Overwatch 2 Tier List: Best & Worst Heroes [Season 9]

Read along to see how your favourite Overwatch 2 characters rank in our Season 9 Tier List.

We’ve put up an Overwatch 2 Tier List of the top characters you can play after spending some time with all the heroes and experiencing them firsthand. The competitive spirit that had us all pinned to the screens has been maintained from the original game, as with all excellent sequels.

There are three main classes of characters: Attack (DPS), who are the offensively aggressive kind. Supports who assist the team in general areas like health boosts. Last but not least come Tanks, who take the pressure off the other members.

Our Tier list matches up with all the Best and Worst Heroes changes in the latest patch update released on March 19, 2024.

Key Takeaways

Overwatch 2 has 38 characters and 3 classes: Tank, Support, and Damage.

  • Each class has unique abilities shaping distinct playstyles.
  • Top-tier picks: Soldier-76, Winston, Doomfist, Kirko.
  • These characters have a good learning curve and are easier to master.
  • Worst picks: Roadhog, Symmetra, Bastion.

All Overwatch 2 Characters Comparison

Here is a comparison between all the Heroes in Overwatch 2. Read the table below:

Index Character NameRoleHealth Primary WeaponUltimate Ability
S tierSoldier: 76DPS200Heavy pulse rifleTactical Visor
S tierGenjiDPS200ShurikenDragon blade
S tierAnaSupport200Biotic rifleNano boost
S tierRamattraTank450 (role queue), 300 (other modes), 225 armor (nemesis mode)Void accelerator, Pummel (nemesis form)Annihilation
S tierLúcioSupport200Sonic amplifierSound barrier
S tierDoomfistTank450 (role queue), 300 (other modes)Hand cannonMeteor strike
S tierKirikosupport200Healing Ofuda, KunaiKitsune rush
S tierWinstonTank350 (role queue), 200 (other modes), 200 armorTesla cannonPrimal rage
A tierTracerDPS150Twin pistolsPulse bomb
A tierWidowmakerDPS175Widow’s kissInfra-sight
A tierReinhardtTank325 (role queue), 200 (other modes), 250 armorRocket hammerEarthshatter
A tierMercySupport200Caduceus staff( weapon 1) , Caduceus blaster( weapon 2)Valkyrie
A tierZenyattaSupport50, 150 shieldsOrb of destructionTranscendence
A tierD-vaTank350 (mech, role queue), 200 (mech, other modes, 300 (mech) armorFusion cannons, Light gunSelf destruct (mech), Call mech (pilot)
A tierSombraDPS200Machine pistolEMP
A tierBrigittesupport150, 50 armorRocket flailRally
A tierJunker queenTank450 (role queue), 300 (other modes)ScattergunRampage
A tierIllariSupport200Solar FireCaptive Sun
B tierReaperDPS250Hellfire shotgunsDeath Blossom
B tierPharahDPS200Rocket launcherBarrage
B tierHanzoDPS200Storm BowDragon strike
B tierZaryaTank250 (role queue), 100 (other modes), 225 shieldsParticle cannonGravitation surge
B tierCassidyDPS225PeacekeeperDeadeye
B tierMeiDPS250Endothermic blasterBlizzard
B tierOrisaTank275 (role queue), 125 (other modes), 275 armorAugmented fusion driverTerra surge
B tierMoirasupport200Biotic graspCoalescence
B tierWrecking ballTank450 (role queue), 150 (other modes), 100 armorQuad cannonsMinefield
B tierAsheDPS200The viperB.O.B
B tierBaptiseSupport200Biotic launcherAmplification
B tierSigmaTank350 (role queue), 200 (other modes), 200 shieldsRivet Gun (weapon 1), Forge hammer (weapon 2)Graphics flux
B tierEchoDPS200Tri-shotDuplicate
B tierSojournDPS200RailgunOverclock
B tierLifeweaverSupport200Healing Blossom (weapon 1), Thorn Volley (weapon 2)Tree of Life
C tierTorbjörnDPS200, 50 armorRivet Gun( weapon 1), Forge hammer( weapon 2)Molten core
C tierBastionDPS200, 100 armorConfiguration: recon, Configuration: assaultConfiguration: artillery
C tierSymmetraDPS100, 150 shieldsPhoton projectorPhoton barrier
C tierRoadhogTank700 (role queue), 550 (other modes)Scrap gunWhole hog
C tierJunkratDPS200Frag launcherRIP-tire

