5 BEST Overwatch 2 Supports [My Picks] 

This Overwatch 2 Best Supports guide will uncover 5 best supports that players can use in-game!

Overwatch 2 is an excellent sequel to its first Overwatch. Many changes have been brought to several heroes, such as changes in abilities, roles, and many others. Supports are crucial in Overwatch 2 as they can buff their allies and provide healing abilities.

Key Takeaways
  • Overwatch 2 Best Supports are necessary to heal and buff allies.
  • The biggest advantage of using the best support is that, if played correctly, they can create many match-winning opportunities.
  • The disadvantage of using the best support characters is that players have to play behind their teams, providing support; as a result, they get fewer frags.
  • However, supporting the team while providing buffs or healings can change the direction of matches in Overwatch 2.

Best Supports Comparison

Here’s a quick summary and comparison of all the Overwatch 2 Best Supports:

RankHeroHealthPrimary WeaponUltimate Ability
1Lucío200Sonic AmplifierSound Barrier
2Zenyatta50+150Orb of DestructionTranscendence
3Ana200Biotic RifleNano Boost
4Kiriko200Healing Ofuda, KunaiKitsune Rush
5Baptiste200Biotic LauncherAmplification


Best Support
Sonic Amplifier
Lucio Hero Information Screen (Image Captured by eXputer)
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support  200 Sonic amplifier Sound barrier

One of the first supports I would like to introduce is Lucío. As a support hero, he is ranked as an S-tier unit, and his overall playstyle includes being in the middle of the battlefield while being able to cause an ample amount of knockback to his enemies. Apart from that, he can also buff and heal his fellow, making him even more useful. 

  • Switch between healing boost and speed boost
  • Mobile support
  • Strong against DPS
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Low health
  • No self-healing


Lucio Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
All of Lucio’s abilities are listed in the table below:

Abilities Description
Sonic Amplifier Launches sonic projectiles
Crossfade Switch between two songs: Healing boost and Speed boost
Amp It Up Increase the effectiveness of the current song
Soundwave Create a blast wave to knock enemies away
Wall Ride Jump onto a wall to ride along it
Sound Barrier Create temporary extra health for nearby allies


Best Offensive Support
Zenyatta [image captured by eXputer]
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support 50, 150 shields Orb of Destruction Transcendence

Moving on, the next support on my list is Zenyatta, yet another excellent S-tiered unit. With him in your arsenal, he will be able to launch out orbs that will be imbued with immense harmony and will be able to provide a certain amount of protection as well as healing for his fellow allies. He will also be able to debuff his enemies, making them all the weaker. 

  • Heal from long distance
  • Amplifies damage to enemies
  • Ultimate makes immune to damage
  • Low mobility
  • Low HP
  • Heal one ally at a time


Zenyatta Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
I have listed Zenyatta’s abilities below:

Abilities Description
Orb Of Destruction Releases projectiles to deal damage
Orb Of Discord Release towards the enemy to amplify the damage they take
Orb Of Harmony Heals allies
Snap Kick Kick enemies to knock them away
Transcendence Become invulnerable, move faster, and heal nearby enemies


Best Sniper Support
Ana [image captured by eXputer]
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support 200.0 Biotic rifle Nano boost

Next up, I have Ana in my arsenal. She will yet again be able to provide several different healing abilities to her allies while impairing the enemies present in front of her. 

  • A high amount of healing
  • No range limit on heals
  • Good for pick for snipers
  • No self-Healing
  • Requires precise aim


Ana Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
Have a look at the table below, which consists of Ana’s abilities:

Abilities Description
Biotic Rifle Shoot to heal allies and damage enemies
Sleep Dart Put enemies to sleep
Biotic Grenade Heal allies and prevent enemies from healing
Nano Boost Increasing ally damage while reducing incoming damage


Best Balanced Support
Kiriko [image captured by eXputer]
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
support 200.0 Healing Ofuda, Kunai Kitsune rush

Next up is Kiriko, who will be a ninja who can provide ample healing using her kitsune spirit and protect herself and her allies against several tough opponents. 

  • High Mobility
  • Small hitbox
  • Large healing radius
  • Increased critical damage
  • Limited healing ammo
  • High skill ceiling


Kiriko Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
All of Kiriko’s abilities are covered in the table below:

Abilities Description
Healing Ofuda Talisman that can find and heal allies
Kunai Throw at enemies to deal damage
Swift Step Teleport directly to an ally
Protection Suzu Protective charm for allies, making them invulnerable and cleans negative effects
Kitsune Rush A spirit fox rushes forward while accelerating move, attack speed, and cooldowns on allies


Best DPS Support
Baptiste [image captured by eXputer]
Role  Health  Primary weapon  Ultimate ability 
Support 200.0 Biotic launcher Amplification

Last but not least, Baptiste will be a person who will wield a couple of different devices and will be able to help their allies survive for longer periods and will have a few solid abilities. Baptiste will be ranked as an A-tier unit. 

  • High damage output
  • Self-healing
  • Amplifies damage and healing
  • Low mobility
  • Large hitbox
  • Limited healing ammo


Baptiste Abilities [image captured by eXputer]
I have listed all of Baptiste’s abilities in the table below:

Abilities Description
Biotic Launcher Deals damage to enemies and heals allies
Regenerative Burst Heals self and nearby allies upon activation
Immortality field A device that prevents allies from dying
Exo Boots Hold crouch to jump higher
Amplification Matrix A matrix that doubles the damage and healing effect of ally projectiles

My Thoughts on Best Supports

I have created the Overwatch 2 Best Supports guide based on my personal experience in OW2, along with some research. However, being a support role main in Overwatch 2, I personally prefer using Lucio a lot due to his high mobility and match-winning situations that I can create with Lucio.

naqib overwatch 2
My Overwatch 2 hours on Steam

However, I have not mentioned other support heroes like Moira or Mercy, although they have a lot of fanbase. But the reason for that was to create an unbiased guide that is solely dependent on the support heroes’ capabilities so that every player reading this guide can benefit from it.

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