move, dealing burst damage to vulnerable opponents. You can chain kills on multiple low-health enemies with Swift Strike, as it refreshes upon eliminations. It can be used to quickly dispatch the initial target and move on to another low-health enemy. The cooldown resets whenever you eliminate an enemy, even if not using Swift Strike for the kill.

Overall, Swift Strike is one of Genji’s most valuable skills, making it a crucial tool in his gameplay.


Damage AoE Duration Cooldown
50 1 meter radius from front 2 Seconds 8 seconds
  • Damage: 50
  • Area of Effect (AoE): 1-meter radius from the front
  • Duration: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds

Genji swiftly deflects incoming projectiles using his wakizashi, redirecting them toward his enemies. While using Deflect, Genji assumes a defensive posture, unable to launch attacks. Enemy projectiles and hitscan weapons that hit him from the front are redirected in the direction he’s facing, affecting both the attacker and their team.

Deflect is a powerful ability that grants Genji temporary resistance to frontal attacks. However, it’s essential to avoid being attacked from behind while using it to maximize its effectiveness. Note that while Genji can deflect frontal melee strikes, they won’t deal damage back to the attacker. For example, Roadhog’s Chain Hook will be blocked but won’t have a visible effect.

Genji’s Deflect ability is a versatile tool for countering ranged attacks and can have a significant impact when used strategically in combat.

Cyber-Agility – Passive

Cyber Agility

Genji’s passive ability, Cyber Agility offers two distinct advantages:

  1. Vertical Scaling: Genji can scale vertical flat surfaces by holding down the jump button when near a structure. This ability allows him to easily climb walls and reach elevated positions, enhancing his mobility on the battlefield.
  2. Double Jump: Genji can perform a double jump by pressing the jump button while he is already in the air. This additional jump provides him with increased maneuverability and the ability to change direction mid-air. It’s a valuable skill for both evading enemies and accessing difficult-to-reach areas, such as catwalks and other spots without a direct vertical path.

Overall, Cyber Agility complements Genji’s playstyle and makes him a highly mobile and agile character.

Dragonblade – Ultimate 

Dragon Blade
  • Type: Ultimate
  • Duration: 6 seconds
  • Damage: 110

During Dragonblade, Genji draws his katana, replacing his shurikens for a short period. His main attack transforms into a rapid melee slash with a quick swing speed. This Ultimate deals heavy damage to any opponent within reach and strikes all enemies within a narrow area in front of Genji.

While Dragonblade is active, Genji cannot use ranged attacks but becomes a close-quarters combat powerhouse. However, it should be used strategically, as it carries both high risk and potential reward.

Notably, Genji’s passive ability, Cyber-Agility, remains active during Dragonblade. This allows him to maintain mobility and stealth, utilizing double jumps and wall-climbing to engage and disengage effectively.

To maximize Dragonblade’s effectiveness, use Swift Strikes after each elimination to deal more damage and close the gap between you and other enemies. Additionally, activating Dragonblade resets the cooldown of Swift Strike, enhancing Genji’s killing potential during the Ultimate’s duration.

In summary, Dragonblade is a devastating Ultimate that can eliminate enemies quickly, but it requires careful timing and positioning to unleash its full potential.

Genji Changes From Overwatch To Overwatch 2

Genji Changes

While most of the character roster in Overwatch 2 has received little too big changes to passive, ultimate, and standard abilities, we’re gladly here to tell you that Genji is an exception.

Genji has not been subjected to any significant rebalancing ahead of the release of Overwatch 2, with the exception of the addition of a Damage Passive, which is especially beneficial for an extremely mobile Damage character in the game.

Genji now benefits from a burst of enhanced mobility and reload speed whenever he is eliminated, thanks to the new Damage Passive.

Best Genji PlayStyle

Genji Playstyle

Here’s a breakdown of the recommended Genji playstyle:

  1. Flanking and Infiltration:
    • Genji excels at infiltrating enemy territory and disrupting their plans. Choose side routes to flank the enemy team, catching them off guard and creating chaos in their backlines.
    • Avoid staying too close to your team, as Genji’s true potential lies in surprise attacks and flanks. However, don’t stray too far, as Genji lacks the escape options of some other DPS characters.
  2. Medium-Range Combat:
    • Genji is more effective at medium range combat than up-close engagements. Unlike Tracer, Reaper, or self-sustaining heroes, Genji lacks the durability for close-quarters battles.
    • Engage opponents from a safe distance, using Shurikens to deal consistent damage. Reserve close combat for securing eliminations, catching enemies off guard, or when Dragonblade is active.
  3. Choose Your Battles Wisely:
    • Be cautious when diving into close combat situations. Genji’s survival relies on his ability to swiftly eliminate foes or catch them by surprise.
    • Engage up close only when you’re certain you can secure the kill or when the opponent is weakened. Timing is crucial to avoid unnecessary risks.
  4. Ultimate, Dragonblade:
    • Make the most of Genji’s Ultimate ability, Dragonblade. It turns Genji into a close-quarters threat, allowing for rapid eliminations.
    • Use Dragonblade when you’re near an opponent or when they’re weak. This ensures you can capitalize on openings and maximize its effectiveness.

In summary, Genji’s playstyle revolves around being an agile and disruptive force on the battlefield. Focus on flanking, medium-range combat, and smart engagements to make the most of his abilities and contribute effectively to your team’s success.

My Experience Using Genji In Matches

My personal experience with Genji in Overwatch 2 has been a thrilling roller coaster ride. On the one hand, he is an exhilarating and versatile hero with the potential to dominate the battlefield. On the other hand, his high skill ceiling and squishiness can make him a liability in the wrong hands.

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

For instance, the new ammo system has left me defenseless at times. In one match, Brigitte’s Shield Bash canceled my Swift Strike, and Sombra’s hacks disabled Deflect, leaving me vulnerable; also, the shorter Dragonblade duration reduces its impact on securing kills, making it less reliable.

That is all that I had to discuss Genji’s abilities, tips, and tricks & overall playstyle in Overwatch 2. Do you still continue playing with this hero in the sequel? Is it your first time maining Genji? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.


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