Overwatch 2 Junker Queen: Definitive Guide [Sep. 2023]

Our detailed guide on Junker Queen will help you learn the best tactics to use her abilities to the fullest in Overwatch 2.

Junker Queen is one of the most powerful tank heroes in Overwatch 2, with her abilities curated towards close-ranged combat and dealing damage to enemies that are in the radius of her attacks. Other tank heroes in Overwatch 2 include Doomfist, Sigma, Winston, Orisa, and Zarya. 

Key Takeaways
  • Junker Queen is a tank hero in Overwatch 2 with heavy DPS and support abilities.
  • She has a passive ability called Life Stealing which increases her aggression and survivability.
  • Junker Queen’s primary weapon is the Scattergun, a shotgun that is most effective at close range.
  • Her abilities include Adrenaline Rush, which allows her to regain health when taking damage, Jagged Edge, a melee attack that debuffs enemies, Rampage, an ultimate attack that boosts her damage and healing abilities and Carnage which is a passive ability that increases her damage output.
  • Junker Queen’s playstyle involves using her abilities to absorb damage for her team and deal damage to enemies, especially at close range.
  • She is most effective when paired with long-range heroes to cover her weaknesses and protect her from enemies at a distance.

In our guide, we will discuss all her abilities along with the best-suited playstyle for her and some tips and tricks that they can use while playing Junker Queen to deal maximum damage to enemies and protect your teammates along the way. 

Who Is Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

Most of Junker Queen’s abilities are curated towards draining the health of her enemies slowly. She has a passive ability of Life Stealing that helps you a lot in critical combat situations. 

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Junker Queen [Image credit: eXputer]
The ability amps up her aggression and survivability, so with Junker Queen, you can last longer in battles depending on how many enemies you’re dealing damage to.

Therefore, the hero is great when it comes to destroying boundaries and making the enemy team weaker. 

Tank– Open Queue: 300
– Role Queue: 450
– Adrenaline Rush
– Jagged Blade
– Commanding Shout
– Carnage
– Rampage


Junker Queen is a highly powerful tank, but the best part about her is that not only does she perform the role of damage-absorbing and a shield-bearing hero, but she has heavy DPS characteristics and support abilities as well.

Now her abilities are no longer curated towards only keeping her enemies away from her teammates, but she also has some heavy blending attacks and abilities up her sleeve that not only make her survivability greater but also allow her to deal damage while healing herself simultaneously.


The new approach to tank heroes in Overwatch 2 has given her a lot of leverage against her enemies. Her trusty shotgun allows her to deplete the enemy’s health.

Furthermore, the Jagged Blade ability makes the enemy weaker by attacking them slowly but powerfully. The blade will deal with some health-sapping attacks. We have also curated a guide on doomfist that you should check out. 

Choosing Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Junker Queen, The Ultimate Tank [Image credit: eXputer]
Her other great abilities, especially her ultimate, will help you out a lot in end-game encounters where you will need an HP boost. However, the only downside is that the HP pool is not strong this time around, and tank heroes like Junker Queen can only deal heavy damage to their enemy when they are in close range and their AOE. Therefore, any of the long-range enemies in Overwatch 2 can easily overpower Junker Queen.

So, it is important to have some teammates that can deal with those long-ranged enemies while you keep an eye on enemies in your range. 

Thanks to her tank role, she will get fewer knockbacks.


The berserker deals damage to gain health for herself, and she is capable of dealing damage to more than half of the DPS characters you see in Overwatch 2. She has a Scattergun as her main weapon that we will be discussing below.


Effect TypeShotgun
  • Per Pellet: 2.4 dmg – 8 dmg
  • Per Shot: 80 dmg
Falloff Range15 – 25 meters
No. Of Pellets10 pellets/shot
Rate Of Fire1.33 shots per second
Reload Time1.5 secs

The primary weapon of the Junker Queen is called Scattergun, and it is capable of dealing heavy damage to any enemies nearby. However, you will have to make sure that you selected optimal settings for the shotgun, as with proper strategy, you can take out the enemies in just a few hits.

Weapon of Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Scattergun [Image credit: eXputer]
Also, the gun will fire some high-powered pellets, and the damage will depend upon the number of pellets that hit your enemy. This is the reason why Scattergun works best at short range as the pellets will have a minimal range to cover, thus delivering 100% damage to enemies.

However, when it comes to long-range, the Scattergun is not that beneficial as the pellets will spread apart and not land on the target. So, in case the enemies are not in Junker Queen’s effective range, they will not get any damage. In that case, you can always use your other abilities or even your ultimate to get close to them.


Junker queen has a ton of abilities that complement her tank role and make her a powerful shield for her teammates. Below are all the abilities of the Junker Queen. 

Abilities of Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Abilities [Image credit: eXputer]

Adrenaline Rush 

TypePassive Ability
HealingHeals 200% of the dmg dealt by wounds

Her passive ability, called Adrenaline Rush, allows her to regain her HP when damage is dealt to her for a short period of time. The ability allowed her to survive the most intensive of fights and regain her health over time.

