Overwatch 2 Ana: Abilities, Playstyle & Tips

The guide covers Ana's playstyle, abilities, & tips in Overwatch 2.

Ana is one of the main protagonists in the game who uses her skills and abilities to defend the people she cares for. She is a renowned sniper in the world who has now rejoined the fray. Ana’s role in combat is associated with support, as she has different skills. 

Key Takeaways
  • Ana is a supporting character in the game Overwatch 2, equipped with a Biotic Rifle as her weapon, which has primary and secondary fire options.
  • Ana’s Biotic Rifle and Biotic Grenade can be used to cause damage or heal allies, depending on whom they hit.
  • Ana’s Nano Boost ability increases the damage output and damage resistance of a target by 50%.
  • Her Sleep Dart ability puts enemies to sleep, rendering them unable to attack or use abilities.
  • Eye of Horus’s ability allows her to shoot multiple shots at once, which can be useful for taking out multiple enemies at once.
  • Ana’s playstyle relies on aim and decision-making, and she is a strong supporting character if used effectively.

It is not easy to make the most out of Overwatch 2 Ana’s playstyle, so it is important to know about her playstyle along with her abilities. Players usually get confused when Ana uses her weapon, as it has a projectile motion. Let me detail every aspect of Ana in detail in the following guide.

Ana’s Profile Explanations
Role Support
HP 200
Nationality Egyptian
Voice Actor Aysha Selim
Affiliations Egyptian Security Forces
Ranking A


Every supporting character has gone through a few changes in Overwatch 2. Initially, there were limits to what the characters could do to recover or save health and the cooldown timings. After the new update, characters are able to do much more in terms of recovery now. Similarly, Ana also had a few changes as compared to her previous version.

  • For Ana’s Biotic Rifle, Ammo has increased to 12-15.
  • For Biotic Grenade, the duration has become 3-3 seconds. 


After the redesign in the sequel, Ana’s character has gone through the following changes.

  • A fresh new coat
  • A new eyepatch
  • Better gloves
  • Better Legwear
  • Updated Muzzle and Casing of Rifle 


Ana owns a Biotic Rifle as her weapon, which has primary and secondary fire. The weapon specification is mentioned in the following tables.

Primary Fire

Specification Explanation
Mode Unscoped
Damage Type Linear Projectile
Damage 70
Healing 70
Shots per second 1.25
Projectile Speed 130m/s
Lasting Time 0.85 seconds
Headshot cannot
Reload Time 1.5 seconds

Secondary Fire

Specification Explanation
Mode Scoped
Damage Type Hitscon
Movement Speed 1.9m/s
Damage 70
Healing 70
Shots per second 1.25
Lasting Time 0.85
Headshot cannot
Scope In, Scope Out 0.25, 0.15


To create a customizable look in Overwatch 2, you get the option to transfer skins and make your character look different.

The skin options for customizing Ana are as follows:

  • Peridot
  • Wadjet
  • Wasteland
  • Shrike
  • Citrine
  • Captain Amari
  • Horus
  • Merciful
  • Garnet
  • Turquoise

Ana’s Playstyle

Overwatch 2 Ana’s playstyle relies entirely on aim and decision-making, so it is a difficult one to use. However, her playstyle is similar to a lot of snipers in the game. You will know about her playstyle by looking at Ana’s abilities and the reasons why you should pick her. 

Ana’s Abilities

Ana Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
Like many other characters, Ana’s abilities have also been reworked a bit after the recent update. She is still a strong supporting character, and if you can use her abilities effectively, you will definitely win the fight.

Biotic Rifle

Type Weapon
Effect Type
  • Projectile Unscoped
  • Hitscan Scoped
Damage 70 dmg in 0.59 secs
Spread Angle Pinpoint
Healing  70 HP in 0.59 secs
Move Speed -65%
Projectile Speed 125 m/s
Area Of Effect 0.1 – 0.3 meters
Rate Of Fire (ROF) Recovery: 0.8 secs
Ammo 15
Reload Time 1.5 secs
Casting Time
  • Scope In: 0.24 secs
  • Scope Out: 0.16 secs
Duration 0.59 secs

As already discussed, the Biotic Rifle is Ana’s weapon to cause destructive damage to enemies and heal her teammates. The rifle releases the bullet in a projectile motion, which can hit allies or enemies. 

