Overwatch 2: Junker Queen [Abilities & Tips]

Our detailed guide on Junker Queen will help you learn the best tactics to use her abilities to the fullest in Overwatch 2.

Junker Queen is one of the most powerful tank heroes in Overwatch 2, with her abilities curated towards close-ranged combat and dealing damage to enemies that are in the radius of her attacks. Other tank heroes in Overwatch 2 include Doomfist, Sigma, Winston, Orisa, and Zarya. 

Key Takeaways
  • Junker Queen is a Tank hero with strong DPS and support.
  • Passive ability: Life Stealing boosts aggression and survivability.
  • Primary weapon: Scattergun, most effective at close range.
  • Abilities: Adrenaline Rush (heals when damaged), Jagged Edge (debuffs enemies), Rampage (ultimate boost in damage and healing), Carnage (passive damage boost).
  • Playstyle: Absorbs damage for the team and deals damage up close.
  • Works well with long-range heroes for protection.

Who Is Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

Most of Junker Queen’s abilities are curated towards slowly draining the health of her enemies. She has a passive ability of Life Stealing that helps you a lot in critical combat situations. 

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Junker Queen [Image credit: eXputer]
The ability amps up her aggression and survivability, so with Junker Queen, you can last longer in battles depending on how many enemies you’re dealing damage to.

Therefore, the hero is great when it comes to destroying boundaries and making the enemy team weaker. 

Role Health Weapons Abilities
Tank – Open Queue: 300
– Role Queue: 450
– Adrenaline Rush
– Jagged Blade
– Commanding Shout
– Carnage
– Rampage


Junker Queen is a highly powerful tank, but the best part about her is that not only does she perform the role of damage-absorbing and a shield-bearing hero, but she also has heavy DPS characteristics and support abilities.


In Overwatch 2, Junker Queen is a powerful tank hero known for her shotgun, Jagged Blade, and ultimate abilities. She excels at close-range combat and weakening enemies. While her HP pool is not the strongest, her role as a tank helps reduce knockbacks. However, she struggles against long-range opponents, so having teammates to handle them is essential.

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Choosing Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Junker Queen, The Ultimate Tank [Image credit: eXputer]


Type Weapon
Effect Type Shotgun
  • Per Pellet: 2.4 dmg – 8 dmg
  • Per Shot: 80 dmg
Falloff Range 15 – 25 meters
No. Of Pellets 10 pellets/shot
Rate Of Fire 1.33 shots per second
Ammo 8
Reload Time 1.5 secs

The primary weapon of the Junker Queen is called Scattergun, and it is capable of dealing heavy damage to any enemies nearby. However, you will have to make sure that you selected optimal settings for the shotgun, as with proper strategy, you can take out the enemies in just a few hits.

Weapon of Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Scattergun [Image credit: eXputer]
Also, the gun will fire some high-powered pellets, and the damage will depend upon the number of pellets that hit your enemy. This is the reason why Scattergun works best at short range, as the pellets will have a minimal range to cover, thus delivering 100% damage to enemies.


Junker Queen has many abilities that complement her tank role and make her a powerful shield for her teammates. Below are all the abilities of the Junker Queen. 

Abilities of Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Abilities [Image credit: eXputer]

Adrenaline Rush 

Type Passive Ability
Healing Heals 200% of the dmg dealt by wounds

Her passive ability, called Adrenaline Rush, allows her to regain her HP when damage is dealt to her for a short period of time. This ability allowed her to survive the most intense fights and regain her health.

Furthermore, she can use a debuff called Wound using her Jagged Edge Melee ability, her Rampage ultimate, or other abilities like Carnage.

Jagged Blade 

Type Ability
Effect Type
  • Melee
  • Arcing Projectile
  • Thrown Hit: 50 dmg
  • Thrown Hit Wound: 30 dmg in 3 secs
  • Return Hit and Melee Wound: 15 dmg in 3 secs
Projectile Speed 40 m/s
Max Range 60 meters
Casting Time  0.13 secs + 0.24 secs
Duration 3 secs
Cooldown 6 secs

With the Jagged Blade ability, Junker Queen will use her knife to deal damage to her enemies. Her knife comes with two basic functions, and they’re capable of inflicting the debuff called Wound as well.