Furthermore, she can use a debuff called Wound by using her Jagged Edge Melee ability, her Rampage ultimate, or other abilities like Carnage. . 

Tips For Using The Ability

Adrenaline Rush’s ability gives her a lot of sustainability in the battle so that she can survive for longer periods of time, thus becoming one of the hardest-to-break tank heroes in Overwatch 2.

However, you should not consider this as a permanent source of maintaining your HP pool. Also, with the ability, you will not be able to deal a lot of damage, so it is important to consider other abilities that will complement Adrenaline Rush as well. 

Jagged Blade 

Effect Type
  • Melee
  • Arcing Projectile
  • Thrown Hit: 50 dmg
  • Thrown Hit Wound: 30 dmg in 3 secs
  • Return Hit and Melee Wound: 15 dmg in 3 secs
Projectile Speed40 m/s
Max Range60 meters
Casting Time 0.13 secs + 0.24 secs
Duration3 secs
Cooldown6 secs

With the Jagged Blade ability, Junker Queen will use her knife to deal damage to her enemies. Her knife comes with two basic functions, and they’re capable of inflicting the debuff called Wound as well.

Furthermore, while the ability will replace melee, you will also be able to throw the knife at the enemies that are at a distance. After your knife hits the enemies, you can call it back as well. Doing so will bring back the enemy with it as well, and then you can use your Scattergun to finish the enemy.

The Jagged Blade ability is very versatile and allows you to bring back the enemies who were trying to run away from you. Also, since Junker Queen deals the best damage at a closer range, the Jagged Blade ability will help you bring back your targets to the Junker Queens range of ability.

Tips For Using The Ability

The best part about the ability is that you can use it with Adrenaline Rush to deal damage to enemies while healing yourself simultaneously. Whenever you are using Jagged Blade, make sure to go for easier hits, as longer ranges will not allow you to deal much damage with the Jagged Blade.

After you have successfully pulled enemies closer to you by using the ability, you can then use abilities like Carnage or your Scattergun shotgun, or even a combination of both, to finish the enemy. Also, make sure that any enemy you pull towards yourself cannot overpower you.

If you think your target has an Ultimate up his sleeve, make sure that you are being backed up by other heroes. For instance, if you bring Reinhardt closer to you, he will be able to use his Ultimate called Earth Shatter, and your attack can get backfired. 

Commanding Shout 

Effect TypeArea Of Effect
  • Self: 150 Overhealth
  • Ally: 50 Overhealth
Move. SpeedBuff: +30%
Area Of Effect15 meters
  • Self: 5 secs
  • Ally: 3 secs
Cooldown14 secs

With the Commanding Shout ability, you will get a boost of HP, and your teammates will also regain some of their health. Furthermore, your Mobility Speed will also increase for a short while.

Tips For Using The Ability

Commanding Shout ability shows the support characteristics of Junker Queen and her ability of her to give her teammates a boost in health. However, your allies will not get as much HP as you do. Therefore, in clutch situations where you’re almost on the verge of your health, these little HP boosts will not help you much.

So, make sure that you save the ability for when you absolutely need it. The best part about it is that it has a very long cooldown rate, so if you’re going the right way, it can ultimately help you win the match.

You can use it in mid-battles to give you and your teammates a little push. 


Effect TypeMelee
  • Impact: 90 dmg
  • Wound: 40 dmg in 3 secs
Max Range5 meters
Casting Time1 sec + 0.26 secs
  • Wound: 3 secs
  • Active Hitbox: 0.144 secs
Cooldown8 secs

If you’re looking to deal a debuff on your enemies in the best way possible, you can use the Carnage ability. With the carnage ability, Junker Queen will swing an axe and ultimately hit your enemy, causing intense damage to them.

Tips For Using The Ability

The close-range ability can give you an HP boost as well and has the capability of hitting multiple enemies at one time. Although the wind-up is quite laborious, so the attack will have some delay during execution; nevertheless, Carnage can do a decent amount of damage when used the right way.

Whenever you are using your Adrenaline Rush passive, you can always pair it with Carnage. Make sure that you only use Carnage in short ranges where your enemy will get no time to escape. Because if your enemy manages to see the animation of your ability, they will get enough time to get away from it.

Carnage is a great way to end your enemy after you have used your Jagged Edge ability on them and brought them closer in your range. 

Rampage Ultimate Ability 

TypeUltimate Ability
Effect Type
  • Melee
  • Area Of Effect
  • Movement
  • 40 dmg on impact
  • 60 dmg in 4.5 secs
Move. Speed33 m/s
Max Range25 meters
Area Of Effect5 meters
Casting Time0.74 secs
  • DoT: 4.5 secs
  • Dash: 0.864 secs
Ultimate Cost2,450 points

Junker Queens Ultimate is called Rampage. During Rampage, she will charge forward toward her enemy and deal damage to them.