You will be better off in both cases, as hitting allies will heal them while destroying the enemies. The bullet causes the opposite effect in both cases. It passes through the allies’ bodies, healing them and causing destructive damage to enemies, causing them to die. 

The Rifle has a scope mode that you can use to zoom in on the target. This is a very useful option if you have to heal an ally who is very far away. Similarly, destroying enemies from a distance is also possible from a distance. 

Biotic Grenade

Type Ability
Effect Type
  • Arcing Projectile
  • Area Of Effect
Damage 60 dmg
Healing 60 hp
Projectile Speed 30 m/s
Area Of Effect 4 meters
Duration 3.5 secs + 0.69 secs recovery
Cooldown 10 secs

Ana has a versatile tool known as a Biotic Grenade that she has at her disposal. This tool throws a grenade at enemies to cause damage and prevent them from healing. However, hitting allies with the grenade not only heals the allies but increases their healing ability by 50%. 

Nano Boost

Type Ultimate Ability
Effect Type Targeted => Allies
Damage +50%
Healing 250 Hp
Damage Reduction 50%
Max Range 40 meters
Casting Time 0.128 secs + 0.6 secs recovery
Duration 8 secs
Ultimate Cost 2,100 Points

Using Ana’s ability, Nano Boost, helps her heal the target and increase the damage resistance. The increase in damage output and damage resistance is around 50%. 

Usually, players cannot have a healing capacity of more than 50%, but Nano boost makes it possible. On another note, you can bring any of your allies back from the brink of death by using the Biotic grenade before using Nano Boost. 

Sleep Dart

Type Ability
Effect Type Projectile
Damage 5 dmg
Spread Angle Pinpoint
Projectile Speed 60 m/s
Area Of Effect 0.2 meter radius
Casting Time 0.3 secs + 0.67 secs recovery
Duration  1.5 – 5 secs
Cooldown 14 secs

Ana possesses an extraordinary ability known as sleep dart. She can use this ability to put enemies to sleep for 5 seconds. The use of this ability is to set the target for your allies. 

Suppose the team wants to take down a powerful enemy, Ana will put that enemy to sleep, and her teammates can eliminate it. However, this ability has a cooldown time of 12 to 15 seconds.

Tips To Use Ana

Ana plays similarly to other snipers in the game.

Following are a few Ana tips you can follow while you are playing using her:

  • It is recommended that you stay behind the covers and barriers of your teammates. 
  • Although she has pretty decent damage, she is not able to defeat foes. It is better if she just supports her teammates.
  • She heals faster, and so is the main target of the enemy team. You should take this into account while playing with Ana.
  • The best tip when a player pops into the cover is to use her Nano Boost, as it causes the most damage. 

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My Experience Playing As Ana

Being a support role main, Ana is definitely among my top picks. However, I do not pick Ana for her damage or healing capabilities; in fact, I play Ana to create match-winning opportunities for my team. I combine my sniping skills from Widowmaker and the healing abilities of Ana to dominate the map.

naqib overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours on Steam

I have also seen a lot of players either scoping too much with the Biotic Rifle or not scoping at all. What I recommend is to stay consistent with your Biotic Rifle scoping and should scope in only when needed. This allows you to have better movement throughout the map.


Overwatch 2 is a hero shooter game that greatly emphasizes PvP. You will be required to make the best team from a roster of 35 characters. I have covered everything about Overwatch 2 Ana in this guide; she is known as the greatest sniper.

Every hero in the game possesses various strengths and weaknesses. You need to learn the strengths and abilities of the best Characters so that you can have no surprises. If you decide to play the game using a controller, you must know the best Controller Settings. 

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