Overwatch 2 Tier List Table 

Role S-Tier A-Tier B-Tier C-Tier
DPS Soldier: 76, Genji, Sprint Tracer, Sombra, Widowmaker Sojourn, Pharah, Mei, Hanzo, Echo, Cassidy, Reaper, Ashe Symmetra, Torbjörn, Junkrat, Bastion
Tank Winston, Doomfist, Rammatra Reinhardt, D.VA, Junker Queen Wrecking Ball, Zarya, Sigma Orisa,  Roadhog 
Support Ana, Lúcio, Kiriko Mercy, Brigitte, Zenyatta, Illari Moira, Baptiste, Lifeweaver


S-Tier Overwatch 2

In the present Overwatch 2 game meta, characters from the S-Tier are quite powerful. If a good player knows how to use any of these characters, they can win games by themselves.

S-Tier Overwatch 2 Characters WHY THEY QUALIFY FOR S TIER
Doomfist Transformed into a tank hero with formidable bulk, requires mastering skill flow for effective use.
Winston Improved adaptability as a tank, excels with strong shield and new ranged fire, tasked with harassing opposing backline while supporting frontline.
Genji Rising in viability in Overwatch 2’s more shooter-oriented gameplay, serves as logical protective measure with ability to block bullets and eliminate threats.
Soldier 76 Considered most dependable damage hero, self-sustaining abilities and mobility make him significant threat, requiring opponents to invest resources to counter him.
Lúcio Known for survivability and impactful support, speed increase from Crossfade ability grants significant team mobility, crucial resource in winning team fights.
Ana Despite challenges of 5v5 gameplay, remains potent with abilities, requiring careful use of Biotic Grenades and Sleep Darts to counter highly mobile threats and support team effectively.
Rammatra Newcomer to Overwatch 2, strength and resilience, along with wide AOE ultimate and powerful ability “Ravenous Vortex,” place him in S tier as strong pick.


A-Tier Overwatch 2

Moving on in our Overwatch 2 Tier List – we land at A Tier. We recommend that you make sure to choose the A-Tier Characters early in the game because they are also quite powerful and effective on both the attack and defense.

D.VA With minor adjustments for Overwatch 2’s damage-focused 5v5 format, D.Va remains expert at pursuing down mobile damage heroes.
Reinhardt Reinhardt’s core tank abilities remain strong in Overwatch 2, with an emphasis on aggressive playstyles and hammer use.
Sombra Adapted playstyle focuses on assisting with dives and disabling key targets, with less reliance on crowd control abilities in Overwatch 2.
Tracer Despite damage reduction, Tracer remains adept at harassing enemy tanks and disrupting backlines with her high mobility and consistent damage output.
Widowmaker Map design and lack of shields prevent Widowmaker from fully dominating, but she remains a threat with her precision and ability to pick off key targets from range.
Brigitte Overwatch 2’s removal of crowd control abilities like Shield Bash reduces Brigitte’s impact, but she still provides valuable support and disruption in team compositions.
Mercy With improvements to her Super Jump ability and consistent healing output, Mercy remains a valuable support hero in Overwatch 2, providing crucial utility to her team.
Zenyatta Zenyatta’s damage output and healing orbs make him a versatile pick in Overwatch 2, especially in dive compositions where his healing can benefit mobile damage heroes.
Junker Queen Despite adjustments, Junker Queen remains a strong competitor in Overwatch 2, with mobility and damage-dealing abilities that make her a threat on the battlefield.
Illari Illari offers high damage and sustain but lacks mobility, making her less synergistic with mobile teammates in Overwatch 2. However, she remains a solid damage option in the right compositions.