The Jagged Blade ability is very versatile and allows you to bring back the enemies who were trying to run away from you. Also, since Junker Queen deals the best damage at a closer range, the Jagged Blade ability will help you bring back your targets to the Junker Queen range of ability.

Commanding Shout 

Type Ability
Effect Type Area Of Effect
  • Self: 150 Overhealth
  • Ally: 50 Overhealth
Move. Speed Buff: +30%
Area Of Effect 15 meters
  • Self: 5 secs
  • Ally: 3 secs
Cooldown 14 secs

With the Commanding Shout ability, you will get a boost of HP, and your teammates will also regain some of their health. Furthermore, your Mobility Speed will also increase for a short while.  


Type Ability
Effect Type Melee
  • Impact: 90 dmg
  • Wound: 40 dmg in 3 secs
Max Range 5 meters
Casting Time 1 sec + 0.26 secs
  • Wound: 3 secs
  • Active Hitbox: 0.144 secs
Cooldown 8 secs

If you’re looking to deal a debuff on your enemies in the best way possible, you can use the Carnage ability. With the carnage ability, Junker Queen will swing an axe and ultimately hit your enemy, causing intense damage to them.

Rampage Ultimate Ability 

Type Ultimate Ability
Effect Type
  • Melee
  • Area Of Effect
  • Movement
  • 40 dmg on impact
  • 60 dmg in 4.5 secs
Move. Speed 33 m/s
Max Range 25 meters
Area Of Effect 5 meters
Casting Time 0.74 secs
  • DoT: 4.5 secs
  • Dash: 0.864 secs
Ultimate Cost 2,450 points

Junker Queens Ultimate is called Rampage. During Rampage, she will charge forward toward her enemy and deal damage to them.

Furthermore, she will also inflict Wound debuff and apply Anti Heal to all enemies that are hit by her attack. Rampage is the second ability after the Biotic Grenade of Ana that allows you to inflict Anti Heal to the targets.

Tips And Tricks To Play Junker Queen 

Following are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most damage out of the tank hero in the game. 

Avoid Characters That Counter Her 

Junker Queen excels at close-range combat but struggles against long-range heroes like Ana, Widowmaker, and Pharah. These heroes can easily counter her, so be cautious when facing them.

Using Gracie, The Right Way 

Jagged Blade
Using the Jagged Blade ability [Image credit: eXputer]
Junker Queen’s knife, Gracie, not only deals significant damage but also provides her with 15 HP every time she hits an enemy. Use Gracie to maintain your HP pool while engaging enemies.

Use Your Axe To The Fullest 

Junker Queen’s Jagged Blade ability allows her to pull enemies closer, making it easier to land attacks. Combine it with other abilities like Carnage or the Scattergun shotgun to finish off enemies.

Use As Many Combos As You Can 

Combos are essential for maximizing Junker Queen’s damage output. A well-executed combo involving Jagged Blade, the Scattergun, and a melee attack can deal around 190-205 damage to your target.

Aiming Is Crucial 

Junker Queen’s weapons have minimal spread, so precise aiming is crucial. Spend time practicing your aim, focusing on headshots for close-range encounters and body shots for medium-range fights.

Movement Tactics 

Junker Queen has low mobility, except during her ultimate Rampage. Use cover and spatial awareness to increase her survivability while dealing damage to enemies.

My Personal Experience With Junker Queen

As a Tank Main with 40 hours in Overwatch 2, I consider Junker Queen one of the more aggressive A-tier Tanks. She strikes me as a highly strong and adaptable tank hero. The fact that she can lead her team into combat and motivate them to advance with her Carnage Axe and Commanding Shout abilities is one of the things that I like about her.

Overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours (Steam ID: ;-;)

For example, On Eichenwalde’s attack, I used Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout to charge into the enemy, boost health, and help capture the checkpoint. But On Lijiang Tower’s defense, an enemy Widowmaker sniped my teammates from afar, eliminating me as I attempted to flank her with Junker Queen.

Overall, she is a fun and rewarding hero to play; however, players need to be aware of her weaknesses and play carefully in order to be successful in their games.

This concludes my extensive guide on Junker Queen, along with her abilities and the best strategies for her in Overwatch 2. Using my tips and tricks, you will be able to master her playstyle in no time and make use of her tank abilities like a pro. 

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