Overwatch 2 Lucio: Abilities, Playstyle, Tips & Tricks

The job of a support hero is to stick with the team and provide them with support when the need arises, Lucio is no different.

Lucio is one of the many heroes in Overwatch 2, and in this guide, we will be covering Lucio’s playstyle, his abilities, and generally everything related to the character. We will also be giving tips and tricks on how you can utilize Lucio’s abilities in Overwatch 2 and make the best of any situation you may find yourself in.

Key Takeaways
  • Lucio is a support hero in Overwatch 2 who can either heal his team or increase their movement speed.
  • The Sonic Amplifier and Soundwave abilities are used for attacking, while the Crossfade, Amp It Up, and Sound Barrier abilities are used to support and help out your team.
  • The best way to use Lucio is to keep moving with your team and support them with heals and buffs whenever you get the opportunity.
  • As for tips and tricks, the player’s first priority should be to get comfortable with Lucio’s movement and not be afraid to play aggressively when the need arises.

Lucio’s Role And Abilities

Lucio in Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 Lucio (Image Credit: eXputer)



Lucio can very easily be considered one of the best support heroes in the game. Lucio is a DJ and an international celebrity who inspires social change through his music. On the battlefield, Lucio uses his music and Sonic Amplifiers to heal his allies, increase their speed, and defeat his enemies. Lucio has six distinct abilities.

  • Sonic Amplifier
  • Crossfade
  • Amp It Up
  • Soundwave
  • Sound Barrier
  • Wall Ride

Sonic Amplifier

Effect TypeProjectile
Damage4 x 20
Spread AnglePinpoint
Projectile Speed50 meters/sec
Area Of Effect0.15 meter
Rate Of Fire1 burst / 0.93 secs
Reload Time1.5 secs

The Sonic Amplifier shoots blasts of sounds and can hold 20 rounds per clip. Its reload speed is 1.2 seconds, and it has two fire modes.

The primary fire mode shoots bursts of projectiles. 4 projectiles are shot at a time, and each of these projectiles to 20 damage which equates to 80 damage if all 4 bursts of projectiles successfully hit the enemy.


Effect TypeArea Of Effect
  • 16 HP per sec for Allies
  • 10 HP per sec for yourself
Move SpeedBuff: +25%
Area Of Effect12 meters
Casting Time0.192 secs
Cooldown0.38 secs

The Crossfade ability allows you to switch between two songs. One of the songs will heal your allies, while the other will increase their movement speed. This ability will heal your ally’s HP at the rate of 16.25 HP per second. If you switch to the second song, then it will increase your ally’s speed by +25%. The Crossfade ability range has a 12-meter radius.

Amp It Up

Effect TypeArea Of Effect
Healing52 hp/sec
Move SpeedBuff: +60%
Area Of Effect12 meters
Casting Time0.69 secs
Duration 3 secs
Cooldown12 secs

The Amp It Up ability is more of a buff for your Crossfade ability as it increases the effectiveness of your current song. If you use this ability while listening to the song that heals your allies, then it will replenish your ally’s HP at the rate of 46.8 HP per second.

If you were to use the Amp It Up ability while listening to the song that increases movement speed, then it will increase your ally’s speed by +60%. This ability lasts for 3 seconds and has a 12-second cooldown.


Effect TypeArea Of Effect
Move Speed15 meters/sec
Max Range8 meters
Duration0.56 secs
Cooldown4 secs

The Soundwave is the secondary fire mode of the Sonic Amplifier. This ability is extremely useful if your opponent gets too close to you, as the Soundwave ability will create a short-range blast wave that will knock back your enemies. 

It does 25 damage, has an 8-meter range, and a 4-second cooldown.

Sound Barrier

TypeUltimate Ability
Effect TypeArea Of Effect
Health 750 Over HP
Area Of Effect30 meters
Casting Time0.72 secs + 0.83 secs
Duration6 secs
Ultimate Cost2,420

The Sound Barrier is Lucio’s ultimate ability, as it will temporarily create extra health for all your allies nearby. It has a 30-meter radius and lasts for 6 seconds. We would recommend this ability if your team is holding out and taking on the enemy team. Having extra health will certainly make everyone’s life a whole lot easier.

Wall Ride

TypePassive Ability
Effect TypeMovement
Move Speed
  • Buff: +30%
  • +2.5 meters/secs for Wall Leap
Cooldown0.5 secs

The Wall Rideability allows Lucio to ride along a wall after jumping on it. Many players consider it one of the best Lucio’s abilities as it increases your movement speed by +30%. Once you master it, then you will be able to traverse the map very efficiently and dodge enemy bullets as well.

Lucio Best Playstyle

lucio in overwatch 2
Activating Amp It Up (Image Credit: eXputer)

Lucio is a character that is all about speed and moving forward, literally. He isn’t complex by all means, but it is imperative that you understand his abilities in order to viably use him during tight situations where the opposing team is making a push or your own team is breaking through their line of defense.

Lucio’s crossfade keybind is much preferred on one of the extra mouse buttons if you have them available because we are going to use it a lot at every interval of the match. Make a habit of staying together with your team on the sidelines and boost their health when the situation requires it but do not forget to speed boost if you are looking to take a gamble and risk an over-extending on the opponents. Lucio does a fantastic job of making your team aggressive, as the speed boost can help you steamroll the enemy team with the correct composition and tactics.

When it comes to his main kit, you should keep in mind that Lucio is a unique character that can wallride across surfaces with pure ease. This gets under-appreciated by most new players but remember – wall riding and hopping across the surfaces grants Lucio a burst in speed. Advanced players can use this mechanic to run back into the objective in an instant if they know the map’s layout and want to delay the zone capture.

An important tidbit from a veteran Overwatch player at eXputer here is that Lucio players should ideally be able to take out the weakest or nimble heroes alongside their teammates. The tactic here is that during up close and personal encounters, chain Lucio’s burst shots and follow them up with a melee strike. It will help you dish out the optimal damage with him if your team isn’t around to help you.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and help your team in any way possible by healing them or speed-boosting them around the map. Lucio is a fun character to play but mastering him is even more fun as his frog-like prowess can become an annoyance to deal with for the opposing team.

Lucio’s Tips And Tricks

Lucio Overwatch 2
Activating Sound Barrier (Image Credit: eXputer)

As we have stated previously, Lucio is a support hero whose playstyle boils down to moving around quickly, taking down weak heroes, and healing his team when the opportunity arises, as seen in the image above, so here are a few tips tricks for Lucio in Overwatch 2.

  • For beginners, the very first thing they should do is learn Lucio’s movement. Lucio’s wall ride ability is advantageous once you have mastered it and also gotten familiar with the layout of the map; thus, mastering his movement should be the top priority of every Lucio main. Lucio’s efficient movement can also confuse enemies and get you out of tricky situations. 
  • Having the extra speed to reach your objective quicker than the enemy team is always preferred; thus, we would recommend using the Amp It Up ability at the start of every match while listening to the song that increases movement speed. 
  • Play the role of a support hero but do not be afraid to get aggressive. As Lucio, you need to utilize his movement and move around a lot while also shooting at the enemy if the need arises. If you were to stay on the ground, you would be an easy target for tank players. If you were to stay in the air, then you would be too open for enemy fire. Players need to find a balance between these two.
  • If you are about to lose, then Lucio’s special ability, Sound Barrier, can change the course of the match if used at the right time. If time is about to run out and you need to capture the point but are being overpowered by the enemy team, then the Sound Barrier ability can give your team the extra health it needs to survive the battle and come out on the winning side.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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