The B-Tier characters are a bit ordinary, but in terms of the current game meta, these heroes are still rather strong. But don’t count on winning every game in which you participate.

Orisa Shifts to a more aggressive damage dealer role in Overwatch 2, but effectiveness relies on clustered enemy formations, which may not align with current gameplay.
Sigma Provides versatility with crowd control and ranged damage, but struggles on maps with fewer chokepoints and against more dominant tank options.
Wrecking Ball Despite strong potential for disruption and territory control, underperforms in Overwatch 2 due to frailty and lack of synergy with current meta strategies.
Zarya Offers increased utility with ability to shield two teammates, but struggles with lack of shields and focus on ranged damage heroes in Overwatch 2.
Ashe Dynamite ability remains potent against grouped enemies, but overall effectiveness reduced in absence of shields and reliance on map positioning.
Cassidy Has strong damage output and potential as a tank counter, but lacks consistency in team compositions and struggles with ultimate effectiveness.
Echo Requires careful management to maximize damage output, excelling in certain map environments but struggling with others due to reliance on support monitoring.
Hanzo Offers utility with vertical mobility and ranged damage, but viability depends heavily on map design and enemy compositions.
Mei Shifts to burst damage role in Overwatch 2, best employed to deter frontline threats, but struggles with inconsistent crowd control and lack of mobility.
Pharah Requires strong player proficiency and support to excel, effectiveness hindered by vulnerability to hitscan heroes and map design limitations.
Reaper Viable option for backline pressure and disruption, particularly on maps with difficult terrain, but lacks mobility and is vulnerable to ranged attacks.
Sojourn Despite buffs, struggles to compete with other damage heroes like Soldier: 76, indicating potential balance issues or player preference.
Baptiste Relies heavily on team coordination and map positioning to maximize effectiveness with abilities like Immortality Field and Amplification Matrix.
Moira Maintains value as a damage dealer and healer with biotic orbs, but faces challenges in healing dispersed team compositions and may struggle to maximize ultimate impact.
Lifeweaver New addition to Overwatch 2, focuses on healing abilities with a steep learning curve, potentially impacting player adoption and effectiveness in matches.



The C-Tier Overwatch 2 Characters are below standard in terms of use and skills. Even so, you may still enjoy yourself and succeed in matches with them. But if you want to go up the elo ladder, stick with the heroes who are listed higher on our Overwatch 2 Tier List.

Roadhog Despite recent buffs to his ultimate, Roadhog remains underutilized compared to other tanks, vulnerable to focused damage due to lack of protection from other tanks, and often unable to secure kills after landing hooks.
Bastion Undergoes a revamp, becoming less passive with a powerful ultimate, but still lacks survivability without Repair ability and remains vulnerable in turret form despite increased mobility.
Junkrat Situational pick with effectiveness dependent on map design and enemy team composition, skilled in close-quarters combat and countering flank-heavy teams, but easily countered by hitscan heroes like Soldier: 76 and lacks mobility for effective escape.
Torbjörn Struggles in the current meta due to large hitbox, lack of mobility, and weakness in 1v1 matchups, making it difficult to justify his use over other heroes, likely in need of further redesign to remain viable in Overwatch 2.
Symmetra Dominates certain maps like Ilios Lighthouse but struggles overall in a meta dominated by mobile damage heroes, vulnerable and ineffectual due to inability to utilize main fire beam against shields and reliance on turret setup.

That’s all of the characters’ current ranking in our Overwatch 2 Tier List. It may be time to change your primary character if you notice a hero moving up the OW2 Season 9 Tier list. You could also try to earn some of their goodies in the current season’s battle pass. Please post any further queries you may have in the comments section below regarding Overwatch 2.

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