Furthermore, she will also inflict Wound debuff and apply Anti Heal to all enemies that are hit by her attack. Rampage is the second ability after the Biotic Grenade of Ana that allows you to inflict Anti Heal to the targets.

Tips For Using The Ability

With Anti Heal, your enemies will not be able to recover from the Wound debuff. The Anti Heal debuff is considered very powerful, especially when you’re dealing with enemies with a large HP pool and ultimate healing abilities.

Furthermore, the range of the ultimate is fairly large, so you can hit as many as you want. The ultimate will allow you to kill as many enemies as you want as long as they are under Anti Heal debuff. Therefore, the devastating attack will give you enough time to confirm some kills on your enemy team.

Also, Rampage will increase your mobility so you can do some maneuvering around the arsenal and hit as many enemies as possible. Also, make sure that you have enough backup so that you just don’t charge enemies straight in and get caught by the enemy team themselves.

Make sure to check out our definitive guide on tracer where you will learn about the different tips and tricks you can use to get the best out of the hero. 

Tips And Tricks To Play Junker Queen 

Following are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most damage out of the tank hero in the game. 

Avoid Characters That Counter Her 

Since Junker Queen specializes at close ranged attacks, any of the heroes with long-range abilities can overpower her easily. For instance, Ana, with her Biotic Grenade and her Sleep Dart, can deal massive damage to Junker Queen. Also, Widow Maker can counter her attacks and deal damage to her as she is quite a big target with low mobility.

However, when it comes to damage classes, Pharah is perhaps the greatest enemy of Junker Queen, thanks to the Missiles she uses. Furthermore, the ability of Pharah to stay high up in the air leaves no room for Junker Queen to attack her.

Even if you manage to get her in your attack range, she can use her Concussive Blast to escape your attacks easily. 

Using Gracie, The Right Way 

In case you didn’t know, Junker Queen calls her trusty knife Gracie. Not only is the knife extremely powerful when it comes to dealing great damage to enemies, but any damage her knife does will last for a long period of time. Every time she hits her enemy using her knife, she gets 15 HP for herself. Therefore, her knife will help Junker Queen maintain her HP pool. 

Jagged Blade
Using the Jagged Blade ability [Image credit: eXputer]
Using her knife, she can deal damage using that Jagged Blade ability. Her jagged blade ability allows her to bring enemies closer in her range so you can hit an enemy easily. Then you can use other abilities like carnage or the Scattergun shotgun to finish off the enemy. 

Use Your Axe To The Fullest 

Junker Queen is no less than a character out of Mad Max, and that shows very much when she uses her Carnage ability. When the carnage is active, she will pull out an Axe and slash her enemies right in their faces. Doing so will give them a Wound debuff and allow her to heal by getting 40 HP.

However, she will only gain health when she actually lands the hit. As we mentioned before, her Axe has a long wind-up that can potentially leave her vulnerable to incoming attacks.

However, by using Carnage, she can deal 80 damage to her enemies. Also, keep in mind that heroes like Genji will be able to block her Axe and dodge her attacks. So, it is important to keep an eye out for him. 

Use As Many Combos As You Can 

It is important to understand that Junker Queen is capable of dealing a lot of damage with combos as compared to single attacks. If done the right way a combo can deal about 190 damage to the enemy.

So, in order to perform a combo, you can use your Jagged Blade ability to pull your enemy closer, and as soon as they are in your range of attack, you can use your shotgun to deal damage to them. After that, you can finish your combo with a melee attack. 

The powerful combo can eat up a lot of HP of your enemy, and if pulled off perfectly, you can finish off the player instantly. When you manage to hit all the attacks the right way, you can deal damage closer to 205, which is a lot and can make your target potentially weaker. 

Aiming Is Crucial 

Since you are handling a heavy tank character, it is important that you learn to aim alongside. Make sure that you are using an Aim Trainer, or you can just go to the Practice Range to train as much as you can. Junker Queen is almost like a DPS hero structurally, so you need to get your aim straight on.

Therefore, your attacks need to be precise as her weapons, like the Scattergun, don’t have much spread. Furthermore, it is important to land as many headshots as you can whenever you are practicing. Make sure that you master dealing with headshots at a short range.

Also, if you’re dealing with enemy targets at a medium range, then you should focus on the body of your target, as you will be able to land more hits this way. 

Movement Tactics 

Being the tank character, she is Junker Queen and has fairly low mobility unless she is using her Ultimate called Rampage. Also, when she uses her Commanding Shout ability, you can make good use of the arsenal and get some spatial awareness with it. To increase her chances of survivability, you must stay near a cover where you can deal damage to enemies and hide if necessary. 


This concludes our extensive guide on Junker Queen, along with her abilities and the best strategies for her in Overwatch 2. Using our tips and tricks, you will be able to master her playstyle in no time and make use of her tank abilities like a pro. 

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